SWAG Saturday: Time to ROCK’ON this weekend!

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This has been such an up and down week for me. For UBER HIGHS from booking another Lufthansa 1st class trip to finding good seats on my Vacation Mileage run to Hawaii then the news of the latest Delta Devaluation. But being a child of the 80’s (born in the 60’s but the 80’s were my time) I get my self up by Rock’in On!

veho360 bluetooth speaker

But my phone speaker, as well as my laptop, just does not cut it. But little speakers like this Veho360 are compact and travel well with me to let me get good sound on the road.

So for a chance at this week’s SWAG, including a DeltaPoints phone holder (great to watch movies on a plane on your phone) as well as some tags, I need input. First the rules that do not change are HERE so please read them.

Next, you need to tell me what you like BEST about the fact that the INK cards, that in the past were Mastercard branded are NOW VISA branded cards. It can be anything at all, but it has to be a reason you like this switch. Have fun – René

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  1. I can apply for the Visa version and get my 50k bonus for Ink Bold. I had it 2 years ago, canceled last year and wouldn’t mind applying for it again.

  2. Not sure if it’s true, but doesn’t Visa claim to be more widely accepted? If so, that’s a good reason for the switch.

  3. My local favorite restaurant does not take MC, only Visa. So, if I forget my Sapphire, I’ll still get points.

  4. From what I’ve seen, Visa is more widely accepted abroad than Mastercard so that’s definitely a plus.

  5. Sign-up bonus, cash back-up in card form, knowing the company I like/use rewards me is best!

  6. I love the fact that I was able to apply for the Visa version of the Ink Plus (after having the Master Card version) and confirm the sign up bonus of 50,000 points again!

  7. With the changes, I stand a little taller because I’m an original, traditional ink master

  8. Visa sometimes has special promotions only open to visahholders. Since I only have AMEX and ink bold MC I’m interested in the chance for a second new chase card.

  9. One big difference is that some vendors will only take Visa and will not take MasterCard.

  10. Glad these cards are Visa now. More wide acceptance, particularly overseas and with a trip scheduled, this is important.

  11. Because I can use the new Ink Visa to buy non skunks beer at our favorite airport lounges. And the new product sign up bonus. But more the non skunk beer.

  12. Globally speaking, it’s pretty hard to find a place that doesn’t take Visa – and such a place likely takes no cards at all. Plus the chance at another sign-up bonus.

  13. As many have said, Visa is more widely accepted. A Visa Signature card gets you free wine tastings in Sonoma.

  14. Any of them would work for me because I don’t have one. Guess I will have to do the research and decide!

  15. It’s got to be a 2nd sign up bonus because Visa is a new product. Win win on new sign ups which are getting harder to find.

  16. The best part about this switch is that Visa is accepted much more frequently international than MC. This is a definite plus for anyone who travels international.

  17. I like the second signup bonus but also find VISA more accepted in Switzerland, my go to for winter holidays.

  18. is there actually a difference between Visa and MC? If a place accepts one, it seems universal that the other is accepted.

    I guess I like Visa more because it is faster to write and easier to say -not such a mouthful (which is nice in a foreign country).

  19. Sign up bonus is very tempting. And for some reason, I’ve always been a VISA person, not a MC person.

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