BIG savings via AMEX “Offers for You” tab – Have you looked?

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This past Sunday I had a fun Fireside chat with Jen from DealsWeLike. I follow her on twitter and as I said I love to see her posts pop up. I don’t act on all the deals but I LIKE her deals and they make me think.

Speaking of thinking, I have 4 AMEX cards right now. I have both a Delta AMEX Reserve personal card as well as my Delta AMEX Reserve business card. I thought I was all done spending on the two of them for the year as I have maxed out all the MQMs I can earn on them each by spending $60,000 on each card. But then I saw this post from DealsWeLike today and logged in to my AMEX online account.

gift cards at lowes 1

As you can see from the screen shot at the top of the page, I will be before the 15th popping in to my local Lowes and getting a $50 gas card as I get $10 off! THAT IS 20% OFF a tank of gas! Thank you DWL for making me look at my Offers for You tab! Also, I can really cash in with BestBuy shopping. What I will do is start at TopCashBack to get money back on my $250+ purchase. I will be sure to enter in my RewardZone number as $250 gets me $5 off my next purchase. The net result is $30 credit plus some cash back for spending $250. Sweet!

starbucks gift card

The next fun deal I did not know about (I don’t drink coffee but Lisa does) is that you can load a Starbucks gift card from another Starbucks gift card. So, with a HT to PM&M (who you will see on a Fireside chat soon) for his post, I will be using my Chase INK+ card to buy some more gift cards at my local office supply store to get 5x points for my wife and she can send those credits over to her existing card.

Gosh I love spending some time reading BoardingArea blogs each day!- René

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  1. How do you get to the screen that has the “offers for you” tab?

    I have an amex platinum and cant find that tab.

  2. @KP – the page that has your account balance and such you should see it at the BOTTOM of the page (middle bottom). Your offers could be different than mine btw.

  3. AMEX regularly sends me an email “Your New Offers Are Inside” – does this usually cover everything, or do I also need to look at my account page?

  4. Rene does Lowe’s let you buy gift cards with a credit card? My Home Depot has a big new display but won’t let you use a CC to purchase

  5. Don’t be driving to Lowe’s just for this promotion, spend $5 in gas each way and then be excited you saved $10 in gas with a gift card. Just sayin’. My Lowe’s is 10 miles away. I get a piddly 20 miles/gallon. Gas costs $4/gallon here in So Cal. Cost me $4 roundtrip to save $10 netting me $6 for wasting 1 hour of my day. Be sensible is all. If you have one next door and you can drag your spouse at the same time with their AE card, then by all means.

  6. Can you only use one credit (offer) per statement? I saw this in the terms and I wasn’t sure how it worked. Limit 1 statement credit per AMEX card across all American Express offer channels.

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