Ruh Roh – Cell phone calls on Delta jets soon? GoGo has an app for that!

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guy yelling on cell phone

For most of us one of the most feared, and there are many right, things that could come to an airline seat is some jerk yelling at 32k into his cell phone. We all know we cannot, even under the PED rules from Delta, use our cell phones in “cell” mode in flight. tells us:

“All cellular functions must be turned off using the device’s airplane mode setting after the boarding door has been closed until the aircraft has landed. The use of cellular network services (voice or data) during the flight is not permitted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)”

However, as with most things tech, there are almost always ways around stuff. Personally I love to use my Google chat to keep in touch with my Lisa at 32k. G-Chat is quick and it works. But GoGo seems to be working on an app that will connect to the GoGo WiFi and give us much more. We could text and maybe talk on our cell phones!

CNBC has a piece with much more information as I reached out to my GoGo rep a few days ago but have not had an answer back.

(please play the above clip while you read this post 😉 )

As to the texting idea, I like the idea of being able to do this. But having spent most of 100 segments in 1st class this year, I know a bulk of 1st class flyers use GoGo. Can you imagine a plane full of GoGo users getting texts for hours in flight and having to put up with their annoying text alert sounds ? Even worse, the other half will all have the default sound so everyone will be grabbing their phones all flight. “Oh, it was not for me, but why not send a text now that I think about it”? – Grrrr!

I think most frequent and infrequent flyers would be STRONGLY against ever allowing phone calls on planes when flying. I know I am. But you tell me. Do you want an app for that?- René

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  1. There’s no quiet car on an airplane. But then again, neither is there one on a bus, and people still talk full volume there.

  2. I totally agree with you. I certainly don’t want such an app and I hope that phone calls will never be allowed during flight.

  3. NO¡ I hate cell phones with a passion. If someone was sitting next to me talking on a phone. I might have to make my purse be a bucket that I could fill with water from a drinking fountain. So I could permanently get rid of that phone.

  4. I’m absolutely against in-flight voice calls, but I support texting while flying. In fact, iPhone owners with iMessages can already use GoGo to send and receive messages messages with other iPhone owners, so there’s already some of this going on. I know my wife and I text back and forth the entire flight — though I’m careful to keep the phone on vibrate so as not to annoy my fellow flyers.

  5. If you buy wifi for you iPhone in flight you can already exchange iMessages with other iPhone users on the ground or even the plane. iMessages are sent as data not texts.

  6. texts no problem , i would welcome that. Phone calls, no way. The air is about one of the only places I can go and not get work calls. Please don’t take my last bit of sanctuary away!

  7. phone calls would place a huge burden on FAs, dealing with all the complaints of loud and disturbing voices. They’ll need to carry a few more rolls of duct tape. Flights will be diverted daily to deal with unruling passengers. I was on a flight with with an entire college vollyball team last week and if calls had been ok I might have jumped
    Texts -ok with me

  8. I can barely stand when people are speaking loudly to each other on a flight (sitting in front of a group of partiers who were returning from CUN was excruciating)… adding phone calls would drive me mad.

  9. Please please no phone calls. It’s bad enough with a plain full for chatter boxes. We don’t need them connecting with those on the ground.

  10. Just curious, has anyone had any experiences with a GoGo user using Skype while airborne?

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