ALERT! Delta has loaded BIG schedule & aircraft changes TODAY for 2014!

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delta schedule changes

There has been a BIG update/loading of schedule & aircraft changes today at What does this mean for you?

  • Pick better routes i.e. or direct routes
  • Mileage run you can pick better routes i.e. LESS direct routes
  • Check your seats – they may have changed!
  • Free cancels & refunds if you want possibly
  • Free changes even if NOT an elite
  • Check the next few days for MORE rolling changes – HT jsbh from FT

Take the time to read the post about the schedule change rule. Then, also take the time to look at all the routes from A-B and have choices ready before you call Delta and yes, I recommend you call not let the computer rebook you as things can go wonkie. Keep in mind with award tickets, if the change is good enough, the points don’t matter so you can pick any DELTA METAL routes that can work for you. If you have some mileage run tickets look to maybe add a TON of MQMs by going from direct to a multi-connect or longer route. Also for any 2014 tickets your seats may have changed. Keep in mind that you should not have to pay ANYTHING under schedule change rules even if you are not an elite.

I so wish Delta would advise us about these, but most times we have to look for ourselves. Please don’t forget about SWAG Saturday as well as the mistake fare deal (as low as $150 to Europe) that is going on that I texted out to the current text alert list but not all as I have yet to add about 70 of the newest numbers (working on that today)- René

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  1. I got zapped by this. On an award ticket (2 people), we initially had a 777. I chose what I consider the 2 best seats on the plane. Because I booked 330 days in advance, i was the very first to get seats in BizElite and chose the best ones. Now 3 months later, they changed the aircraft to a 767-400 and the computer made the changes to seats. Also, there are a lot more people in Biz Elite now. I ended up with so-so seats, and others got what I consider the best seats on a 767. Too bad there isn’t a rule (so I can change flights) for getting tossed out of your preferred primo seats. The times DID change, but only by 32 minutes total.

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