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SWAG Saturday – would you do a Mileage Run, Mattress Run or other elite exercise?

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This morning I had the recap of my last mileage run for 2013. But next week I have a “mattress run” that is “staying” in a hotel but not really just to get the stay credit for my SPG Platinum status. I will actually stay in the hotel, but I really don’t need to as I have family in town but I do need the stay credit so might as well use the room. Many mattress runs do not include staying in the room at all (sorta crazy right)?

There are other minimum requirements for different programs that may need some frivolous spend or time to reach some level. So that is the point for today’s SWAG Saturday.

swag saturday giveway delta points blog

First back to the same old normal rules that you can read all about HERE. Then on to my question for a chance to win, not just a nice battery brick (you just must have one of these now-a-days when you travel), but also some real Delta Points SWAG including a T-shirt (L, XL or 2XL) and a phone holder and luggage tag.

My question is: would you be willing to do a mileage run or a mattress run or such. Would you be willing to get say the AMEX SPG card just for the 2 stay credits this card brings or 5 night credits (the business AMEX SPG offers the same btw). Is status worth the extra effort for you? Comment what you think and I will use tomorrow night to pick a winner! – René

Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Did my first airline mileage run this year, probably won’t try that again. Have no intention of ever mattress running. Elite hotel status has virtually no value to me.

  2. Love a good mileage run.
    I’ve never done a mattress run, as I don’t really stay in hotels – but maybe as I expand my travel needs I will, and definitely would he Willing if it kept my status.

    I also have the Amex platinum card, so already have Starwood and Hilton Gold.

  3. mileage run – yes.
    mattress run for status – likely not, unless I’m 1 night/stay away from the next level. Mattress run for another reason (such as Marriots stay 2 get 1 megabonus) – yes.

  4. Nah… probably won’t do either. I don’t pay to travel very often, mostly for free from CC Churns and then in business class, so there’s no need. I wouldn’t use the elite status.

  5. I am doing a mattress run today—from my home. A Hyatt Place hotel about 12 miles from my abode has my credit card on file; I have a reservation for tonight, and I will call them up in about an hour and tell them to “check me in”. They will charge me for tonight, and I will get UR points inexpensively. Tonight will make 5 cheap nights I’ve “stayed” at this hotel, so I’ll get 5,000 Hyatt points as a bonus.

  6. If I were planning a huge amount of travel next year I would definitely do runs for the status.

  7. BenTraveling Reply

    I did my first true mileage runs this year, and I enjoyed them more than I thought I would. I would do a mileage run again and my first mattress run if I thought the status and miles/points gained were worth it.

  8. Np on a milage run always looking for a good one. But the only mattress run was a year ago for the 100,000 Club Carlson points which expire 12/31/2014. So I do have another year to use them. lol

  9. I am not opposed to mileage or mattress runs. I view them as situational from one year to the next based on projected travel.

  10. I have never done a mileage run but might consider doing one to gain a higher status toward the end of a year. I have never done a mattress run and probably never will since hotel status has no real value for me.

  11. No on the mattress run, hotel status isn’t worth it to me. Mileage run yes if it’s close enough to make a difference.

  12. I’ve done both for various reasons. I knew I was going to Hawaii and wanted SPG Platinum, so it was worth 2 stays at my local to get status. I decided against a Delta Gold run to be closer to Silver next year.

  13. I would do a mattress run since hotel status brings me to the Executive Floor, free breakfast and free cocktail hour !

  14. I would do either if it would get me free nights or higher status. Wish I had more time!

  15. With two kids, hard to justify either type of run. Get most of my miles via credit cards these days, and don’t have status

  16. I would do an overnight in a city , would not do a same day run !
    Mattress run in home city , Absolutly !! (But I do live in NY )

  17. MRs to IST, SCL, and several domestics early this year: DM by Apr 1 is definitely nice. 200K+ BIS miles so far this year. Started the year with a mattress run for Hilton status (had a resort stay in mid-Jan, no time for a cc to kick in), and need three more IHG nights to get 45K pts for my Big Win, so probably will end up doing a mattrun in December.

  18. I was set to do a mattress run for two nights to make diamond with Hilton but luckily I got extended on a job four extra days! Also, I just completed my first MR pick up GM since I was going to fall short this year.

  19. Mileage run, definitely.

    1 more in December: LAX-ATL-DFW-ATL-LAX

    Booked for 2014: (1) LAX-CVG-DFW-CVG-LAX and (2) LAX-SEA-ANC-SEA-LAX to take advantage of the double/double promotion.

  20. Absolutely, I’ve done two mile runs this year. One was too good to miss and the other I needed to get Gold for next year.

  21. Anthony P. Reply

    I have done a mileage run and would do it again if needed. I have also stayed a couple of nights in a hotel to keep status.

  22. Mileage run – yes.
    Mattress run – no.
    I am pleased to report a mileage run this week put me over the top for Delta Platinum Elite. Looking forward to that status until February 28, 2015!

  23. If I am close, then a mattress run or mileage run is worth it. Not in a position to play with credit cards right now

  24. Need to do a mileage run to hit silver, so I guess I will do that over a mattress run…. Need to do 7500 miles in 5 weeks with no planned business trips. Yikes.

  25. Status is important to me as I don’t travel that much. So I would probably do neither.

  26. Howard Blevins Reply

    Yes! Actually just finished my Hyatt Diamond challenge, 12 stays in 60 days. Adios Hilton after the massive devaluation!

  27. Yes to mattress runs. In fact, I mentioned to my husband that I have a reservation at a hotel in a nearby city and he asked if I was staying or just checking in and leaving. He is catching on!

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  29. Mileage run, yes. Infact, I recently did one. Mattress run, no. I spend so few nights in hotels each year that it doesn’t even make sense to try and get status.

  30. Not for me as I would not use it enough to benefit from the status, but I can see how it would be worth it for some frequent travelers with loyalty.

  31. Mileage run: you bet! I just finished my first mileage run earlier this month, and I loved it. Mattress run: sure. I haven’t ever done one, but I’d be up for it.

  32. I did a mattress run during a Hyatt Diamond Trial this year to secure Diamond status through Feb. 2015. This will guarantee good treatment and room location for 5 nights at the Andaz Maui and 2 nights at Grand Hyatt Kauai during my honeymoon in June (not to mention free breakfast at the Andaz and club access in Kauai).

  33. I have done neither one of these things. It takes a lot of time and planning.

  34. Doing a requited Saturdsy night Holiday Inn Express night to finish up the Big Win. All told between BW and other promotion I will get about 37K IHG points for a $100 night. I’ve exhausted most stackable IHG promos, otherwsie it would be more. There is a WV casino nearby the hotel (doing a Texas Holdem tournament), but I would be using points if not for Big Win, etc.

    Not really a mattress run, but a pay rather than use point situation. Also doing a night at 5K points as long as I’m there.

    No to mile run. Yes to mattress run.

  35. I’ve never done a mileage run, but i’ve certainly taken the “long way” on a few flights. Generally, I won’t do flights or stays specifically for status, but I’ll definitely tweak business or personal trips to make the most miles/points/etc. That said, if I were closer to the next medallion level at the end of the year, I’d probably make an exception.

  36. It would have to be the deal of the decade…for me to do either one of these things!

  37. No mileage run… Don’t have the free cash. But HAVE done mattress runs on business travel (ie switching hotels every night to increase stay count)

  38. Mileage run…yes, last week for United 1K.
    Mattress run…yes, this week to finish IHG Big Win for 70,000 points.

  39. Mattress runs I already did, yet to do mileage runs. But they will come 🙂

  40. I did my first mileage run this year…decided in October that working to get status with Delta should help me next year. I’ve never done a mattress run, but would consider it in the right situation.

  41. Have done a run for rooms but not yet for air Miles but will soon

  42. Will do a Mattress run for the 3 nights at SPG needed to get to 50 nights for the year

  43. I’ve never done a mattress or mileage run. But I think if it ever made sense for me given upcoming travel, I would consider it.

  44. No, would not do a mileage run. Mattress run, maybe (more likely to just check in but not stay if the location was not too inconvenient). Yes, would be willing to get the Amex SPG for the credits. Status is worth the effort if not too difficult/time consuming. The whole points game is very time consuming and sometimes overwhelming and certainly addictive….but fun.

  45. Mileage Run — Yes … I love to fly and if I can find a great price, I’ll go just to go. If i ever came up just a bit short on MQMs, i would certainly find something.
    Mattress Run — No. Have never needed to do one as I have enough flexibility throughout the year to balance stay/night credits from various business/leisure trips.

  46. Never needed to do a mileage run or a mattress run but would do it in the future if I was real close to status and it would make the difference. hates me BTW.

  47. I would do a mileage run as long as I could see at least one of the cities for a few hours. I would only do a mattress run if I only needed one (or maybe two) nights to bump me up to status. Airline status > Hotel status.

  48. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I say yes to mileage run, but I say no to mattress run.

  49. I would do a mattress run. The guy’s at work already think I am crazy for switching hotels every night to get credit for stays. I would also do a car rental run if needed.

  50. Definitely do a mieleage run over a mattress. Only of course, if I was close enough to the next elite level to make it worthwhile

  51. Phil Robledo Reply

    I would do a mileage run, but would have to pass on the mattress run.

  52. I would consider a mileage run, but doubt I would mattress run.

  53. Renato Pascual Reply

    Mileage Run. I did one a couple of weeks ago and doing one in December to bump me up to Platinum Medallion.

  54. I would do a mattress run for points. If it were not terribly inconvenient, I would probably go stay in the motel as I just enjoy travel and experiencing new things and talking to the front desk staff.

  55. Mileage run – yes, mattress run – yes, apply for a credit card for free night – absolutely yes!

  56. Only two times I would, and I have done a mattress run. To move from Platium to Diamon or a Marriott bonus to secure 50K in points.

  57. Sure, always willing to do either a mattress or mileage run and I’m depressed because I can’t do any for the foreseeable future due to family issues. Credit cards? Yeah, to a degree, but I’m not a churner.

  58. DeltaGoldLass Reply

    Hi Rene!
    I have done and will continue to do mileage runs for status and for the great fun and adventure!!! I will try to mattress run this year using
    And Marriott
    Hope you and yours have a great thanksgiving
    I’ll be Italy 🙂
    Best regards Nina

  59. Mileage Run: Absolutely, positively to get the MQM’s I need to reach the medallion level I want to achieve . As for this year, I’m striving to earn as many MQM;s beyond the PM threshold as I can without achieving DM so I’ll have lots of MQM;s rolled over into 2014.
    Mattress Run: Absolutely not. Hotel status to me is no big deal.

  60. Have definitely done mattress runs in the past for Hilton Diamond Status in order to guarantee access to Executive Lounge when staying on points at Hiltons in Europe. Now that it takes so many points to stay at Hilton hotels, I probably won’t bother!

  61. Haven’t tried either, will definitely do a mileage run, but a mattress run has no value for me. Love the blog.

  62. Rene,I have done both Mileage Runs an Mattress runs this year. For both status and special events like the Big Win with IHG, earned 72,100 bonus points.

  63. I’ve been platinum for several years and due to some family medical issues did not do too much travel this year. This 72 year old gramma is heading out next week for a MR (well, maybe cheating with a two day stay in Hawaii). No interest in a mattress run.

  64. Yes to both mileage runs and mattress runs. I have done a couple of mattress runs the last two months to get bonuses for free stays in Europe where hotels are way more expensive.

  65. Mileage run? Yes. Mattress run? Probably not, unless I was within one stay or one night. Probably wouldn’t get a cc for hotel status.

  66. I am more likely to do a mattress run before a mileage run. Simply because of cost

  67. I have done both when it makes sense. Each year it varies, but based on personal worth.

  68. Elite status is definitely worth it. So far, I’ve only done mileage run with a brief stay. I travel to see places, so I can’t (yet) justify just traveling for miles. I’d regret not seeing more than the airport.

  69. I’ve done mileage runs before, but not true mattress runs. I value the airline status much more than hotel status. Won’t get the SPG just for the stays – might for other benefits, though.

  70. Mileage runs/mattress runs are part of my travel portfolio. They create spontaneous opportunities for travel fun. Just got back from a quick mileage/mattress run to SFO. Got to try out Points Hound as well. Status is definitely worth the extra effort to me.

  71. I would do a mileage run under the right circumstances. Can’t imagine a mattress run.

  72. I don’t think I would. I just started a new role with my company that brought me to Atlanta from Virginia and requires a lot of travel. Two of my co workers have been stressing about their status for next year (in two months I got silver status in both the Hilton and Delta) so they have been switching hotels nightly on trips for the stay points and one was planning on doing a mattress run here in Atlanta. I don’t think I’ll get Gold before the end of the year so I’m not stressing it, but I may consider either option next year.

  73. actually doing a mattress run so I can be Hilton diamond for 2014 (special promotion). Very close to GM for 2014 so will do a mileage run as it doesn’t pay to be FO (SM) since a lot of zone 1 is credit card owners. Can’t do CC right now so will only rollover a few miles towards 2014. Now, I’ve to make sure MR will yield both cost and miles due to MQD.

  74. Christopher Reply

    I don’t think a mattress run would be worth it. I mean I would be paying for hoe many nights in order to get two? No thanks. Stay at Marriott and stay for two to get one free!

  75. My husband earns the points. He wastes enough time in airports that he doesn’t need/want a mileage run; also he earns enough miles with those business flights for the few free tickets I use.

  76. Maybe…I qualify on legs, so a MR is a bit different for me. I hit 100 on the nose those year, however, so I don’t have to worry about it. If I was 116, I’d think hard on a MR.

  77. Would consider the Mileage run, probably not the Mattress run since I don’t stay enough in hotels during the year to approach an elite level (other than the Silver I get with my Chase Marriott card).

  78. Had 3 MR this year! Each allowed a visit with friends or family on a layover! Hotel run, yes if it was a great deal to make a status!

  79. Dotti Cahill Reply

    I just did my first mileage run on Tuesday Jax-atl-bbc-atl-jax. 5 am to 3pm 2600 mikes what a long day not sure about a mattress run. As the mileage run was tough enough n have the Amex card

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