Delta please lose my luggage for $3400 + a travel voucher – PLEASE!

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One of the things Lisa & I always do, with a tip from readers, is take a photo of our bags and keep them in our phones. Plus, we print out a color photo of them so that if our luggage is lost we can give it to the Delta or Skyteam people to help find the bags.

Also, we scan the bar code we get so we have it inside our Fly Delta Phone App as well and can “see” where are bags are along the way. This can be both nice and reassuring.

Our last trip from Sweden one of our bags was delayed but was delivered to our home the next day as rather than coming from Boston to Detroit to South Bend it was sent to the baggage carrousel #4 in Atlanta – oooopppssieee.

But according to this ABC report (you gotta see the video), a flyer had a bag delayed for weeks and then got some other flyers stuff. Yeeee-ikes! But, Delta paid her $3400 and also a travel voucher on top of that. Dang Delta, please next trip lose my luggage for that kind of a “I’m Sorry”!

Has Delta ever lost your luggage on a trip? Would you be happy with this kind of reimbursement from our airline? – René

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  1. ASA somehow managed to lose my luggage on a nonstop flight. They didn’t deliver it for 3 days. I would have been quite happy to get that compensation for it.

  2. I once had my luggage lost coming back from Toronto – and few days later Delta came to drop off my luggage at my home, except it was not mine! I sent it right back with the courier, as even the name tag had someone else’s name! I had lost a black bag, and this was green…Wierd.

    Two weeks later, I got a call that they are unable to locate my bag and to file a claim. I wonder if the guy whose bag they brought to me mistakenly, ever got his bag back…

  3. United lost my luggage on trip to Maui. Got it day I got home. Yippee. United took 5 days to agree to give me $200 for clothes in Maui. Good luck with that. Then they declined some of my purchases when I sent the receipts. Would have loved $1000 let alone $3400. 2 weeks on Maui without luggage definitely not fun.

  4. I’ve found on the last couple updates that when i scan a bag tag it does stay in the list of bag numbers. I have to scan the tag each time to see the status.

    Haven’t lost luggage but two weeks ago I flew ATL-CAK-DTW-LGA …. but the bag went ATL-CAK-ATL-LGA…hmmmmm

    Worst I experienced with a bag was on united where they forced me to gate check my carry-on and I lost the contents to an outside flap…toiletries…got the united replacement ziplock toiletry bag…which included a razor. Wait we can take razor blades in our carryons?

  5. Nyc to bora bora. * delta leg to Lax, bag was not on the flight was told they could get it to LA in two days LOL then another day to Tahiti on an air france flight and then told us its air Tahiti nui problem to get t he bagto us.( we flew air Tahiti nui last leg) We refused to take no for an answer as it was our honeymoon we saw how dumb delta employees were, Like not knowing where Tahiti was located. We basically harassed them to get the bag to LAX and it arrived 30 mins before last call for bags on our air Tahiti flight. The bag would have clearly been lost as Delta did not even want our hotel info in Tahiti cause they stated not our problem air Tahiti can figure it out.

  6. British Airways lost my luggage when I had a misconnecting flight in London while in route from Las Vegas to Berlin. They delivered my luggage 4 days later and reimbursed me something like $400 for clothes (it was winter and I had packed my jacket and boots in my luggage) and gave me 10,000 Avios points — I think that I got such sweet treatment as I was flying on a paid business class ticket.

  7. Etihad lost mine on a SIN-BNE flight. Didn’t even bother to provide a statement for me to claim travel insurance, had to email them twice. Goodness! With such service, I didn’t even bother to try getting compensation…

  8. Etihad lost mine on a SIN-BNE flight. Didn’t even bother to provide a statement for me to claim travel insurance, had to email them twice. Goodness! With such service, I didn’t even bother to try getting compensation… And it took 3 days for them to find it and get it sent over.

  9. Be wary as to if they lose it or allowed it to be stolen. Delta didn’t get my bag on my flight because of a short cinnection. They told me it would be delivered by midnight to my hotel. Come morning no bag. Called Delta and was told it haf been delivered by a contractor. I checked other hotels in area and no bag. They gave me money to get some items while they tried to find my bag. 5 days later they tell my bag and some others had been stolen before the contractor picked them up. They told me to file a claim. Because I had been foolish and packed a digital camera they would not cover that as I had not declared it per their policy. Because it had been stolen I asked them for a copy of a police report. They said they did not file one because it was not worth their time. Great company that would not only allow the theft occur, but would not try to catch those responsible.
    Lesson learned: declare everything in luggage and expect no assistance from Delta.

  10. @Billy – yes but not as much work as it sounds as we tend to travel with the same luggage each trip so it just goes with our travel folder with all our printouts of hotel, car etc confirmations that we always do just in case power fails on phones etc.

  11. A friend of ours, albeit, a little naive was told by her boyfriend that his luggage was lost in the USA – no computer, mobile, or high-value technical items packed and he was compensated $USD10,000 could this be true?

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