Delta Points November Newsletter

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delta points monthly news letter

Can you believe we are going to have to start writing 2014 on stuff soon? Next year is going to be an interesting year for us Delta flyers. I think some of our elites will test the waters at other airlines but then will quickly be coming back to Delta! November has been interesting to say the very least; let’s look back at what has been going on in this months Delta Points Newsletter:

➥ A great SJC mileage run and a visit to the Club in SJC & SkyDeck NYC

➥ The Inaugural flight of the Delta 737-900 jet

➥ The perks of the Chase Sapphire “Chip & Signature” card

➥ All the different kinds of vouchers from Delta Air Lines

➥ November / December 5000 point Skybonus for new accounts + updates

➥ Delta AGAIN devalues Skymiles by 3-17% (OUCH)

➥ An answer to OMAaT & VftW about why fly Delta

➥ A Fireside chat with Jen from Deals We Like

➥ 100,000 Point SEA Delta AMEX and the dysfunctional Delta family

500 Free IHG points for going paperless

50 new Delta Flight Attendants start flying out of ATL

➥ Dinner with readers in LAX on a mileage run – FUN!

➥ Savings you may miss out on as a Delta AMEX holder – check!

➥ Who and where does Delta upgrade flyers for free?

➥ Ruh-Roh! Could Delta allow cell phones on jets?

➥ Updates to the Delta Points TEXT alert system.

➥ Updates to and the phone “ID” service.

➥ The cheapest, simplest Delta Mileage run possible

➥ Delta Points reaches the 2 year mark of blogging

➥ A Fireside chat with COL Glen The Military Frequent Flyer

➥ Just how much longer will Delta fly the 747?

➥ The results of Lisa’s latest round of cards – YES – YES – YES!

➥ Keeping current with Flying Blue & booking 1 way award trips on Delta

➥ Rookie Delta Q&A

➥ The ONE card I went for to end the year!

➥ My final mileage run for 2013 with MJ on Travel

➥ Delta publishes MAJOR schedule changes & aircraft swaps – PLEASE check all your reservations NOW!

➥ What could happen to DAL stock in 2014? coupons – worth a second look

➥ My plans for AMEX Small business Saturday (tonight)

$60 in free UBER credit for Silicon Valley area

➥ Preparing for MQDs on the way for 2014

➥ A Delta Points review of the Sheraton Louisville Riverside

December will be a time for me to slow down. I have only one trip planned and will start looking toward January. I got in on the $150 transcon mileage run to SFO to start the year and will have some more time on the 737-900. Clearly I hope to be in front but if not I will get a chance for a review of the Economy Comfort seats! Then, off to Hawaii for a few days. Sounds like a nice way to start the year! – René.


PS – SWAG Saturday will start at 2:PM this week!


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