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my four amex cards

I have 4 AMEX cards right now. Two of them are my Delta AMEX Reserve cards, personal and business, and I also have two SPG AMEX cards, personal and business. I have the two Delta cards for earning MQMs, Skymiles, getting more upgrades to first class, getting more access to “saver” level award seats and I can guest people into the Skyclub (I get free access as a Diamond Medallion already). The SPG cards I have for the two stay credits each card gives and that is cheaper than paying for two stays on a mattress run.

small biz sat credit

This past weekend, I registered my cards and went to a Chinese place for dinner that was on the Small business Saturday list. When I went to pay, the owner said he did not take AMEX. I pressed him about the promotion and he ran the card and low and behold he did take AMEX and as you can see I had dinner for net 59 cents (and paid for Lisa’s dinner on another AMEX and she also had dinner for 59 cents)!

Right now you can register for a great deal ONLY via Twitter and as Delta flyers we should all be using Twitter for @DeltaAssist anyway right so you can still get $25 off a $75 purchase at After setting up your Twitter account, you need to Sync your Twitter account and follow @AmexSync and tweet to them: #AmexAmazon

EDIT 1:20PM ET: As expected even Twitter option is now DEAD! Congrat’s to all who got in while they could!

deal dead

You can now go to your account and verify you are registered before you buy.

amazon 25 credit

Then, you should be able to log in to your AMEX account online and see that you have in fact successfully registered your card and are ready for the statement credit when you shop. But it gets better. With the Small business Saturday I have in the past purchased gift cards at the local merchants and they worked fine. I have tested and Amazon e-gift cards does code as “Merchandise”.

gift card amazon

Just be sure to pick one for at least $75 and you should, if you register your AMEX card, get an email in short order thanking you for your purchase with your registered card.

used my card at amazon for credit

Then, a few days later, you will see the credit show up on your AMEX page where it shows all of your credits that have posted from the promotions they have run.

some of my card savings from amex promotions

I have received a number of nice credits from AMEX over the years from the ones I took part in and they do add up over time. Oh, and did I mention we can earn both Skymiles and SPG points for the purchases as well! 🙂 – René

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  1. No need for twitter on this one – there’s an open link for anyone to register their AMEX card to enroll. It’s been pasted just about on every blog over the past 2 days.

  2. I was offered the Amazon deal without having to fiddle with any Twitter stuff or any other links. It simply showed up in my “My Offers” section on my Amex account online. This was a couple days ago, though.

  3. I’m about to apply for an AMEX Business Reserve card but to receive maximum “new” account points i’m going to need to cancel my current AMEX DL PL card and reapply in 366 days, correct? Then next yr, cancel the reserve card and reapply for the DL PL card. Seems mind boggling and I’m only dealing with 2 cards. I’m guessing that this is the only way to attack it?? Thanks

  4. @RICflyer – you can do this yes and then each year get the new card bonus that way. Keep in mind the SPEND bonus is per 01JAN-31DEC each year NOT when you get the card.

  5. Fair enough, why would I try a link that I’m already registered for though? 🙂

    For clarification and “full disclosure,” you could have indicated in your post that the link people have been using is now dead, and NOW the only way to register is Twitter. The way you’ve written it makes you sound oblivious to the existence of the URL registration.

  6. I don’t know if it’s still live, but I added this “$25 off $75” Amazon offer a day or so ago via FaceBook “AmexSync” (AKA “Amex Like Link Love”) at Since I already added this deal to my card, I can’t check whether it’s still available or not.

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