Is it worth it before your December travels to get the Delta “SMART TRAVEL PACK”?

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smart travel pack

First let’s take a look at just what Delta is selling us for $199. They say that:

Five of your favorite benefits. One brilliant bundle.

This year, outsmart the stress of holiday travel with the all-new Smart Travel Pack. We’ve bundled five of our most popular perks to maximize your comfort and convenience at every step. And at $199, it makes a lot of sense. Now, as the purchaser, you can also earn an extra 2,500 bonus miles if you buy between November 15 and January 4, 2014.

Add Smart Travel Pack to your SkyMiles account, and on each flight through January 5, 2014, you and up to eight friends or family members traveling with you will receive:
Everyone in your group gets one free checked bag (up to $225 value per flight).
Your whole group—and their stuff—gets on and gets settled sooner with Priority Boarding.
For no extra charge, choose from seats with more legroom, like bulkhead and exit rows, or pick an aisle or window seat towards the front of the plane. Just reserve your preferred seat at booking.
Or, upgrade to domestic Economy Comfort for 50% less (or, upgrade within 24 hours of your flight for free) and guarantee extra legroom and quicker deplaning. You’ll also get 25% off international Economy Comfort, which also includes free beer, wine, cocktails and more seat recline on most flights.
As the purchaser, you’ll receive a 20% mileage bonus on top of the other miles you receive for this flight, getting you closer to your next Award Ticket.
Starting this year, take the stress out of travel this holiday season. Save time and money by adding Smart Travel Pack to your SkyMiles account for just $199 for all flights through January 5, 2014. We look forward to celebrating the season with you.

Let’s look at the math and the perks. 2500 Skymiles as a perk is worth $25 so real price of the package is now down to $174. Next, you ONLY get 20% bonus skymiles for trips. For simple math let’s say you fly coast to coast once and that is 5000 miles round trip. 1000 bonus Skymiles are worth $10. This is per trip so fly a few times and this could help on the price.

But what are you really getting say compared to the AMEX Delta Platinum card that has a $150 fee? Let’s look. Free bag. Both the AMEX and the pack give you that and same goes for boarding with Zone 1. But the next few are similar to Silver Medallion perks that is exit row seats and access to free or discounted Economy Comfort seats. Could this be worth the perk? If you have enough people and enough trips – maybe and worth a look, but count the cost at $9+ per seat how many will you need to use? Plus, as full as flights are, and as many medallions as there are that are in those seats (since they did not upgrade) you may find them hard to get so keep that in mind.

I am clearly NOT a fan of this pack and don’t find it very smart at all. I would much rather have any of the Delta AMEX cards that will give me perks for a year and if not a medallion, just pay for EC seats when I really want them is what I would do! – René

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  1. Rene, Delta’s latest two iterations of “deals” are lame. The MQM sale was borderline insulting, especially since it was more expensive for knowledgeable/savvy flyers.
    This “bundle” is weak as well given these perks are generally available to anyone with an Delta AMEX card.
    I understand DAL’s need for profit but I really expected better from an airline that, in my opinion, seems to be quietly/expensively striving for a higher level of flying experience than its’ competitors.

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