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What a week. Delta came up with an amazing (for them) idea to charge their “best” elite customers much more than their lowest for the same product – MQMs. I am still just stunned!

But to me that brings up a great question, why don’t more flyers pick up a business card? Many flyers already run a small business or are sole proprietors and buy and sell things throughout the year. There are two great business cards in my mind that I hold, an AMEX Reserve Delta card and, in the case of Chase INK Plus Business card, two of them and I recommend them both.

So that gets us to this week’s SWAG Saturday for a shot at an Amazon $75 e-Gift card that I paid just $50 for after getting $25 credit back from AMEX. First, the rules as always are HERE and I hope you look them over.

75 amazon gift card

Next is what you have to answer, a two part question for a chance to win. If you had to pick just ONE business card to go for before this year ends, would it be a Chase INK plus or the Delta AMEX Business Reserve card and why do you say this? Have fun – René



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  1. Rene,

    Thanks to your excellent advice, I already got both of these cards this year. Next year, my wife will be applying for one or both of them too! So I suggest both, with a strategy of using the UR points to buy Delta flights, thus enabling you to earn more miles (as using SkyMiles to buy tickets precludes you from earning miles on those flights) and using the reserve card for everything else to hit the threshold for MQMs.

  2. I would choose the Ink plus for 5x Ultimate rewards on the little things like paying the cell phone, landline, internet, and cable bills.

  3. We are contracted with Delta to fly with them for work, because of that the Delta Amex Reserve is on my list for 2014.

  4. With the changes announced to the Delta program and increasing number of elites, I would chose the Reserve Delta card. As I experienced just this past week, #7 on a cleared upgrade list as a Diamond with a ticket bought a week out! The Reserve increases upgrade chances and will allow opportunities to hit status for 2015. As a current AMEX holder of multiple products, the customer service is impressive and appreciated.

  5. Being ATL based, Delta is always a given…. I´d go with the Delta AMEX Business Reserve card for the MQM bonus (not to mention the other perks!)

  6. Chase INK – 5x at Office Supply Stores…It’s amazing what you can find at office supply stores 🙂

  7. I would go for the Chase Ink as you can earn more points(miles) per dollar on some of the spend and then transfer those Ultimate Reward points to United Miles where I find better award availability.

  8. I would choose the Chase INK Plus. Ultimate Rewards are VERY flexible and can use in SO many ways, travel or otherwise. PLUS, if you’re buying any electronics for the holidays, you can get 5X points at office supply places, like Staples, Office Depot & Office Max. You could also get 5X points if you buy phones, etc directly from, say, Verizon.com, among others.

  9. Chase INK plus became its more versatile as I would probably use the points for hotel stays.

  10. I would go with the Chase Ink Plus in a heartbeat, I’m in the Dallas area so Delta status and points means far less to me than AA or United.

  11. I would pick Chase because it’s easier to earn points doing the 5x at Office supply stores. I am going to transfer as many points as possible before the United devaluation and cash it in on tickets to Europe!

  12. Ink card for sure. With the 5x rewards it’s hard not to rack up a ton of points. Also you have so many options for redeeming for travel.

  13. Chase INK plus because I love the numerous transfer partners of the Ultimate Rewards program

  14. I’d go for the Chase Ink Plus for its 5x points on office supplies and flexibility of the Ultimately Rewards program. Thanks for this contest.

  15. Chase Ink Plus for the 5x points at office supply stores, and on cellular phone, landline, internet, and cable TV services.

  16. Chase INK Plus: Five times at office supply stores is too hard to pass up–and Staples is just down the street from our office!

  17. I’d go with the Chase Ink Plus due to the 50,000 signup bonus and 5X office supply and phone line points

  18. I’d go with Chase since I don’t need the miles this year and the 5x bonus with Chase makes it well worth it.

  19. That’s a difficult decision, I already have the personal Platinum Delta AMEX so I’d probably go for the Ink Plus card. Not everywhere takes AMEX so it’s always useful to have a Visa or Mastercard.

  20. I would go with the Chase Ink Plus. I could get so much value (5 X) by shopping for gift cards at Staples or Office Depot. This even includes Amazon gift cards!

  21. I’d pick Ink in a heart beat because of the 50000 points. United is also a little easier to redeem.

  22. I would definitely choose Chase Ink card. First, this card has better transfer partners and that increases value for any business. Second, redemption chances way better than just “stuck with” Delta opportunity!

  23. Chase ink anyday. 5x benefits towards ua miles and great responsive customer service from real english speaking CSA’s

  24. Chase Ink because of the ability to buy gift cards at office supply stores and the fact that I love Ultimate rewards points.

  25. I would choose the Ink Plus for 5x Ultimate Rewards for paying the cell phone, internet, and satellite radio bills. Of, and an Office Depot is down the street.

  26. I would go for the ink card. In spite of recent united devaluation, the ultimate rewards is still a flexible program.

  27. Chase Ink, Many more options on how to use points – even international first class flights

  28. Chase Ink Plus is what I’d choose, because of the 5X at Staples for earning and a less restrictive currency for burning.

  29. Chase Ink because of the customer service of chase. and i have troulbe with some of the AMEX bonuses and when i call they dont help!

  30. I would probably go with the chase ink because I could use points for things other than air travel.

  31. Ink because i would transfer them to United Miles. Much prefer traveling United or Star alliance partners

  32. I would of with the Chase Ink because I value UR Points much more than straight Delta miles.

  33. Chase Ink Plus because 5X UR points which can be transferred to United miles or Hyatt points.

  34. Chase Ink because it has more useful benefits for me, plus the additional option of transferring to many partners.

  35. Chase Ink is my business card of choice. 5x points on business/office/telecommunications is hard to beat

  36. Chase Ink for the ability to transfer points to multiple airline and hotel rewards programs.

  37. I just got the Delta Reserve to get up to Gold but now makes more sense since Amex Platinum has become less valuable for lounge access.

  38. I have both but if I had to pick one and could get again the Reserve for the MQM at signup and at $60K spend.

  39. Delta reserve amex for the skyclub access and mqd waiver. Does it have GE credit as well?

  40. Chase Ink….5x rewards at office supply is so hard to pass on. You can easily rack up thousands of points in a month if needed with great transfer options.

  41. I would really prefer the ink Bold but since it isn’t an option the ink Plus would be my choice. The reasons are the bonuses on office supplies, cable, cellular and gasoline when it comes to earning and multiple options for where to use the points when it comes to spending including United, Southwest, Amtrak and Hyatt.

  42. Just stumbled across your blog last week when I realized I’d be 1300 miles short of Gold for next year. Followed your advice right away and applied for the Delta Reserve as I need the miles ASAP – we are currently living in Lagos and really need to be able to use the lounge at that airport 😉 Thanks for the great advice!

  43. Chase INK Plus because of all the partners I could transfer to. It’s a no brainer for me!

  44. Chase Ink because of the variety of ways to earn outsized rewards…. 5x gift cards via officedepot and staples. Cell and internet

  45. Between the two, I’d have to say the DL Amex. 5x points for Office supply stores is nice, but I’m a programmer and so I have almost no need for office supplies (and most have a horrible selection of computer equipment at terrible prices). The companion fare and other perks of the DL Amex are far more useful to me.

  46. Chase ink because I get 5 percent back on my high Comcast bills and staples as well. That easily pays for the annual fee and then some.

  47. Chase Ink Plus for 5× points @ office supply stores and flexibility of the points earned.

  48. Ink Plus… 5x pts, alone for cable and phone bill is no joke… amazon and amex/mc/visa GC are the cherry on top

  49. I would pick the Delta Amex because I LOVE the Amex cards I have had – the rewards add up fast and it’s so easy to get in touch with their customer service.

  50. Chase Ink plus that gets 5x points per $, and I value each point at 2 cents, which turns it into 10% reward on travel.

  51. Delta Amex reserve as I am just 6,500 MQMs short of diamond, so this will put me over the top!

  52. Chase INK plus because Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max are really close to us and because I have a spreadsheet of all the gift cards they carry which makes it easy to shop at each!

  53. Chase Ink Plus for 5x points at office supply stores. I am always out of ink for my printer!

  54. Chase Ink. The flexible benefits would come in handy from time to time as I already have the amex res and one cannot do as much with just delta points.

  55. I think the Chase Ink Plus is the better card for me, but since I already have it, I’d have to go with the Amex Reserve.

  56. I’d say INK because it helps beef up my ultimate rewards account. I like the multitude of transfer options.

  57. Delta Reserve to get a end of year MQM bump (I also just cancelled my Ink Plus two days ago). 🙂

  58. Ink Plus for me. I already have the Chase Freedom and CSP, so adding in the Ink Plus for make for the Ultimate Rewards trifecta.

  59. I guess it depends on where you are for MQM’s before the end if the year. If you needed the bonus to get you to the next Delta level I’d go for the Delta Reserve. Otherwise I’d go for the Chase card. The Chase card is great for the 5x boings on office supplies, cell service, and cable.

  60. I would choose the Delta AMEX Business Reserve Card because we have enjoyed the benefits of the personal card and like the slightly improved chances of upgrades.

  61. I would have to say the Chase INK card, because it is the best card to use for earning free cruises! I wish SkyMiles Marketplace would let us book cruises, but Chase Ultimate Rewards are the way to go for now.

  62. Tough one with both DL and UA devaluations, but I have to go to Chase – there are other transfer partners besides UA. BA, for one.

  63. If I flew Delta, I’d go with the Delta Reserve because it would be nice to have Skyclub access.

  64. I would choose Chase Ink Plus because I love Ultimate Rewards …….easy to get with the card features.

  65. Chase Ink Bold. I do a lot of business with Chase now that I moved into a small town in Texas and my regular bank does not exist, plus the fact that the Chase Ink Bold would give me a lot of flexibility in how I travel on airlines and where I stay.

  66. I would choose the Chase Ink Plus for 5x UR points on office supplies and cell phone bill.

  67. I’d get the Delta, because my husband and I are flying Delta next year and it makes sense. I know the Ink provides awesome rewards though, so I wouldn’t be opposed to that card either.

  68. I am going to have to say Chase Ink. I already have a Delta Reserve Personal, and then I signed up for the Delta Platinum Business for n amazing 25,000 mqm at 15,000 bonus miles.

  69. I recently got the Chase Ink Plus Visa for the great bonus and the 5x categories. I had the Ink Bold & Ink Plus MasterCards and was happy to have the opportunity to get the Visa version.

  70. I’d go with Chase because I already have a Freedom Card and then I could transfer my points to miles… although not with Delta 🙁

  71. Chase Ink, because the 5x category points are easy enough to collect and are very flexible.

  72. Definitely the Ink…the 5X on cable and cell phone is pretty awesome by itself. Plus the 5X at office supply stores (and GCs) make it not even close IMHO.

  73. Have them both but If I didn’t have my reserve I wouldn’t be platinum maybe not even gold.

  74. Although the Delta is tempting, I would have to choose the chase ink because I of the it offers.

  75. The Delta reserve is tempting but I would have to choose the Chase Ink because of the flexibility.

  76. Chase Ink for the 5x categories. I already get lounge access from my Amex platinum so don’t need the reserve card.

  77. I would have to pick the Delta AMEX Business reserve card. Why? I have never had it, and could always roll over more MQM’s.

  78. I would have to pick the Delta AMEX Business reserve card. I have never had it, and could always roll over more MQM’s.

  79. I would go with the Delta AMEX Business Reserve card in order to get the bonus MQM’s for signup and spend.

  80. I would choose the delta reserve card in an effort to earn more mqm and obtain / maintain delta diamond status. The fact that delta chose to charge a diamond medallion more money for purchasing mqm than a lower medallion makes the delta reserve card more enticing.

  81. I would choose the Delta Reserve card because I’m low on delta miles and would like to collect enough to schedule a nice trip to someplace sunny and warm!

  82. I would have to go with the Delta Reserve card to help me with the Delta MQM points and also because of the awesome perks that come with the card!

  83. I have a Chase InkPlus MC so that makes me potentially eligible for the InkPlus VISA version. I covet UR points because I can use them for non-chain hotels at great discounts!

  84. Ink plus. Ultimate reward points transfer to a lot of different partners plus 5x points at office supply stores is handy to boost point balances.

  85. I am always on Delta, so the Delta card is mine. When Delta employees see that it can change the conversation.

  86. I do love the Chase cards but I would go with the reserve for the MQM’s. and the free first class companion award. In fact I am considering switching both of our personal Plat cards to the reserve to maximize the MQM’s

  87. I just don’t fly enough to use the airport lounges frequently in order to justify the large $450 fee of the AMEX, so it would have to be the Chase Ink for me.

  88. I’d go for the Delta AMEX Business Reserve, ’cause it’s so simple: Spend money — get Delta points. Spend enough money — get a big batch of MQMm.

  89. I would get the Delta Reserve because I don’t fly quite enough to do a lot of playing (mostly retired) and the Delta focus with the MQMs would be the biggest reason for me.

  90. Chase Ink Plus because Ultimate Rewards points are so much more valuable and versatile than SkyMiles.

  91. Wow, Rene! I don’t remember the last time you had this many folks comment for a swag prize. I would choose the Amex reserve for the MQM bonus.

  92. Chase Ink because we have large phone bills, and buy loads of gift cards at Staples. My husband and I tend to use our FF miles to fly business class internationally, and are unable to find tix at the lowest tier on Delta, even if we book almost one year in advance. We used to fly almost exclusively on Delta, but no more.

  93. The Ink plus because of the 5x Ultimate rewards on the little things like paying the cell phone, landline, internet, and cable bills.

  94. I would pick the Amex card because I love the little perks that Amex has (like the $25 off $75) and I made out great (or little) with points for a quick trip to NYC on American via British Airways via my Amex points!! Loved my trip!! I don’t spend much of anything on office supplies, so this is the best for me.

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