Two nice 50,000 point cards expiring soon – worth a look!

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alaska card 50k

The first is with a HT to my fellow BA blogger Canadian Kilometers, is a targeted but seems wide open to anyone who has not had an Alaska card in the past 12 months. This is NOT my link but the card is a winner for 50,000 Alaska points after just $1000 in spend that you can use to book flights on Delta and enjoy all the same Delta medallion perks you do now.

The next one is The Lufthansa Premier Miles & More World MasterCard®  50,000 point card (offer has expired) after $5000 in spend that is set to expire soon too. You can use that many points for two coach domestic flights here in the USA on Star Alliance partners.

Between these two cards, from Bank of America, and Barclays, you are talking 4 low level round trip tickets. Add a card from Chase and maybe an Amex card and you are talking about a nice vacation paid for with a few cards added to your wallet! – René

Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
from American Express®
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Best Credit Cards


  1. For real, on Alaska Airlines? 50K points for spending $1000? How easy are points to transfer? I tried to do it the other way around this summer – transfer Skymiles to AA since it was cheaper points wise, but NO GO. Seems like AA was some sort of exception.

  2. I got approved for the Platinum Mastercard this year. Do you think it is churnable for another 50k if I get approved for the Premier World?

  3. @Clau – no as it was to be targeted. A month or a day I have no idea. It is a great deal. I would love to go for it personally but my next round is not until FEB!

  4. @David – with Barclays it is about activity. You MUST be using the cards to show value to them. If you have been using the MC then yes, if only for min spend, no.

  5. This may sound like a ignorant question, but does anyone know what the approximate credit score would be for these types of credit cards to be approved?

    I only use the Alaska BofA debit card which is ending in May of 2014 so I figured its best to switch to a mileage credit card as my all my other credit cards are “non-miles” based and don’t really earn anything.


  6. This also might be a silly question…but when signing up for the Alaska Airlines card, do I put in my Skymiles number, or do I have to get an AA number?

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