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I just love Chase. Thanks to Ultimate Rewards (UR) points I will be spending my Saturday diving again today with the Tortuga Divers that is the east end gang at Red Sail Sports here on Grand Cayman.

One of the ways Lisa & I both rack up 30,000 points each (you can send UR points to those in the same household – very nice) is via our Chase Freedom cards. Not only is getting 5x points each quarter a no-brainier but also very helpful.

Gas stations for example. I am sure you have noticed gas is not cheap. Why not lock in 5% off by getting gift cards at your favorite gas station? There are also clearly other ways to maximize the perks as well throughout the year.

Either way, the current Freedom cards are VISA so if you had the MasterCard version you are eligible for the 20,000 new card bonus points after spending just $500 in the first 3 months of opening the account!

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On to this week’s SWAG Saturday questions and such. As each and every week please take the time to peek at the rules HERE. Next on to my question for a chance, via, to win the $75 Amazon e-Gift card.

I need data points about Freedom cards. Have you ever had one? Was it the MasterCard one? Do you have one now and is it MasterCard or Visa? Do you plan to get one this year or next? Another one is a caution about downgrading to Freedom from Sapphire. Some readers have indicated that will result in not being eligible for the new card bonus. Has this happened to you? So you see, almost any Freedom data point answer will work but I want hard info to help out readers so please comment on the blog as much data as you can and I thank you in advance – René

EDIT: The winner will be picked Monday eve 12/16 this week!


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Best Credit Cards


  1. I obtained a Visa Chase Freedom a few months ago. Never had it before, signed up with $100 bonus, but sent secure message checking on eligibility for $200 bonus when it came out. Received the extra 10k UR points within 3 hours.

  2. I’ve never had one but am thinking about it. I have an old discontinued chase card I was told if I upgrade no bonus so I will probably cancel it and get a chase freedom next time there is a good sign up offer

  3. I have 2 freedom cards, one I had applied for and got 10K points and it is a visa. The other was a conversion from a Wamu card and is a Mastercard. Did not get any bonus during that conversion

  4. I have three Freedom cards: two Visas and one MasterCard. I’ve had two for at least 6-7 years. I don’t remember the sign-up bonuses or if there even were any. The third I got this summer when I downgraded my CSP. I’m fine with giving up a couple as leverage for new Chase cards but so far I’ve been approved for everything without having to.

  5. I’ve had a Freedom card for a little over a year now – it’s the Visa one and came with a 10,000 point bonus.

  6. I applied for the Chase Freedom card and got approved, but there was NOT a bonus of 20,000 points. But by the time I got the card, Chase was offering the bonus. So I called Chase and told them I had not even used the card yet and can I still get the bonus? It took 3 phone calls and 30 minutes, but I got the bonus!

  7. So far the only Chase card I’ve gotten has been the Ink MC during the 60K offer to open earlier this year. I’m thinking about canceling before getting hit with the annual fee (I have other business cards, so I really don’t NEED this one), then applying for the Sapphire Preferred. I really haven’t considered the Freedom card seriously up until now….

  8. I don’t have a Freedom card, but am considering getting one. I already have 4 other chase cards, so that is my only hesitation about getting another.

  9. My wife has the MC Freedom which I’m an AU on. We’re in the process of buying a new home so once this is over and if the 20k bonus is still around, I’ll get my own Freedom.

  10. I’ve had the Freedom card forever. No bonus points since I believe this card was converted over from a Dell Visa. Never paid much attention to Ultimate Rewards until recently when started carrying the CSP. Now, thanks to blogs like yours, I’m learning all the tricks of using the cards. Thanks

  11. Unfortunately, I do not have this card yet. I’ve been opening too many chase cards lately….I’ve got to lay low for awhile.

  12. I have the MasterCard version and have had it some time (it was converted to freedom when a different card was discontinued). I love the 5x UR bonuses.

  13. I have the Freedom Mastercard. My favorite cateogry bonus is drugstores. It seems most cards have gotten rid of the bonus for this category though.

  14. I have had the freedom card for 3 years now, love the 5% bonuses!. I have the visa one don’t know much about the MasterCard version.

  15. I have the Freedom visa. I also have the CSP. When the Freedom visa had the card stolen (dropped in a store by my teen) they did send it overnight, I think because I have the CSP.

  16. Been putting off the Freedom for a while due to the low signup bonus, but now I’m forced to apply. 🙂 haha

  17. I have never had a Chase Freedom card. I should get one to pair with my Sapphire Preferred, but I’m afraid of getting too many cards from Chase. I’m deciding between the Freedom and the IHG.

  18. I’ve only been getting cards for the last year so no Freedom cards yet for me. Anyway, you’d need to get the CSP first to be able to transfer to UR points so it’s really a waste to apply for a Freedom card before I have one of those.

  19. I have had the Chase Freedom Visa for about six months and got the $100 bonus for signing up. The 5% categories have been useful. I’ve just had trouble maxing them out so gift cards may be next. Next year’s categories look equally good.

  20. Unfortunately, I don’t have this Chase card. I have many Chase cards……..INK is my go-to card.

  21. Never Had a chase UR card of any variety but plan to get one. Have had the chase southwest cards though in order to get the southwest companion pass.

  22. I have several other Chase cards, but none of them are the Freedom. I downgraded my Sapphire preferred to plain Sapphire. I will likely apply for the Freedom, can’t hurt!

  23. Have the Chase Freedom Visa version which is great, but I have not tried downgrading as you mention.

  24. I’m new to this party. Just got my Chase Ink Bold card and I’m learning the ins and outs of reward points. I have a few airline loyalty cards to apply for first, then I’ll look into the Chase Freedom Card.

  25. I’ve never applied for the Freedom card, but do have the Sapphire and Ink Bold. I already have so many cards from Chase that I’m hesitant to apply for this one.

  26. I’ve had one in past but was told when I apples earlier this year(18 months after cancel) that they wouldn’t approve me again. I had the MasterCard and was applying for the same.

  27. Got Chase Freedom Visa in Nov/13. Looking forward to transferring 20000 UR pts to my CSP. Did not downgrade. Plan on maxing out each quarterly spend next year.

  28. I plan to sign up for freedom in the next year or so. Then I can comfortably phase out sapphire when I don’t feel like dealing with the fee. Does freedom have any year end points dividends a la sapphire?

  29. I do not have the freedom as I am at the max with chase now. I will be closing airtran soon, and swap for freedom.

  30. Don’t have a Chase Freedom card. Perhaps in 2014 I’ll look at the Chase Freedom to earn more UR. I do agree that UR are extremely valuable (even with the UA deval)..

  31. I have been eyeing this card but am moving soon so not card churning for a bit. While it may not have the flashy perks similar to an Amex Plat, it does have its own quality benfits.

  32. I’ve never had a Freeedom and my husband is completing the CSP minimum spend. I do like the bonus categories though.

  33. I downgraded from a Sapphire card. Have the Freedom Visa, have not tried to sign up again for the bonus.

  34. I downgraded from a Sapphire card. Have the Freedom Visa, have not tried to sign up again for the bonus.

  35. I currently have one Freedom card, and I got it as part of the 10-For-10 program where every usage gives me 10 points and 10% dividend. It is the Visa one. I also have the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

  36. I’ve had freedom cardsincebefore I was a points collector. visa version,but Idon’t remember thesignup bonus!

  37. I have never had a chase freedom and don’t plan on it. Maybe get another Sapphire for my spouse so we can combine points in UR.

  38. I’ve had a Freedom card for 3 year now – it’s the Visa one and came with a 10,000 point bonus.

  39. I got the Chase Freedom Visa last month and just met my minimum spend for 20,000 points. Still using for Amazon this month to do my part to spend and help the economy.

  40. I have a Sapphire and was thinking of downgrading to the Freedom. I might not do that anymore until others chime in.

  41. I have the Chase Freedom Visa. It is one of my oldest cards, it was originally the Chase Perfectcard Visa. They discontinued that product and switched everyone to the Freedom. I recently paired it with an Ink Bold since I didn’t have any of the premium Ultimate Rewards cards.

  42. I have the Visa version but plan to get the Mastercard once I’ve run the gauntlet of good Chase offers. Just a warning: for those downgrading a Sapphire Preferred to a Freedom remember that you can’t transfer points without at least one Ultimate Rewards card. Don’t get stuck with a stockpile of 1 CPPs!

  43. I don’t have a freedom card because its bonus seems lower than other card offers. That said, I have not ruled out applying for it much later in the future.

  44. I’m an AU on my wife’s Freedom account. Interestingly, this card started as a First USA Visa, then became a BankOne card after they got acquired, and finally a Chase card. We use it to max out the 5x categories each quarter.

  45. I’ve had the Freedom MasterCard for a long time, and I sure hope they don’t downgrade it to a visa, because there are some places that only take MasterCard. The Ink switch still annoys me once in a while, although if it means I could get the CSP sign up bonus again, I’d be happy.

  46. I currently don’t have the Freedom card but I might get one maybe some time in 2014. I have the Sapphire Preferred. I applied for the Ink Plus and got declined so I probably won’t be downgrading.

  47. I have the Visa version of the card. Got it a while ago with a cash bonus prior to me really start collecting Ultimate Reweards. If I recall I got a cash bonus when I got the card.

  48. I have the visa version for a few years now. Never had the mastercard version but still deciding whether I should downgrade my CSP to another Freedom or go with the no annual fee Sapphire since I do dine out a lot during business travels.

  49. I’ve recently opened a couple of Chase cards so going to wait a bit before applying, but Chase Freedom is on the short list!

  50. I have the freedom for at least two years now, visa version. Planning on having my wife sign up for one too.

  51. I just applied for the freedom card. Hopefully it comes so I can max out the amazon spending this quarter!

  52. I got the Visa version of the Freedom about 4 years ago. Got a bonus then (can’t remember how much) and have held it ever since.

  53. Thanks for the tip on the new card version! I have the sapphire and freedom. Never used the cards like I should but will this year.

  54. Not sure about data points but I do have the freedom I got it soooo many years ago before it had a 20k bonus 🙁 kicking myself

  55. I don’t have it, but it’s a consideration for next year. I already have three Chase cards. I did make sure my boyfriend got one as his first credit card to get in the game 🙂

  56. I do not have this card. Thanks for yoru blog and for keeping us posted on the best options as frequent travellers!

  57. I had sapphire PDF a couple years back and just recently got the freedom visa under the new offer. Still working on my $500 spend to get my 20k points.

  58. I’ve had the Chase Freedom visa for probably 6-8 years (I honestly cannot remember exactly when I got it). This is one of my oldest cards so I keep it around as it helps with my length of credit history. I love the card and it’s 5x bonuses. I haven’t ever had the CFC MasterCard, but since you mention it is possible to get the bonus on that one as well, I may wait until they are giving out MC ones again and try for that. As far as converting the Sapphire Preferred to the Freedom, it has crossed my mind as I’m debating what to do with my CSP card when the annual fee comes due. I’ll either downgrade it or try my hand at getting Chase to move most of my credit limit to my CFC before closing the card.

  59. It’s on my want list, but I haven’t applied for that one yet. I do have the Discover It card which gives a 5% cash back bonus (not as nice as 5x UR points, but still not shabby either.)

  60. I just got the Freedom card (my first) a few weeks ago. It was a card I had wanted for awhile but hadn’t gotten around to yet. As soon as I saw the 20,000 point offer, I jumped on it. I’m making as much use as I can of the 5x Amazon points for this quarter as I can.

  61. I have the Freedom Visa that I got just over 3 months ago. Just short of 90 days after I got the card, they raised the bonus to 20,000 ultimate rewards points. It took a few secure messages, but I did finally get Chase to match the offer.

    I have heard the same about downgrading the Sapphire Preferred to a Freedom. It may still be worth it to save a hard hit, but with the higher bonus now, it is definitely something to think about.

  62. My freedom card was a conversion from an old united mileage card , and it is a Visa card.
    While I didn’t get any sign up bonus ,it is worth to get all the cash back and turn to UR pts.
    It was great when we had the + 10 bonus pts when we did with each small purchase for checking customers. Wish they bring that back. Also, looking to apply another freedom card while it has 20,000 sign up bonus pts

  63. I am cheap guy and have the no annual fee Sapphire (not Preferred). Am contemplating adding possibly the Freedom (would do VISA since mist other cards I have are MC) or the Amex Reserve.

  64. I dumped my chase card points for united tickets for next oct before united raises its mileage req for tickets ( s.e. asia for us)

    unless the other airlines follow united I will not be building more chase points.

  65. An older (and far better) Chase card I had went through various name a reward changes and eventually morphed into a Freedom Card. Even with the bonuses the card is not used too often since it usually duplicates other bonuses and I can’t afford to max them all out.

  66. Rene, I have the Chase MasterCard. Love the points you can rack and use it to buy all four family members gas. Also have Sapphire for major purchases.

  67. I find the Chase rewards to be the best value when you transfer points to the airline rather than using them directly with UR even with the 20% off , transferring has been the better value.
    Although this summer I was able to snag a great deal on a flight to an out island in the Bahamas over Christmas. Couldn’t do that on miles.
    Thanks for all the info on your blog!

  68. I have never had a chase freedom card. I do currently have the sapphire card and have considered downgrading. I probably won’t do it in 2014 but may in 2015.

  69. I have the Chase Freedom Visa card and put 30,000 pts. on it every year. I intend to apply for the M/C on my next churn, and have noted that I will apply through your site. A word of caution to users: I bought $1,500 worth of Amazon cards, and transferred it to my Amazon account, thinking that I could then transfer it out of the account via Amazon payments. That doesn’t work, so guess I’ll have to buy a LOT on Amazon.

  70. I don’t have the card yet and will look at it later. much later. can hardly close my purse now and points are too scattered. after I collect my thoughts and maybe consolidate and use some ever dwindling worth points I will surely consider.

  71. I got my Chase Freedom Visa a few months ago with the $100 offer. I got it for the 5%cash back categories. When I saw it was increased to $200, I SM Chase and received the extra $100 bonus. I’m reading all the blogs and am hooked on this hobby. Just got the CSP and will have enough points to go on a vacation next year. Thanks to Chase and UR!

  72. I currently have the VISA version of the Chase Freedom. I’ve had it since I think 2010, and I don’t plan to cycle it because I want to maintain the credit history with the card. Never had the MasterCard version. I also have the Chase Sapphire Preferred, which I do not plan to downgrade or cancel because it is one of my favorite cards and both cards pair well together.

  73. I’m considering getting the card w my next turn. Chase would not let me downgrade to a freedom card just the regular sapphire card.

  74. I have the Chase Freedom card. Think I received a 20k bonus. Like the cashback but wish more categories offered larger cashback percentage.

  75. Have had the freedom visa card for years (since before it was even called the freedom card & before chase had a points program)

  76. I got the Chase Visa freedom card a little over a year ago back when they were offering the 30k bonus after minimum spend. Would love to get a mastercard one as well to fully take advantage of 5x quarterly bonus categories!

  77. No I do not have one. Two credit cards are enough for me to manage. Glad that you can use them for points.

  78. Don’t forget, if you downgrade to the Freedom you can not transfer points in the same manner as Ultimate Rewards points do.

  79. Dont have the Freedom card and not really interested in it now as I just picked up the Alaska Air card and 50K miles and am waiting for the final word on the Barclaycard Arrival.

  80. I have never had the Freedom card. I am thinking about simply asking for one of my Chase cards to be converted. I’d miss out on the sign-up bonus, so I’m weighing to see if the quarterly 5x bonuses are worth the switch.

  81. I do not have this card because the signup bonus has not been enticing enough to jump on it. I’ve seen better values with Chase’s airline branded cards and the Sapphire. Once I close some accounts and other offers dry up, I’m sure this will be higher on my priority list.

  82. I don’t have a freedom card right now, planning to get one very soon, see that it gives transfer to UR points great for building up airline points

  83. Hi. Its snowing here in NYC, so guess what I’m doing? I’m buying Amazon Gift cards with my Chase Freedom Visa card for my doormen – as I want to take advantage of the category bonus for Amazon. Most of Chase’s other cards, I’ve flipped back and forth between Visa and Mastercard – it takes some finess and HUCA, but I’ve generally been successful. With the Chase Freedom, I only have the Visa.

  84. I don’t have one, but my wife does (I believe she has the MC version). Thanks to the free credit reporting tools from my Barclay Arrival, I’ll have some idea about when it’s safe to go for another round of cards and likely get one then.

  85. I’ve had both a Visa and MC version of the freedom for several years, so I’ve been making the most of the 5% categories x 2 for years.

  86. I got the Freedom Visa in early 2013, my wife the same. We missed out on the 20k signup, but we max out the cards’ 5% bonus every quarter.

  87. While 2 immediate family members have the Freedom Visa, I unfortunately do not! However, this 20k bonus is enticing me to get one perhaps as early as next year!

  88. The gas station gift card approach for maxing out the 5% does not work at my local Exxon or Sunoco stations, where insider purchases are not coded as Gas by Chase.

  89. I have the Chase Freedom Visa (just approved in the last month). Eligible for the 20k sign up bonus.

  90. I just received a Freedom card. I also have Sapphire and would not downgrade that card – I like as many ways as possible to get ultimate rewards points

  91. I have the Chase Freedom (Visa) and now Sapphire cards. Going to get one in the wife’s name soon!

  92. I have a Chase Freedom MC – it was converted by Chase from an old Chase Marathon gasoline MC when Marathon quit the program. I used to get 5% rebates on Marathon purchases year round, now the rewards category varies by quarter all year. Still good rewards earning, but planning now required. It was so easy to earn good rebates on gasoline alone all year.

  93. Got a freedom in 2005 and had a 0% balance transfer offer. Moved my home equity loc to it to pay off over a year interest free. Have the visa and have had it ever since . Sat in the drawer until a couple years ago when I got a sapphire and chase checking account.

  94. I’ve never had a Freedom card. My main cards are my Delta Platinum AmEx, and a Capital One Venture VISA.

  95. I have the Visa version. I think this card is a keeper with no annual fees. I might get the MC version but I will hold off if I get see other offers that are in the $500 range.

  96. I don’t have a Freedom card, but I’m thinking about it for next year. I’ve gotten a little lazy on applying for new cards lately.

  97. My wife supervises all the app decisions in out household and she just got me the Chase Freedom. It is a Visa.

  98. I have the Chase Freedom Visa. It was converted to the Freedom from another card a long time ago, so I never got the signup bonus, but the quarterly bonuses more than make up for that loss.

  99. I don’t have a chase freedom card but it is on my list for my next round of applications. Planning to lose my citi business AA and my Barclay frontier, and possibly one other card. Have a chase united, the chase BA and a sapphire preferred.

  100. I have had the Freedom Visa card for a number of years and love the 5x bonus categories each quarter.

  101. I have had my Chase Freedom Visa since 2011. Thanks to blog advice I have added a Chase checking account and a Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa and most recently a Chase savings account. Feeling good about the whole Chase relationship.

  102. Don’t have the Chase Freedom card – been eying the Sapphire Preferred for a while for the UR points. Thanks for the Amazon giveaway and good luck to all!

  103. I got an older (and better — excellent cash back bonuses) Chase VISA in 1998 which was discontinued and eventually morphed into the Freedom card I have now. Unfortunately, I have no data points to help you, but I do have a question — in case you run across an answer: since my Freedom card was issued by Chase when they discontinued the older program I was under, am I eligible for a bonus if I apply for a new Freedom card without closing this old account?

  104. @HNM – you should be but Chase may want to know why you want both. I would love feedback on that as well as anyone who did a downgrade from CSP and did not have Freedom.

  105. Never had Freedom (I have other Chase cards) but bonus categories are very appealing. Thinking of getting Freedom and Sapphire in teh future.

  106. Have had the Chase Freedom VISA for a couple of years. Love the 5x spending categories each quarter with no annual fee.

  107. I currently have the Chase Freedom Mastercard, but I might get the Chase Freedom Visa, and maybe even the Chase Sapphire. I’ve been holding back because I plan to get a home loan in a few years.

  108. I have never had the freedom card but am going to apply with my last applications of the year tomorrow.

  109. Have had the Chase Freedom for 20+ years of course I do not believe it was originally the Freedom back then. Got it in College and have always kept it. Now I did not know anything about the rotating 5% until this last year. I kinda forgot I even had this card. Been maxing out the 5% ever since.

  110. I just got the Chase Freedom VISA card recently. Loving the 5x bonus categories and no annual fee!

  111. I do not have a Freedom card. My latest add is my Sapphire card and I look forward to using it while traveling – no foreign transaction fees.

  112. I got a Chase Freedom. 20k bonus at the time after $500 spend. It was a Visa. Had friend who downgraded from Sapphire to Freedom, and subsequently was told could not get sign up bonus for Freedom again

  113. I have no experience with the Freedom Card so far. I would be interested to hear what you find from your analysis. I have just recently gotten a couple of cards for travel points and may look at others in the future.

  114. I had the Freedom card long ago, it was a replacement card for one they discontinued. I closed it without ever understanding the benefits. I’m planning on getting a CSP card for the first time in the next few months.

  115. I have had the Freedom Mastercard for 1 year. Are going to let us keep the MC or convert all of them to Visa

  116. I love my Chase Freedom card! I use it all the time for the quarterly bonuses! The best part? No annual fee!

  117. Have 2 chase freedoms both mastercards. I think they were converted from other banks through mergers. No bonus on either one

  118. We have the VISA and try to take advantage of all of the 5x categories, then we transfer the UR points to my account since I have the Sapphire Preferred.

  119. I have never had a Chase Freedom card, but I’ve been considering it lately. I am planning on looking into it more next year.

  120. I carry the Freedom Mastercard, since sometimes you get a bonus or special perks from Mastercard. Most of my other cards are Visa or Amex.

  121. I have the Freedom card and put a sticker on it with the eligible categories to help remember where I get 5x points!

  122. I have the Visa version of the Freedom card. I got it with the regular 10,000 point bonus. I have no plans to downgrade my Sapphire Preferred. I only use the Freedom for the bonus categories. This year I maxed out the first two quarters and not last quarter or this quarter. I wish 1st quarter 2014 included drugstores like last year.

  123. Had the visa Freedom card for years now. Got in back in the day for 30,000 points sign up and additional 5,000 a few weeks later due to their trouble with UR mall. Those were the days, not these barely warm offers of late.

  124. I have never had the Freedom card and do not have plans to get one. Thanks for the information.

  125. I have both a Freedom Visa and MC. I’ve had the Visa forever – likely before anyone knew what a sign-up bonus was. It could even have been a converted card from a previous bank! The MC I got a few months ago by converting an old Slate card that was gathering dust. I did not get any bonus with that conversion. I converted to get a second card with 5X points. Really looking forward to six months of gas stations for Visa GC’s next year. Thank you for the giveaway!

  126. I don’t have it yet but it’s on my list. Next year after we buy our house this is a potential apporama card for me

  127. Never had the freedom card mc or visa. On my list for the catagory bonus and the extra point now would be good too.

  128. I own the MasterCard Freedom card and was never given any bonus. I have used it for the past two years. I used the card quite often in 2012.This year(2013) the bonus categories were not as good. In 2013, I only used the Freedom card, for the bonus categories and averaged about $500 spend per quarter. I opened the Chase Ink/Bold cards in 2013 and am able to average a minimum of 7000-8000 points per month.I also downgraded my Sapphire Preferred Card in 2013 to the Sapphire card, which I rarely use. I added the United Club card in 2013 to replace the Sapphire Preferred benefits.

  129. I have the Freedom MasterCard. It was converted from a very much older version, so I didn’t get a signup bonus, but do love my quarterly bonuses!

  130. Haven’t had the Freedom card, but thinking seriously about getting one given the current bonus.

  131. I have an Ink Bold and it’s got excellent rate but if I were to switch I think the freedom would be my choice.

  132. Yeah, back in the day hubby got the Chase Freedom and received a $300 bonus plus no annual fee. He would have likely kept it forever but their security features were making it too time-consuming for me to pay the bills for him. I think this difficulty may be fixed, so we may consider getting one again.

  133. I have not had one. Considered it several times but always had other options that were better for me come application time. Was going to do it recently, but was highly underwhelmed by the category bonus list for 2014.

  134. I got the Freedom card after I converted my Chase “+1” card, and was given the MasterCard version. No bonus unfortunately 🙁

  135. My wife and I both got the freedom card this month with the $200 after $500 in spend offer. Both are cards are regular old visa.

  136. I have the freedom VISA — have had it for about 5 years. Couldn’t be happier! Sorry for the lack of any other data points 🙂

  137. I have the Visa version of the Freedom card. It got converted over from a Circuit City card before they went out of business (at least as brick and mortar stores). Been loving the 5x categories.

  138. I have the Visa Freedom and I like it. However, I still miss the time Chase offered ten points per transaction as long as you have the checking account with them

  139. I do not have a Chase Freedom card. I DO have a Chase Sapphire Preferred which I’m happy with thus far.

  140. I have the Freedom MC and didn’t know I may be eligible for the 20k points bonus for getting the Visa card. Definitely going to sign up!

  141. Don’t have the Freedom. I have a Discover and use it for the 5% category bonuses. Perhaps I should try the Freedom since I also have the Sapphire and could move Freedom points into UR points.

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