SkyRewards scam, Phishing schemes, Vanilla Reload scams – a reminder and revisit!

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They say all you have to do is build a 10% better mouse trap and people will beat a path to your door. All a scammer has to do is e-mail enough people and someone will fall for their latest 10% better trap or phishing scam. Just as a reminder look at these posts:

The thing that all of these and others just like them all have in common is this: They all sorta look real; they look just real enough for you to click, call or act BEFORE you think.

fake check from skyrewards from facebook delta page

You need to let Google, or another search product, be your friend. Or, e-mail to a blog for that matter. Readers send and forward me all sorts of things to look at and I am happy to help as well as my fellow BA bloggers!

fake win airline tickets frontside of post card

Your points have REAL value. So much so, that “they” are targeting you to get them. Please be careful and think before you click – René

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