GoGo stuff, La Quinta game & 50,000 point card + Delta graphics updates for MQDs

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mqd and card spend to show more

First off as I talked about before and as you can see from my “My Delta” Delta is updating the graphics to make it even simpler to keep track of our qualifying MQD spending and AMEX exemption spending levels. The question everyone really wants to know is just what is qualifying AMEX spending and we will know soon enough, but I think not much will change from this year i.e. if you got spend credit toward your $25k or $30k MQM threshold spend, for whatever it was you did, you will get MQD exemption spending as well. Just wait – OK!


Second, GoGo has a simple quick 1x a day contest you can try to win free GoGo passes or $25 Amazon cards as well as a shot at a grand prize trip. Simple and free and worth the time.

lq 50k card

Third, is a card we normally don’t see in among the blogs (not my link btw) but one to consider for a bunch of reasons. This card gives you NET 50,000 points after you spend $10,000 on the card. Not that hard with MFG spend at our local drug stores. I like LQ’s and just having this credit card gets you GOLD status with LQ and rooms start at just 6,000 points per night so max value for this card is 8+ nights after spend. Plus, it is from First Bankcard, a division of First National Bank of Omaha not a bank “we” normally go for cards from so good to have another option for those of us who have had almost all the cards “out there”!

play the lq game

Fourth is an addicting little game that by wasting some time each day you can win free points with LQ. It goes until the end of Jan so you can, with some time, possibly get a few 6k point night rooms free out of this game. Caution, to get max points, each time you win, you need to either allow a post to your Facebook page or Twitter account and you will tend to “blow up” the page with posts and tweets. But for free points we are willing to do a lot right? Lastly on this, you get more free spins each day but be sure and click the “Bonus Wheel” one also as you can pick up more free spins each day there as well.

I am just back from Grand Cayman and have so much to share and a review about how I paid for the air on points, the hotel on points, the diving on points, the incidentals from the hotel on points, the car on points and had just a great time redeeming points for almost free travel! More on the way soon – René

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  1. Love the fresh, new look of the My Delta page. Above the MQM and MQS graphics it says: Complete one [picture of plane] for Diamond Medallion.

    Any idea what this “one” is referring to? I have 19 segments and 80k MQMs, so it’s not like I’m hovering right on the edge.

  2. The La Quinta game started out very generously–I’d rack up at least 500 points per day. The payouts have become much less generous the last few days–I assume as more people get in on the promo. I’m lucky to win even 100 points on any given day now.

  3. That La Quinta card is pretty interesting. No Annual Fee and from a bank you don’t see often or at all. They have a resort redemption option that is limited but seems to have some decent properties. It also depends on what the 2014 redemption amounts cost because it appears they went up a lot in the latter half of 2013.

  4. @Tyson – yes. I just LOVE to use these points for LQ Midvale Utah. It is just down from Alta and Brighton and is a nice hotel. Near highway and micro-brew locations. Win-Win for 6000/night if you ski!

  5. Can u PLEASE tell me which delta cards qualify for the new requirment. I am considering getting a $450 card but worried that if i get the one with the best stuff like the lovely global entry that the spend will not qualify like the black one…thanks for all you do for us. i read your blog every day but somehow missed this info

  6. Saw this buried on Delta’s MQD page it explains what counts as a qualify purchase if you go further down it talks about companion cards. Seems like things that would earn you miles on the card will count towards eligible purchases. “Eligible Purchases means purchases for goods and services minus returns and other credits. Eligible Purchases do NOT include fees, interest charges, balance transfers, cash advances, purchases of travelers’ checks, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards, or purchases of other cash equivalents”

  7. Rene, same question as Mitch above regarding the picture of plane and complete one for Diamond….any idea what this means???

  8. If you don’t want to “blow up” your facebook page, you can simply set the shared post to only be visible to yourself. When you click the “Share” button, it will open a new window for your facebook post. Click the person icon to the left of the Share button and select “Custom” from the list of options. Next set the “These people or lists” selector to “Only Me”. Click “Save Changes”, then finally click the “Share” button. La Quinta can only verify that you have shared (and will give you the bonus points), but they don’t have any control over who you share with (even if that’s only yourself).

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