Check your GoGo canceled billing – heck check them ALL as it is about the details!

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gogo bill

As I blogged about earlier this month, GoGo, if you don’t have an active subscription right now, has a great 30% off deal you can get until the end of the month. I will be waiting to get mine as long as I can to use it in Jan2014 when I am flying again.

One thing I really miss about GoGo is the 30 day pass. For whatever reason, I tend to fly in bunches. I will fly for several weeks then may take a month off and then fly a bunch again. Either way, I don’t want to subscribe to GoGo when I am not on an airplane. So I miss the 30 day pass.

The way around this, as I have suggested in the past and follow myself, is to cancel as soon as you subscribe to a monthly Travel pass. I have done this all year via online chat, most times up in the air, and the reps say I am all set and can use the service for 30 days and not have to worry about a reoccurring bill. Well not this time.

As you can see from my Delta AMEX Reserve bill this morning I have a pending charge about to hit from GoGo – Ruh-Roh! I have been e-mailed nightmare stories from many readers about getting GoGo to credit back these types of charges and was not looking forward to my next chat with GoGo. But everything worked out great and the rep issued credit and saw the mistake from the previous rep in the chat from last month. No big deal.

refund from gogo

Anytime something like this happens I get really jumpy. When I am sharing what I do, and if things can go “wonky” for me, they can go wrong for you too. I asked the very nice GoGo rep what I can do to make sure this does not happen to me again. The advice was simple and very smart and I will change to this way from now on. She said when I subscribe I will get a bill via email. Then I should reply back and request that after the current month the re-occurring bill be canceled. That way I now have a “paper” trail with the request and accounting is much more likely to get it right and I should get a confirmation to my request. Perfect – I can do that!

But this little event goes deeper than just this issue. The points “game” is only for those who are detail oriented. The details about when you get a new card, how long you have to get spend done to get the promised points, if the annual fee counts toward spend (most times NO), when you should call to cancel (if you wish – see E13), have you fulfilled all the T&C of the program and on and on and on. Do you use your smart phone to make you smarter i.e. set reminders for yourself to check this or that? I promise you 6 months from now you will not remember to check what ever was on your mind then!

Sure “FREE” travel is nice (it is not free, just very deeply discounted), but if you mess up on any of the details you may end up paying much more than you would like. I caught the GoGo mistake, today, in the “pending” charges! Do you see my point? – René

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  1. Unfortunately, I was trying to take advantage of the 30% ad, but couldn’t find it before getting on my flight last week. The GoGo employee denied that they were offering any discount. I even saved the conversation just in case. I went ahead and got the monthly pass, but now I’m wondering if I should raise this up with them since I was lied to (whether intentionally or not intentionally) by their customer service person. What do you think?

  2. I cancelled, then 4 months later I noticed on my credit card statement that they were still charging me. I would make sure whoever does cancel to make sure you get confirmation emailed to you before you get offline with customer support chat. A screen shot couldn’t hurt either. I was only refunded 2 of the 3 months that were cancelled, when they didn’t cancel.

  3. Entered in calendar … thanks for the reminder! Happy HO HO and may you have a new year FULL of awesome BBQ!

  4. Hey Rene! Took your advice. It was a bit of a battle with the rep who denied, denied, and denied again that the promotion existed. Eventually she back peddled and said it was sent to specific members in August and September. I asked her why my request was unreasonable, and she eventually agreed to reimburse the different. I would love to send you the transcript of our conversation.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  5. I’ve always deleted the credit card information from my account the moment the monthly GoGo pass was confirmed. I’ve not had any recurring charges.

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