SWAG Saturday: His & Hers Battery Power Bricks up for grabs this week!

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swag saturdays delta points blog

Say what you will about Skymiles, and as much as I hate to say it, but the term SkyPesos coined by my fellow BA blogger Gary Leff (whose Fireside chat you can see here) has stuck in the main stream media. Yes they are hard to use, but if you know how to use them they can be worth Inka GOLD.

One of the great things about Skymiles is you do not ever have to worry about them expiring. Most programs DO expire their miles. Now if you use say Award Wallet to track all your programs, you will get a warning when points are about to go bye bye. It is VERY easy to stop your points, in most programs, from expiring. Take American Airlines for example. You could just once a year do a FREE survey, get a few points, and reset your clock. All it took was a little time once a year. Are you telling me you can not find 10 minutes once a year for a free clock reset? Or, most places have a shopping portal tied to their program and you buy anything, starting there, and you get a few points and your clock is reset.

spend miles on restaurant-com certs

But what if you don’t want to earn more points. What if you want to empty out an account but don’t have enough for an award ticket. If you are close, consider transferring points. Chase Ultimate Rewards points are great to send to many airlines like United or Southwest at a 1:1 rate and can top off an award. But say you only have 500-1000 points? OK, cash them out for something like a certificate like I blogged about here.

two battery bricks

But on to today’s SWAG topic and following the theme I have started. As it goes each week, you should look at the T&C of SWAG Saturday HERE. Then on to the question for a chance to win, not just one, but two power bricks, One is a BIG 10,000mAh Astro E3 unit, for him, and then the second one is a smaller 5,000 mAh Rosewill for her.

To win I need input and you to comment below and tell me what you do to keep your points from expiring in whatever program. Do you have some useful tip we should all know about? Please share for a chance to win this week’s SWAG! – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. e-rewards, surveys, transfer points, milepoint membership, and, gasp, actually flying!

  2. I use the Dining Rewards programs to top off my accounts and keep them running active.

  3. Christopher G. Reply

    For MileagePlus, I just keep a United credit card on file. The $95/year isn’t awful, and I’ll be using it to generate spend for next year’s PQD requirement. Best of both worlds. 🙂

  4. I check my Award Wallet account and if I’m close to expiring on one of my programs, a suitcase run is always an option for me!

  5. We shop online all the time anyways so why not keep resetting our clocks in process!

  6. Hold a few thousand amex rewards in reserve for emergency, and mostly immediate transfers!

  7. I use my credit card, the shopping portals, or order a cheap magazine subscription to keep the miles going.

  8. Use shopping portals as well! Been loving the 2,500 point bonuses lately! Hope they post :-

  9. Jennifer C. Reply

    I like to check to see if there are miles earned for charitable donations. (American Airlines seems to have the most frequent bonuses.) Then, it’s a win for the charity, I get credit card points and airline miles, AND keep my account from expiring.

  10. Lucky/unlucky for me I don’t purchase my own tickets for work travel so I I’m forced to fly the other airlines a couple times a year.

  11. Online shopping portal, great way to keep miles alive with minimal effort. I just did it with united!

  12. Much like the others have said, I have used shopping portals, itunes and even purchased magazines, but I have also let miles expire because I forgot about them 🙁

  13. charles alan Reply

    I usually fly them! lol but order a magazine for 200 miles or a portal if there is a bonus or something!

  14. None of the programs that I collect points with expire. At least that I’m aware of!

  15. Considering my to-go program is Delta Skymiles, NOTHING! 🙂 For the few others, shopping portals dor sure!

  16. I use erewards or take surveys to help earn miles and keep them from expiring in my free time. Also use dining programs as well.

  17. I’ve used to make a small balance transfer to keep points from expiring.

  18. I use credit cards to keep it current, sometimes shopping portals.

  19. Dining rewards are the easiest way for me to keep miles from expiring. Sometimes I can find a magazine subscription I am interested in.

  20. Car rental programs that earn points on the airline. In a pinch its easy and very cheap. For work I usually use hertz but will switch on occasion to keep a mileage account active.

  21. We (the 5 of us) are all in the different dining programs with different credit cards. No automatic magazine renewals to remember to cancel.

  22. I have scheduled small recurring monthly payments on the loyalty credit cards of the three main airlines that my wife and I fly.


  23. I use the shopping portal for the few programs I rarely use yet still have a few points.

  24. Ony have Delta miles and 2K in Alaska that I earned and keep them by flying SAN to BOS 14 times a year.

  25. spend on the cards I use, an no problem with the miles “going away” and don’t keep any “stale” cards.

  26. Here is a good way, apply for new credit cards as often as possible!

  27. I use Awardwallet to remind me my points are expiring and then buy something through the shoppong portal as a present for myself for remembering to not let my points expire!

  28. I only accrue points with programs that I use frequently, so I never worry about points expiring.

  29. I try to have one recurring automatic payment on each of my cards that have expiring points.

  30. Redeem for magazine subscriptions. Some titles require very small number of points and it makes a nice gift

  31. Robert Lamb Reply

    I have bought a magazine find the cheapest thing the points will get me.

  32. Definitely a shopping portal just to get a few points to keep active!

  33. Depending on the program – credit car rental miles/points to that program, credit cards, or just book a stay or flight to someplace to keep current

  34. Just do anything. You can get a 1 yr magazine subscription for as little as 500 miles. And the good thing about that is every time you get your new edition you are reminded how you got that subscription.

  35. Fir me it’s Award Wallet and those quick $1.99 purchases on iTunes with the appropriate credit card.

  36. We buy a subscription magazine to keep them from expiring. I’d rather do mileage run but I don’t have freedom to hop on a plane on a whim like you guys I have to live vicariously through your blog lol

  37. Change main CC across the different dining rewards programs to get points as needed!

  38. I dont’t do anything special. I shop online enough that I use the UA MP shopping portal when the prices are competitive. I usually shop at or the vitamin shoppe through the portal.

  39. I’ve had success with just calling them and asking to extend my expiration deadline, especially if it have an upcoming or stay shortly after the deadline. Also, eRewards is helpful – I can usually do enough surveys to get 500 mile every month or two.

  40. surveys, transfer points from another program, book flights/hotels in that program, buy points, shopping portals, use credit cards that earn points. I use Awardwallet to keep track of my points. However, I don’t allow Awardwallet to store my login/passwords in their database just in case they get hacked. I’m sure it’s very easy to hack their system.

  41. Usually I just transfer them from E-rewards. But I’ve also used 500 points for a magazine supscription. Award Wallet is a great option for keeping track of expirations.

  42. I have to admit, I currently only have delta points so haven’t had to worry about it. But when I have more I will definitely look to the suggestions here…

  43. Online surveys, shopping portals or just buying/prepaying things/bills I would need to pay anyway.

  44. I use the programs credit cards I have for most of my important programs to keep the points from expiring.

  45. I use shopping portals & credit cards to keep the points current.

  46. Shopping portals, linked credit cards, and if I’m really desperate I’ll buy the minimum number of points.

  47. Honestly- I don’t have to worry about miles expiring because I use ’em up almost as fast as I rake them in!

  48. I have credit cards for the various programs I am serious about…so the earning from those keep my points from expiring…

  49. Since I travel so much for work I’m lucky to not really worry about it. I worry more about keeping certain status levels with my favorite brands. But if I had to do something it would be credit card spend or shopping portal.

  50. I’ll buy a magazine subscription or something else on an affiliated portal, but like a lot of others here, I use award wallet too.

  51. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    Shopping portals and dining rewards programs work well for me…… and I don’t have to spend lots of money or try to manufacture spending.

  52. Don in ATL Reply

    I use UA (formerly CO) credit cards a few times a year to keep those miles current.

  53. Using branded credit cards is the easiest. With the potential for churning and the major players coming out with new offerings rather frequently, most of my time extensions are built-in. And then there was Audience Rewards – I could use a replacement for the 12 point/miles earned every few months with little effort!

  54. Shopping portals, rental cars and points/miles double dip at Hiton.

  55. I’ve been fairly lucky to participate in programs where my points don’t expire (or don’t expire for a very long time). For programs with expiring points, I redeem them and tend to avoid using those programs.

  56. Lately I have just assumed that if I don’t use the program enough to keep my points active I don’t really need them.

  57. Answering surveys (e-miles, e-rewards, etc) or exchanging miles/points via Until recently, audience rewards was a very handy program to earn a few points for swapping into a mileage program. Now, the points will come just for buying theater tickets in NYC which we would do anyway.

  58. E-rewards and magazine subscriptions help me keep those points that are about to expire

  59. Using the Deining Rewards program is the easiest method I have found.

  60. I have a couple primary programs that I drive most of my points earning activity to and use Award Wallet (if program allows access) to track expiration dates. If an expiration date is approaching I typically make a small online purchase to keep account alive.

  61. sad sad day when it comes down to barter system but being the only agreeable way to swap useless to me treasure to someone else points, I’ve done it.

  62. Work conveniently, or not, often gets me around on quite a few different airlines throughout that year so that helps me stay current.

  63. I have accumulated a relatively small number of miles at other airlines including United and American. I typically redeem a few for a WSJ subscription each year to keep the accounts active.

  64. I use the shopping portals when AwardWallet says miles are about to expire. If urgent, I’ll just donate 1000 miles to a random charity.

  65. Spreadsheet to track expiration dates and small purchases to keep account alive.

  66. GetToThePoints Reply

    For AA I utilize the opinionplace surveys. They have them for other programs as well.

  67. I try to earn points one way or another to keep them from expiring but there is always getting a magazine!

  68. I use a combination of e-Rewards, e-Miles, and shopping portals to top off accounts that I don’t accumulate miles in from flying. It works well and requires minimal effort.

  69. I just use them, especially if they’re non-Delta, either for travel (if enough are there) or gift cards. I don’t want to risk losing them, and sitting there gathering dust is close enough to losing them in my book.

  70. I, too, use the Dining Rewards network but this tip may help some (like myself) who are easily confused. I tie a branded credit card to each airline’s program and, with the help of Award Wallet, just pull out whichever card I need to deposit miles to program approaching a deadline. That way I don’t worry about forgetting which card is tied to each airline’s program (the restaurant list seems identical for all participating airlines).

  71. This year, in order to extend my wife’s HHOnors points, I did some dining at a restaurant linked to the HHonors rewards network

  72. My main airline is Delta so don’t have to worry. My back-up is AA. I usually fly enough. If not, then credit card. The kids on the other hand don’t have credit cards and don’t fly all the time. Therefore, I usually shop through a portal using their AA number.

  73. I had some expiring LaQuinta points that I transferred to Delta, thus converting them from expiring to non-expiring.

  74. Dining, shopping, surveys, games….so many options to keep those miles from expiring. And award wallet tracks it all for me!

  75. First, Delta. Second, use a variety of cobranded CC. Third, little surveys here and there. Fourth, Hawaiian search toolbar. Keeps almost everything current, though, like VH, I did transfer some Marriott points over to DL right before they expired.

  76. I usually do a magazine subscription on those programs that I don’t use often.

  77. The various shopping portals work, even inexpensive items do the trick. Of course, one can always “buy” 1000 miles or points and sometimes that is the easiest/fastest (though not my preferred method).

  78. One year, I just ordered a magazine subscription for about $2 and then cancelled the auto renewal feature. I enjoyed the magazine for cheap and kept my points. I think it was delta but, for the life of me, I’m not 100% sure that’s which program it was because we belong to so manyand I use them all enough that I don’t have to worry about expiring.

  79. Shopping portals, and don’t forget about getting frequent flyer miles if you use SuperShuttle!

  80. BenTraveling Reply

    Shopping portals and points for charitable donations has kept a few of my accounts alive this year.

  81. Shopping portals for small purchases. Just got a notice from award wallet that my 10460 points are about to expire in mid January. I don’t think Hyatt has a shopping portal so thought I might transfer 1000 UR to my Hyatt account….any other suggestions so I can keep my UR points where they are?

  82. Luke Coyne Reply

    It would depend on the points involved, but probably anything without money involved.

  83. Mark R. Brengelman Reply

    I will make a token purchase of some sort in the qualifying program just to earn the points so they won’t expire, so that means I may buy something that is NOT a hotel stay/room just to keep my hotel points!

  84. I usually pull out my cobra need credit card. Or for my kids accounts I make a purchase through the shopping portal.

  85. I used to buy magazines for family and friends, but now I just buy the cheapest item at Target using the shopping portal (free shipping and 5% off if you have their cc). Last week it was bandaids to save 200 Frontier Miles.

  86. I usually let my husband handle it for me. We are at a loss as for our Jet Airways miles and SunCountry points. Any idea if they will bring in redemption options other than flights?

  87. Use a UA-Chase credit card from time to time, to keep those points valid, since I have just over 25,000.

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