Delta things you MUST DO & should do before 01JAN2014!!

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print a pdf of our account

Let me ask you a question – how confident are you in Delta’s “IT”? I thought so, me too! So please, log on to and then go here:

Next, just print or save a PDF that shows what your current totals are with MQMs et al. I am not saying rollover will have any issues, but just that having a “paper trail” just in case is always smart.


One more thing you should please do today is review the 2013 year end Q&A as well as last year’s 2012 one. Especially take a look at the Q9 point about the NON-Delta Platinum card as I hate to see free money go away (as it will on 01JAN if not redeemed now).

how simple chase makes it to get your freedom bonus each quarter

The last one is something that takes so little time to do and makes my life simple. You can sign-up at Chase to have your Chase Freedom card send you a text reminder to your phone and then all you have to do is text back to be registered for each coming quarter’s bonus categories. I live by my phone and this just works for me. Plus, it reminds me to look at the current quarter to make sure I have maxed out the rewards I can get.

Are there other year end things that we should be looking at as frequent flyers? Shout-out if I have missed any. – René

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  1. I’v been looking today, e-mailing Delta and ask on Twitter but no answer. I know miles will rollover, what about segments? I’m 10 away from the next level and I hate to miss the upgrade. In my case, I fly so many short hops, that I get more miles as bonus from Amex than actual flown, so the status is always on segments.

  2. @Jakub – sorry Delta does not rollover MQSs at all. If you are just 1 short, you will NOT make the next level and you will not rollover ANY segments or MQSs.

  3. Very sad day in my household I got a letter from Suntrust bank saying its a business decision that my Delta acct will be closed in two weeks. I called and couldn’t get any other explanation out of them. Have you herd of this happening?
    I`m sorry if you have addressed this already as I noticed your email alerts have stopped coming to me…and I don’t see it in my spam file???
    Delta is out to stop me!!!

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