Final Delta NEWS day for 2013! What a crazy month December has been.

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What a month! One thing we can all agree on when it comes to our Delta, it is never ever boring as there is always something going on. Personally I would like to go to sleep for about a year and wake up when all the CRJ200s are turned into Coke Cola cans but the 300th CRJ900 going to Delta’s Endeavor Air can only help (now can you PLEASE, Delta, put it on the SBN-ATL route)?!

Let’s jump in to all the other goings on in the aviation and Delta world since last time:

  • Raymond James say DAL stock has 20% upside is HERE
  • Maybe because they are more than an airline is HERE
  • BTW, Delta is going to buy Alaska airlines is HERE
  • BTW, Delta is NOT going to buy Alaska airlines is HERE
  • Speaking of Alaska, the DL vs AK turf wars is HERE & HERE
  • Delta CEO confirms NO voice calls on Delta jets is HERE
  • Remember the 9 yr. old Delta stowaway? An update is HERE
  • All safe on Delta jet that went off runway in DTW is HERE
  • Old people (like me) need to learn to use points to travel is HERE
  • Slow go for 2nd airport plan for Atlanta is HERE
  • 5 hurt on Delta jet due to servere turbulence is HERE
  • Delta now flies the longest flight in the world is HERE
  • Updates on the construction for the Delta Museum is HERE
  • Get your name on a brick by donating to the Delta Museum is HERE
  • Speaking of bricks, bet you get a ROCK from Delta’s $5 promo is HERE
  • The new Skymiles member bonus link still seems to work is HERE
  • Can you believe SAS made money last quarter is HERE
  • Former UA FA going to jail over bomb threats is HERE
  • Delta’s Minnesota call center is getting bigger is HERE
  • I can not say it enough, Delta people are the BEST is HERE

PHEW! Wow, what bunch of news and I had to cherry pick from my list to not make this post two pages long! I am so ready for 2014 to get here and get back to flying as it has been, well, a week since I was up in the air 🙂 – René

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  1. You know that Delta management has never shown itself to be innovative. I have asked them for years to let me pay more for more leg room. Of course it wasn’t until United did it that Delta then copied with Economy Comfort. (Stupid name, what is everybody else, Economy Discomfort?) Now management says “Delta CEO confirms NO voice calls on Delta jets”. One of the other innovative airlines will soon offer voice calls in the last ten rows of the plane. When it becomes a huge success, the Delta CEO will eat his words and follow again.

  2. Thank you Rene’ for all the wonderful tips on how to earn Platinum in one year. The surprise I got from Delta this morning is an upgrade to business out of Zurich, from which im writing my thank you note 🙂 i look forward to reading how to take advantage of my Platinum status. Happy New Year and Safe Travels

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