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last dec 2013 swag winner

First congratulations to #83 who is BT who says:

1. not a fan of the devaluation
2. fix the web search for awards

I will contact you soon BT and get your prizes to you! Now for the fun part. I have said it before and I am saying it again that readers have so many good ideas that Delta should listen to!

The things most did NOT like in 2013 were the obvious like SDC ver 1.0 & 2.0, MQDs, the two award chart devaluations, only bad beer in the Skyclubs (yes an end to #SkunyGate2013) and a few more changes.

But when it comes to what you WANT for 2014, there were some interesting answers. Many were not new things, but just to fix what we have like the broken award page, to bring back some of the perks we had or to treat Silver Medallions like, well, Medallions again. I really was expecting new ideas but these were the bulk of the comments.

There were some who had some neat ideas like lower award prices during certain times of the year or tied to AMEX cards like AA does. Or, some big new card bonus deals and transfer deals from membership rewards. One I really like that I will blog about soon is rollover MQS & MQDs. Neat ideas everyone!

Be sure to check back Saturday since it is the 1st SWAG Saturday of the year I will make it a good one with over $100+ worth of stuff and will pick two winners! 🙂 – René

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Best Credit Cards

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