Just when will rollover MQMs happen this year? An answer from Delta!

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From emails to tweets I should have a stock reply ready this time of the year. You see, in 2012 rollover happened on 8JAN2012 and then last year as soon as 2JAN2013. What will that date be this year?

Some on FlyerTalk have speculated as late as 1MARCH and many other dates. I have long ago stopped worrying about the date as I know they will happen eventually and most times sooner than anyone thinks. But, just to put readers at ease, Delta was kind enough and reached out to me to give us this info:

“Rollover MQMs will be available once all 2013 activity has posted, which is expected by late January 2014. After that time, customers will be able to view Rollover MQMs in their account activity summary at delta.com.” – Delta Corp

With MQDs and all the new tech that is starting this year a slight delay over the speed of posting from the past few years does not surprise me at all. Also, even though not quoted, we can also see on our Fly Delta apps the same summary we see on Delta.com.

tracking mqm mqd exempt spend on delta fly app

At least now we can take a deep sigh and know that by 1FEB2014 we should all be able to see our rollover MQMs posting and updated from previous years! – René

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  1. Rene…..had an off year last year so started this year as an FO but left myself in a situation to have 24,750 rollover MQM. I am going to hit Platinum/Diamond this year pretty early on due to CC spending and travel however for some early travel I need the rollover miles….any thoughts on if calling Delta they might manually “upgrade” your status if they see you have the rollover miles from last year and already have so many MQM’s in your account?

  2. @Jim – there is nothing manual about Delta but rollover will happen soon. My guess is we start seeing them hit for some as soon as the 15th.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I posed the question to Delta (via the email link on their web site) about why I wasn’t seeing rollover miles and their responses have been comically inept in addressing the issue.

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