CrossoverRewards – SWAG Saturday: $75 Amazon code + iGo Noise Canceling Headphones!

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zero spg stays

My first days of 2014 consisted of, a raging case of the flu with 104* fever, other things I will not share, snow outside my window rather than the warm sand of Grand Cayman and seeing all my loyalty programs go to ZEROs! Talk about a depressing day – oh my.

We all hate this and any who are new to the game freak out and e-mail and tweet away about where all our MQMs went and such. The rest of us who are seasoned are already plotting and planning for 2014 and how to achieve whatever level with whatever program we want to keep and what ones we are willing to let go (it’s ok, really, it will be, maybe).

But that brings us to today’s SWAG Saturday quandary and questions. Let me get out of the way the standard stuff like the rules. The T&C do not change from week to week and can be seen HERE. Then, you must answer the question to qualify. If you just say “pick me”, even if does “pick you”, you don’t win as you did not follow the rules and someone else will get the prize you could have got. Clear?

gift code and igo combo

So what do I want to know for a chance at a $75 Amazon Gift code and a set of iGo Noise canceling headphones? Delta was the first with Crossover Rewards and SPG. Now I liked SPG before Delta & SPG teamed up so it was a simple thing for me to go all-in and have Diamond Status with Delta and then go for Platinum with SPG. I don’t normally stay “that many” nights in hotels each year but I can tell you I will go out of my way all year long to be at SPG hotels while I have the Platinum status this year. Will I go for it for 2015? Right now I say maybe and here’s why. I have both a Personal and Business SPG AMEX card that each give me 2 stay credits so I only need 21 stays to re-qualify not 25 like those with no cards. I have 5 nights booked already so I “only” need 16 more to make it. I have a feeling I will do what it takes as I think I am really going to like being SPG Platinum. So the Airline – Hotel linkup has worked on me. But has it for you? I am not just saying Delta, but here is the question:

Would your airline of choice linking with a hotel motivate you to stay more at that hotel chain and would it make you more likely to go for status with that hotel chain? Lastly are you more likely to HOLD the hotel and airlines credit cards year after year?

So there you are. You must give us your answer and we can see if these partnerships are having an impact on how you travel and the choices you make! Have fun – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I don’t stay at hotels enough to benefit from those perks so a link up with an airline probably be no benefit to me. I look more for amenities (kitchens) and price over brand. I’m also not a churner so if I get a card, it usually sticks for a few years until the next great card is available that meets my needs at that time.

  2. Yes I’d probably be more likely to stay, but not more likely to go for status. Also no for holding the card just for this.

  3. Mike portera Reply

    I would if I had more control of where I stayed. I travel about 80-100 nights a year and it is spread out among many hotel groups because of trade shows.

  4. Yes, I would be more likely to stay at a hotel chain that was linked to my airline of choice (AA) and go for higher status on that chain. (Hoping for AA and Hyatt.). I would be more likely to hold credit cards for that airline and hotel chain if doing so made obtaining higher status significantly easier.

  5. It would have to be a great hotel for me to appreciate the card being linked. Most likely not. I generally stay at places off the beaten track so it’s unlikely I would find the need.

  6. Yes definitely. I would hold the card but only if it was a waived fee.

  7. I do have an SPG card and do go out of my way to stay at their properties just because they linked up with Delta. I will keep both the SPG card and my Delta Sky miles AMEX cards as long as they help achieve status.

  8. It would definitely motivate me to stay with that hotel chain more, though I don’t think I would make extra stays just on account of the partnership. It would probably make me more likely to go for status with the hotel chain, especially if there was a combination of good promotions and already-planned trips requiring stays. I would be motivated to hold the airline and hotel cards year after year, but I also want other independent benefits for holding the cards (like free checked bags or free anniversary nights at certain categories of hotels).

  9. Yes, I would likely stay more with a specific hotel chain. I had been very loyal with AA and am currently considering options to switch and having a partnership would sweeten the deal.

  10. Yes, the linking would matter to me. And, yes, I’d be more likely to hold the card.

    Hope your new year improves quickly!

  11. It all comes down to the benefits. I’d be more interested in a united-marriott type partnership where status in one program gives you some sort of status in the other. I don’t think it would make me keep cards unless it was some sort of requirement.

  12. It would make me think more about SPG. I am Delta Gold and like seeing the SPG points post after each flight but my hotel loyalty is Hyatt….

  13. If I could pick the hotel/airline match, yes. But… Live with company policies on what hotels/airlines to use so current match ups don’t work for me.

  14. I’m the opposite, I have plenty of hotel nights and not enough air miles.

    So I would consider shifting some of my flying to a partner airline if I got benefits for my hotel status.

  15. I’ve taken advantage of hotel status thru cards, and recently silver united status thru marriott. Saying that, i wouldn’t “hold” a card just for mid tier status but I am pushing to keep marriott status to keep my silver status. The bonus I get from silver status is enough to outway most promotions at hotels. Unless spg, ihg, Hyatt or the bogo radisson deals are active, I aim at Marriotts. As for the cards? I hold a marriott card for its free night cert as well as the 5x. Pushing 75 nights a year thru the card pays for most of my leisure hotel stays easly.

  16. Christopher Reply

    Hotel status via airline would probably encourage me to stay at the hotel chain more often than not, but I wouldn’t stay there enough to bump up that status (no need to if current status is comfortable enough.)

    As for hotel/airline credit cards, I don’t know anymore. I’d probably hold onto hotel cc’s more than airline cc’s. Benefits just aren’t there anymore for me as I’ve elite status.

  17. I am 1k with UA and Marriott gave me Gold status because of it. But I never considered marriott as hotel chain to stay, will never do! My choice is SPG and Hyatt !

  18. Delta and SPG are smart to create the linkage. You can tell from recent linkages from other airlines/hotels. It definitely inspire me to use this linkage frequently. I will only keep the cards that are good to hold yearly.

  19. In my case it hasn’t changed my hotel preference (SPG) but I have taken more Delta flights as a result. Especially those where cost/schedule is similar.

  20. Hotel choice for me is primarily location and price. Thus, don’t have the need for hotel linkage. Would not hold the card unless there is a worthwhile benefit.

  21. Yes- the trouble I have is deciding which loyalty program to run with on my hotels. I love Hilton Honors, but this seems like a better match to my Delta medallion.

  22. Possible: Only if the hotel link-up is a chain in which I have an interest in (or already have status) and the miles/points earning benefits are compelling enough. If determined worthwhile, I’d weigh up the value of holding the applicable airline and hotel credit cards against the annual cc fees.

  23. “Would your airline of choice linking with a hotel motivate you to stay more at that hotel chain and would it make you more likely to go for status with that hotel chain?”
    No, I’m definitely more of a person when it comes to hotels. However, if stays at a hotel counted towards elite status for the airline I’d be interested in
    that (like one or two stays = one segment).
    “Lastly are you more likely to HOLD the hotel and airlines credit cards year after year?”
    No. Each card has to prove its own value. I’d be more likely to hold if a free night is included on renewal.

  24. To be honest, I’m not sure I follow how these crossover partnerships work. As a top-tier flyer, I wouldn’t need the help from a hotel partner to retain status. If my top-tier flyer status gave me higher status at a hotel chain, I suppose that status might induce me to stay more at those properties, but it would really depend on the specific case. As for credit cards: I don’t think it makes much difference here either. But as my preferred airline isn’t yet dancing this dance, I haven’t been following the details very closely.

  25. iwantmoremiles Reply

    I would stay at a hotel chain that was linked to my airline of choice and go for higher status on that chain. I would hold credit cards for that airline and hotel chain if doing so made obtaining higher status easier.

  26. Yes…and I wish SPG was more prevalent in the cities I travel. For now, my loyalty is split between Hilton and Marriott with a little IHG and Club Carlson sprinkled in. I’m based out of a Delta Hub, so I don’t have a lot of options from an airline perspective.

    Hope you are feeling better Rene!

  27. Whether I hold the cards or not would depend on the fees. On the other hand, I don’t travel enough for this to make a difference, as far as hotel status goes.

  28. Nah hotel points are to easy to come by for it to affect my stratgey with either. I use spg nights @ 2000spg points or maybe 3000 which cost like 14 or 21 dollars to manufature… and delta pretty much only when they are the cheapest which it hardly is anymore thought they are a great airline and the only one i want to fly as a casual delta flyer it doesn’t matter!

  29. My favorite airline linking with a hotel would motivate me to stay more at that chain, but not sure about more likely to go for status with that chain. and yes about holding their credit cards!!

  30. If my two primary airline/hotel choices linked (such as Delta & SPG) it would not affect my flight/stay choices. However, if one Primary and one non-Primary program (such as United & Marriott) linked…as they did…I would find myself staying with or flying with the non-Primary more. It likely would not affect my credit card choices though.

  31. Absolutely on all counts — the number of cards and loyalty programs is overwhelming sometimes, so anything that simplifies it is a big plus in my mind.

  32. I was already delta and spg elite but I probably use both more due to the crossover rewards. I think I get better value on the spg points. One problem I have is keeping track of the delta flights on spg website. There is no date associated with a flight and when I have a lot of flights through the same cities it is impossible to ensure proper credit is posted. If there is a solution I’m overlooking, someone let me know.

  33. Delta/SPG alliance assumes travel to only big cities and not the large array of non-hub airports and nearby cities of airports in their network.

    Would have been much nicer if they had allied with Hilton or Marriott which actually exist almost everywhere.

  34. Yes, I would be more likely to stick with the partner hotel since attaining those levels are not easy and the perks (late checkout etc..) are worth it. I especially like SPG because they have the W hotel group and Westin, which is an upscale choice in the city I am staying in.

  35. Hotel status via airline likely will sway me to book with a certain hotel chain but I don’t sty at hotels enough for status. And for hotel/airline cc, I rather hold onto what gives me benefits outside of min stays or travel ( like free check bags, SPF status through Amex for example). Trying for elite status is deteriorating in value IMO.

  36. Would be great! Any new programs and ways to benefit from existing status/flights/hotel stays is helpful. Would like to see AA partner with someone.

  37. I like sign up bonuses too much to hold credit cards year after year. I also do not stay at hotels enough to think about the linking of hotel and airlines accounts.

  38. When I started traveling I went with hilton for its double dip program were I could earn Delta miles. That being said, I think my days with them are numbered as they’ve impressed me less and less even as a diamond member.

  39. I’m not sure really – My husband and I recently got status with Delta so I guess I need to research to see how it all works. If it had several advantages, then yes, it would motivate me. For cards, I just recently got an airline card, but have held a Hilton card for several years. I generally stick with what I have so I’d keep them year after year.

  40. If my airline (AA) linked up with a specific hotel I might credit more stays to that brand, however, I currently have status with SPG, Hyatt so any chain outside those I probably would not credit enough stays to go for status. I only hold the AA card year after year for the 10,000 miles rebate on award redemptions.

  41. The Delta/SPG crossover rewards aren’t bad, but they aren’t a deal maker or breaker for me. For example, my last crossover rewards on Delta were for ~300 miles/week (3 night stay), which is all of half a percent of a high miles domestic coach ticket. So, the link between the two companies won’t prompt me to stay more at SPG properties. That said, I can almost always fly Delta and stay at SPG hotels and stay within my employer’s policies, so I do.

    John (Delta Diamond, SPG Platinum)

  42. Howard Blevins Reply

    Definitely more likely to stay at a linked hotel, started doing that with crossover rewards last year. Yes to going for higher status and holding cards, doing that with DL and SPG amex cards now.

  43. Yes, I’d be more likely to stay at linked hotel, but not go for status. Whether I retain the cards would depend on how good the annual retention bonus is.

  44. I would be likely to stay at a hotel if it’s link to an airline of my choice, but probably not for status as I normally don’t go for hotel status anyway. I would hold the hotel credit card if there’s no annual fee.

  45. The linking of hotels and airlines does make me think twice about staying at that hotel to earn additional miles, but will definitely not be the be all/end all for me staying at that property. And if I do end up staying, then i figure i might as well go for status to get the additional benefits/earnings. I would probably keep both CCs year after year as long as the annual fees are not extremely high

  46. I would but sadly my company doesn’t include SPG properties. Already hold the cards for my primary airline and hotel.

  47. It’s a tiebreaker, but I don’t stay at hotels enough for status. Am definitely more aware of cards offering status though and will look at that on next app run.

  48. I’ve never been into hotel rewards programs… I usually just stay where is cheapest. Of course, I’ll join the hotels reward program that I’m staying at, just to get any possible benefits….or to maybe bank them for later just in case. Back in the day I remember a lot of hotels giving miles for stays but that doesn’t really happen anymore.

    So for an airline to link with the hotel rewards program probably wouldn’t provide any incentive for me to stay there.

  49. Yes, yes and yes. The crossover rewards are great. We put most of our spending on the SPG Amex; it’s the best card.

  50. It would really depend on the level of benefits extended through the partnership….

  51. The answer is “yes” in reference to said motivation. And…I was motivated to stay more at SPG, which I enjoy; but. I just can’t seem to qualify to SPG status which is disappointing. So, even though Delta is my preferred airline; wish that they had aligned with another hotel chain. Crossover points are terrific, but in my case (without SPG status), I only get more Delta points (which I don’t need) and I don’t get more SPG points (which I do need). So – Motivation is there and will try for SPG status again in 2014.

  52. Get well soon and Happy New year Rene. I just used my Marriott Platinum to get United silver to help me save a little on fees for changes/bookings with my chase sapphire points. 🙂 I tend to be loyal to Marriott, but as a delta Diamond and the otherwise good benefits from SPG for points, I tend to use them as my second choice hotel more this past year as a result.

  53. It would definitely make me more inclined to stay with a particular hotel chain. As for the credit cards, I tend to have my favorites and stay with those.

  54. Matt Bernard Reply

    Not necessarily. Even getting a status as part of a partnership is nice, but if you were a Hilton guy (like me) and obtained the SPG status with 0 points – it’s hard to totally switch and start over again. The bonus miles for each stay as a Diamond Hilton are pretty nice and they have double dip on DL miles. Even though SPG at a higher level is nice, it’s giving up a top level status stay.

  55. Nice having the linkage and maybe I would be motivated a bit, but probably not enough if it wasn’t where I wanted to stay anyway. I usually don’t have enough hotel nights to worry about status. Happy with my Amex Platinum gold status at SPG & Hilton properties. I will hold the cards by churning yearly with new bonus points.
    Feel better Rene!

  56. Yes, it would make me more likely to stay at that hotel chain, but not necessarily go for elite status. And it wouldn’t make me more likely to get a hotel credit card.

  57. I would only use the linkage to take advantage of free elite status. I would not go out of my way to achieve higher elite status.

  58. Being a student, there isn’t too much time/funds to rack up stays at hotels. Therefore the linkage does not effect me too much, when I book a hotel I generally try to balance out price vs perks. Hilton usually offers the best for both of these for me.

  59. Slight more likely to stay but I probably wouldn’t go for status. Cards, it all depends on the benefits vs. the annual fees.

  60. To be honest, I have to say that linking doesn’t help. I don’t stay in hotels very often, but when I do, I think my existing points with IHG and Wyndham influence me more than the linkage with SPG (which I have no points with). That being said, I’m just starting to look into getting more cards and realize that I need to work more on my Hotel game… so maybe SPG is in my future?

  61. If my airline of choice linked with a hotel, it would not change my hotel habits since I book my hotel stays with points almost exclusively. Therefore, it would not make me go for status with that hotel. I will continue to hold the hotel and airline credit cards own indefinitely as long as the value I get from them is greater than the annual fee!

  62. I am a DM with Delta. I choose to stay at Hilton’s. I am also Diamond with Hilton. I tend to stay at some SPG hotels and I like piggy backing off the crossover rewards. I also have a Hyatt Signature Visa which gives me Platinum and Club Carlson Signature Visa which gives me Gold. I do not sway towards SPG because of the crossover. I do use as part of my benefits.

  63. My issue is everytime I need a hotel I’m in a location with none of the big name properties. So I think an airline-hotel partnership would motivate me, but so far no chance to find out. I would go for hotel status for sure even just base level so I could get the crossover benefit, but i’d try getting it thru cc or other method. Yes, I would have both cards, but not bc of partnership. I just like the spg card transfer options. And obviously have to have a delta card.

  64. Yes it motivates me for sure, but not enough to make mattress runs for status. Maybe if the chain offered cheaper options. Not sure if I would keep hotel card. Depends on what card offers.

  65. While I like the idea, most of my hotel stays are dictated by company policy, so i really don’t have a choice.

  66. Yes, I would probably stay more at an hotel brand with a strong partnership with my main FFP. But I wouldn’t necessarily hold both credit cards.

  67. Based on my experience as Delta & SPG Elite in 2013 the equation tips significantly towards hotel program. I gained around 7000 pts in SPG while around 2000 miles on Delta. Also I never tie personal finances to loyalty programs – no credit cards for either.

  68. I am pondering getting one of the SPG or Amex cards specifically for this reason. Have always wanted to stay more with Starwood, but they arent as convenient for me.

  69. Yes, linking does make you think more about choosing a hotel in case of the airline-hotel linking, especially if the hotel fits into my family’s business/leisure travel pattern (e.g. have coverage in places we go, have aspirational properties we would visit, etc.) Then trying to go for elite status make the next logical step. SPG is our #1 preferred chain due a number of reasons, so earning Platinum status make sense. As far as holding hotel/airline credit cards from year to year, it depends. If the benefits outweigh the annual fee, then yes. We’ve had SPG Amex for close to 10 years due to the flexibility of points usage. Other credit cards we ditched a lot sooner.

  70. Delta here in atl but work says Hilton. Spg is my choice but gold status with unbranded plat AMEX works for the rare stay. Dont think i need platinum hhonors enough to try for the Hilton card if Delta were to partner. So sticking to Delta keep your hotel cards sticking with amex and Delta amex til I get biz Delta reserve

  71. I would tend to stay with a particular hotel chain, irrespective of the tie-up. I tend to hold a few cards, SW for example since the reward miles almost make up for the annual fee

  72. The first part will primarily depend on which chain and airline we’re talking about. Marriott is far and away the most convenient chain for my car and air travel needs, so any airline that paired this way with Marriott would be very interesting to me. I’d certainly hold the higher-tier cards as well, as they tend to pay for themselves.

  73. The crossover points are nice, but not a deciding factor. Work dictates how we travel, so miles are more important than hotel points.

  74. I like the Delta+SPG crossover arrangement in terms of points. Like Suzy, I get SPG gold status via AMEX, so if a Starwood property works for me, great. I wouldn’t go out of my way to stay with them though if it wasn’t a good fit for my needs because my status doesn’t depend on #nights. Because a good chunk of my travel is international and off-the-beaten-path, I don’t often benefit from effort for any hotel loyalty program.
    Hope you are on the road to recovery 🙂

  75. Nah. Having the right credit cards, you will already have some pretty good status with SPG, Hilton, Priority Club, etc. I would keep the cards for other reasons, but not necessarily just because of the partnership.

  76. It’s definitely nice having the linkage, but price would still be the primary determining factor. I would just take whatever status I was matched to and run with it…probably wouldn’t go for more unless I ended up getting close at the end of the year. I’m keeping the Delta Platinum for the companion pass, but will probably get rid of the SPG card I got.

  77. Yes for staying/flying, probably no to the credit cards unless fees get waived

  78. I would certainly help but only if I have a significant number of hotel stays planned in a given year.

  79. Rene, hope you are felling better. I showed my youngest the ‘0’ MQM balance and he thought someone took my miles. I find the chains with the cards are more on the high end price wise. The partnerships don’t excite me because I look for value on the road. Additionally, most of my hotel nights are in Africa where international chains are clearly 100-200% more than other very acceptable options.

  80. Don’t think it would make me hold on to a hotel card that I would otherwise want to cancel, but still a nice perk nonetheless for those who plan a lot of hotel stays.

  81. Yes, linking does influence my hotel choice especially if the hotel brand fits in with my business travel patterns. I particularly liked the partnership between Marriot and United and then ended up getting Platinum status at Marriott because I stayed solely at Marriot properties and aimed to achieve status at that chain. As far as holding hotel/airline credit cards from year to year, it depends if the benefits outweigh the annual fee.

  82. I’ve had good luck using my aa miles for rooms for our family vacation, even got a mileage discount on 2 rooms for 14 days.

    great way to use miles.

  83. It would absolutely motivate me to be more loyal to a single hotel chain. I love the SPG and Delta Crossover and it has made me more loyal to both.

  84. Having my airline of choice link with a hotel probably would not motivate me to stay more at that hotel chain or more likely to go for status with that hotel chain. However, if I did have those cards, I would hold them both year after year?

  85. 1st question – only if the hotel recognized my airline elite status would it entice me to stay at the hotel

    2nd question – yes, no question

  86. No, I don’t have status with any airline, so for me the link is an important. As a result, the linkage wouldn’t cause me to renew a credit card. I am planning on paying the annual fee to renew my club Carlson card because they give you a ton of bonuses by doing so, which are more important to me.

  87. If it were the right hotel/airline combo for me, I would be more interesting in the crossover option. I am currently holding both airline and hotel cards, but with all of the changes(devaluations) lately, I don’t know how much longer I will do so.

  88. Jake from MSP Reply

    SPG’s linkup with Delta is a big maybe for me. I feel like the relationship is very unbalanced too. I like earning a SPG point for every dollar spent, but I really couldn’t care less about earning skypesos on my stays. It has no effect on my decision to hold CCs. However I will hold DL reserve cards because I enjoy the 60K MQMs each year!

  89. It’s possible that hotel alliance would prompt me to stay more — especially if the hotel recognized my airline status. And I would hold the cards.

  90. There are benefits that be can be achieve with the sync some times even exploited. It does impact my decision some what

  91. Deltagoldlass Reply

    Hi Rene!
    I would definitely be influenced by the linking of delta and hotel
    I have already reflected this perspective with increased stays at SPG.
    I will and would try for status for linked hotels and I love status
    As for CCs
    I like my sun trust debit for now
    Hoping to get back my
    Amex soon!!!!
    Namaste from nina

  92. No, no and no! I do not stay in hotels enough to chase status in ways that demand hotel stays. So I opt for the best price in the best location if I am paying for a hotel night. Happy 2014!

  93. I have to answer probably not – my wife handles all the travel reservations. I just glance at the occasional blogs and enter contest! 😉 More seriously, if I wasn’t really close to achieving a milestone I needed with a hotel stay or flight, I doubt it would make any difference.

  94. It definitely makes a difference to me. For one, I have silver status with UA due to Marriott status. And I get SPG points even though I seldom stay there, thus I keep the account active. I love it!

    Credit cards? They don’t have a direct effect since they aren’t technically necessary for status. If I was close and a credit card would help, then, yeah, I’d probably hold it.

  95. I would go for the dual status if the hotels were where I needed them to be. I know that I am loving diamond status with Hyatt and will be giving up Marriott Status this year. And I am debating about keeping Delta status- it seems that I don’t fly enough to be above silver and get all of those benefits with my credit card.

  96. Not really, I don’t stay in hotels (or chain hotels) often enough for it to be a major factor in my decision making process. I’d probably hold the cards, though

  97. No. I look at crossover rewards as more of a bonus than incentive. No to the second question as well; I use the cards that best suit my specific needs.

  98. Edna Petersen Reply

    Hotel and airline linkage would be a great initial motivation to use the hotel services but eventually the decision to stay and renew associated cards will depend on service excellence. Loyalty can only go so far if the service is not acceptable.

  99. I started staying at Starwood hotels prior to the Crossover program starting in order to get status for my honeymoon. However, I made a change to stay at Starwood more because I live in MSP and DL has all the flights. I also stay at Hilton over Marriott because of the double dip. I wouldn’t choose to stay with Marriott because of their United tie in, mostly because United doesn’t have good flights to the cities I travel to most often.

  100. Absolutely it has affected my travel, though I’m content with SPG Gold. Most of my travel is for business, and I typically spend less than 8 hours in any room, so a great view or a suite is largely wasted on me…

  101. I would take any opportunity to maximize my point earnings. I would keep both cc

  102. Yes, no, yes. It did make look and book, but I don’t stay many stays anywhere. Last point also impacts holding cards.

  103. It has changed my normal booking policies. I am a Hilton Diamond this year,however, next year I have changed a few of my hotel bookings to SPG. I also have many IHG points and they have some great deals so yes it has affected me but not totally on board yet.

  104. yes, anything that helps me build or maintain my medallion status gets and holds my attention!

  105. Yes, I am more likely to stay at the hotel (I do have the SPG crossover linked to SkyMiles). But I don’t travel enough (even with mileage runs) to total 25 stays. So I probably will not try for higher status. I will always hold Delta AmEx cards, and probably will keep the SPG card as long as it doesn’t cost me too much in fees. Mostly I just want more SkyMiles.

  106. If it was hilton is probably be more likely. But not SPG. Just not enough properties where I travel…and not on the company approved hotel lists.

  107. It would not change my pattern since I am not a frequent traveler. Price and location are the primary concern for me.

  108. A linked program would make more likely to stay at that chain of hotels. In the past I’ve stayed at Hilton but after a bad experience I’m rethinking that choice. With SPG in partnership with Delta they are looking more tempting.

    I can’t imagine getting rid of my Delta AMEX as long as I’m a frequent flyer, and if I had a hotel card I’d probably keep that as long as I stayed at the hotel regularly.

  109. I dont think crossover rewards will change my habits much, If I was Diamond it might but I dont think Ill get there.

  110. No and yes. Hotel stays are typically at where I can get the most value per point between Hyatt and Starwood, so I have plenty of points in both programs. If United/AA/etc. linked with Hyatt it wouldn’t change my frequency of Hyatt over Starwood, just as Delta+SPG hasn’t changed my frequency (but the bonus points are always welcome).

  111. It doesn’t have any impact on me. I’m a SPG Platinum….but a United guy that never flies Delta. United has an affiliation with Marriott which makes me a Gold member, but I only have 1-2 stays a year that are not SPG since I need to focus on them to lock in status. Now, if United and SPG could somehow synch up I’d probably be really happy!!

  112. Yes I would be more likely to get stays at that hotel. Problem is I don’t do many hotel stays. I would deff hold the card… Any thing to help, right?

  113. Your question poses a false dichotomy. I might choose neither, but more likely, I would choose both.

    What is the cost of keeping the cards? How often will I stay at a particular chain? Does the chain even have properties where I want to stay? Assuming they do, what is the cost of those properties compared to competitors? What is the value of the elite perks?

    So my definitive answer is: MAYBE. It’s certainly something I would consider along with all the other factors. But’s it’s certainly not something I would chose simply because the possibility exists.

  114. No impact on me as I don’t usually stay at hotel chains enough to change based on crossovers.

  115. Yes, I think I would stick with a certain hotel chain if there was crossover rewards, but it would have to depend if the hotel chain was in my price range. I wouldn’t care about status, since I don’t travel that much to benefit. I might hold the CC year after year if they made it worth staying, but they probably wouldn’t, so I would probably look for a bigger, better deal.

  116. I of course signed up with the Delta SPG crossover promotion, but since the Amex platinum already gives me spg gold status, it changed nothing for me. I don’t hold an SPG card, but I do hold a Delta card and will continue to keep it.

  117. My travel is strictly for pleasure so I don’t see a link making much difference to me. Being in KC, delta is not a big player here either. I did join all the big programs and have a spg amex but I generally pick my hotel based on where I need to be. I will keep holding that card for the time being but if I somehow get a bigger and better offer, I may go for it. Thanks.

  118. it would depend how much “Bang for the Buck” I felt I was getting

  119. The link to a specific hotel would probably be influential in generating more stays. Holding cards year after year would still depend on the specific benefits obtained from the card. If they fail to impress then there is no reason to hold the card.

  120. I was happier when Delta and Starwood paired up because that is my hotel of choice. I don’t carry Starwood AmEx. Platinum AmEx gives me gold at Starwood and Hilton this year. Delta Reserve covers airfare.

  121. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    I think I would be more likely to stay at a hotel chain that was linked to my airline of choice. I would be motivated to hold the hotel an airline cards and use them a lot.

  122. Noah Mark Blaustein Reply

    I just signed up for the SPG personal card. I prefer to stay with Hilton, but Looking forward to giving SPG a shot now that I will have 25k points to spend. I have Gold with Hilton now so, it might just boil down to price and location, per stay.

  123. BenTraveling Reply

    A linking would make me more likely to stay at a particular hotel chain, but I never stay at hotels enough to get status through stays. I keep my airline and hotel credit cards year to year as long as the benefits outweigh the annual fee. A free night per year usually tips the balance for keeping the card.

  124. Yes, I do tend to focus on DL/SPG … DL because I’m hub-captive, but i really love SPG. So, for me, it was a win-win … I’m getting SPG points for all of my DL spend and Skymiles for SPG spend. The reciprocal status doesn’t influence me (I’m DL Plat, and SPG Plat already). t have both the SPG and DL Platinum AMEX cards and I will keep them because of the benefits they provide.

  125. Having a hotel linked to an airline wuld definitely interest me if I could transfer points/miles between them and/or possibly have them multiplied if I used both on a particular trip. I don’t fly enough to qualify for an elite status, so that doesn’t matter to me.
    I would keep the card year after year if there was no fee.

  126. Yes, I would do my best to choose a complimentary airline and hotel combination to maximise rewards and status.

  127. Harlan Ratzky Reply

    I have the SPG AMEX as it had a nice sign-up bonus and is a way I can accrue hotel points since most of my biz travel gets charged to a master account and I done accrue points. I have the Crossover Rewards would influence my leisure travel. I do plan on holding my cards and continue to accrue.

  128. I like the idea of Crossover Rewards, and indeed linked my Delta and SPG accounts when the program was first launched, but SPG just doesn’t work for me. The company’s upscale brands are great, and the upper-tier loyalty perks are nice, but there simply isn’t enough geographic coverage. Only Hilton, Marriott, and IHG have a hotel in every town, and I’ve decided Hilton is the best of that lot.

    The Crossover Rewards program has no influence on my card-holding decisions.

  129. I would say yes to all of the above. As long as I thought the airline and hotel chain would service the places i wanted to go and the award charts were fair, I’d definitely lean towards this.

  130. I am not more likely to stay or go for status at a linked hotel chain as I select hotels primarily based on best location. Keeping cards for multiple years depends on annual fees and benefits.

  131. I like the Starwood/Delta pairing a lot. Maybe Hyatt would be a match for someone? I keep some of same hotel/airline cards. i cancelled Marriott after their devaluation — a free night in category 1-4 doesn’t work for me anymore

  132. I think I would be more interested in booking hotels and flights from my favorite linked hotel/airline and it would definitely be an incentive to keep a credit card, but in the end I would probably always go with cheapest price when booking. Also, if I am being charged for keeping the credit card, I would have to take into consideration the fees and benefits associated with it. I don’t travel much and if the card costs too much and hardly gives me any points, it may not be worth keeping year after year.

  133. It depends on the hotel partner. SPG does not seem to motivate me just because of the partnership with Delta. I still stayed loyal to another chain. I don’t do the card thing sinvpce most of my spend is on a corp card.

  134. I select a hotel primarily based on price and location, and don’t travel for business, so achieving status at a hotel is very unlikely and therefore not too important to me

  135. i would certainly stay much more at a hotel chain that linked up with AA and offered some great benefits, maybe even use that hotel chain exclusively for business travel. the benefit would have to be something like much more miles per stay than normal.

    churning cards is far more lucrative than keeping airline cards for longer than a year, which almost always incurs a yearly fee.

  136. Any way to link and points together is a good thing!

  137. I definitely would, especially if southwest got in on the game! Their two credit cards is a no brainer- double dipping on bonuses!

  138. I would be more apt to link a hotel with an airline credit card if it increased my miles and points.

  139. I gotta watch the dollars…if it makes sense and is a good deal financially and i can increase my points and miles…i am all in

  140. Dave Glaze Reply

    I will admit that the crossover rewards did encourage my choice for a different hotel chain when I decided to look for an alternative. The crossover rewards will encourage me to hold status with both the hotel and airline, but not with regards to the credit cards side.

  141. No it wouldn’t work for me. I don’t fly enough for status with any airline. My hotel nights are normally n small towns off the beaten path so spg isn’t practical.

  142. I am always looking for a points deal – so I definitely try to match up programs whenever possible. I’m relatively new to this game, so I don’t have the SPG cards yet…but that would probably push me to keep them too.

  143. LInking wouldn’t matter much to me.

    I hold most hotel cards as most have an anniversary benefit (free night, etc.) that more than offsets the AF. If an airline card doesn’t have the same (10K from US Airways and the like) I am more likely to drop them.

  144. Yes, I would be more likely to seek out a particular hotel chain if it helped me with my airline of choice. I like having hotel status (and am sure I would enjoy airline status if I ever had it) but I just don’t stay in hotels enough to say I could ever justify seeking it out. I would be likely to hold the cc though.

  145. The airline linking to a hotel chain influencing my stays would honestly depend on my opinion of the hotel chain they have launched the partnership with. Delta chose a good partner, and if I had the right status, would definitely stay with SPG more. But United’s tie up with Marriott does not give me any inclination to stay more with Marriott because I find the Marriott family of properties and program to be inferior. Airline cards are worth keeping, but the hotel ones don’t really provide enough incentive to keep beyond the initial year.

  146. I would say that the airline-hotel link up has at least made me consider SPG more since I’m a Delta Platinum, however I don’t go out of my way to stay with SPG or earn SPG status because of it. I have delta plat amex but don’t have nor plan to have both airline-hotel cards.

  147. I travel mostly on points earned by churning, so the linking would not matter to me. I rarely hold on to cards more than a year, especially if they have a fee, so I doubt I would hold the linked cards more than a year if they did have a fee.

  148. Mark R. Brengelman Reply

    Yes, a hotel-airline partnership would be great for me. I get free hotel stays on hotel points just like Rene uses FF miles to fly. So, a linked program would interest me in earning more hotel stays. As Rene, I already go out of my way to stay at my hotel brand of choice.

  149. Deltasegmentflyer Reply

    I made Delta Diamond for the first time in 2013 now I plan on making platinum at SPG this year. I love the crossover points.

  150. Delta is my preferred airline but I don’t fly enough to qualify for status. I can pretty easily reach spg platinum however, and that gives me priority boarding, free bags etc. with Delta. So the partnership works well for me.

  151. I am delta gold, but have not availed my self of the spg status, though I have activated it. I guess I don’t stay at hotels enough, though I fly a lot (easy to do from HI)

  152. Hotels and airlines linking up in a crossrewards fashion definitely makes me more willing to stay their properties and fly that particular carrier. As far as the cc, heck yes! definitely would try and hold on to them 😀

  153. Deb Linkner Reply

    Yes, delta and SPG are my two main cards and I like the crossover benefits.

  154. I don’t stay at hotels enough to be motivated by an airline link up.

  155. No I would not be more likely to stay or try for status. The credit card would be judged on its own merit and benefits.

  156. YES – having my airline of choice giving me hotel-related benefits/status would make me more loyal to both. And – YES – I tend to HOLD onto these hotel/airline credit cards year after year!

  157. No. SHE and Delta are both of my preferred companies. But I would not be swayed if it were some other hotel chain.

  158. I might be persuaded to stay more. But not more likely to hold the credit cards.

  159. I am platinum with delta and gold with spg through the Amex platinum card. The recipriical benefits would definitely influence my choice of hotel. I don’t have the spg car yet but will get it in the future.

  160. oh yeah ! i would stay more, go for status, and keep the credit cards for the airline and hotel team up !

  161. I would be more likely to stay at a hotel chain that was linked to my airline of choice. I would also be motivated to hold the hotel and airline ccards if there was value in doing so.

  162. A partnership between a hotel and my preferred airline would probably not affect whether I go after status for that hotel chain in that my hotel stay strategy would be independent of any airline/hotel partnership. Same goes for whether I keep the airline/hotel credit cards or not.

  163. No, my travel needs dictate which programs I go for loyalty with, not whether or not the airline and hotel are linked. I am likely to hold onto my preferred airline and hotel cards though, mainly due to the separate benefits (free bag, free hotel night) as opposed to any linked benefits

  164. Delta’s partnership with SPG has made me much more motivated to stay in SPG hotels. And I’m trying hard to obtain Platinum status. And I’m much more likely to hold on to credit cards from the airline/hotel partnership.

  165. Yes, this would motivate me to stay at a hotel chain and go for status with them. Yes, I would hold the hotel and airlines credit cards year after year.

  166. Yes and Yes – I love that you can earn points/miles in two places at once and just worry about status once 🙂

  167. Yes and Yes. I got Marriott Gold thru their link up with United. I have started staying more at Marriott since. I also applied for a Marriott credit card too add to my United card.

  168. Yes is more likely for me to go for elite status and I would keep the credit card. The more points better!

  169. A linked program would make more likely to stay at that chain of hotels.

  170. Sure would cause me to be more loyal to the hotel. However, they have to be in location where I travel. Unfortunately not many Starwood hotels align with my travels. A better choice would be IHG, Hilton, or Marriott.

  171. Yosef Rabinowitz Reply

    Yes and yes to the first question. No to the credit card question.

  172. Yes, definitely motivated to stay and keep card to achieve status. I currently do this with delta and SPG. It is currently the best link up out there.

  173. Yes, yes and yes. As long as it is one of the hotel chains I already have some interest in.

  174. Price is always something I consider, but would love to have everything linked so I didn’t have to “do the numbers” everytime I travel. And….I don’t like changing credit cards every time the wind blows.

  175. I do not stat enough in hotels to reach any preferred status, so I am not motivated to try.

  176. Hotel status is a bit harder for me to attain since I don’t stay in hotels that often, so probably not entice me to stay more and go for hotel elite if my airline if choice partnered up.

    I would maybe consider getting plat Amex for gold status in spg though.

  177. To me, it all comes down to the value proposition. Generally speaking, if the hotel chain is one that has competitive rates in the locations I travel, then yes, a linking partnership will motivate me to stay more and go for hotel status. If they aren’t in the ballpark on price, then no. I would hold the credit cards on the same principal. As in most things in this game, the answer is, “it depends.”

  178. I don’t travel enough for this to make a big difference to me, so no, it wouldn’t influence me. Usually when we go on a big trip, we rent an apartment and stay for a week or two! Also, already have the Amex Plat, so have SPG Gold from that.

  179. dotti cahill Reply

    yes linking the loyalty hotel programs to airline loyalty is a win win….

  180. I don’t stay at hotels enough nights to make a difference. I already am a Hilton Honors Gold member because of our timeshare ownership so I wouldn’t add an additional hotel into the mix.

    I don’t churn my Delta AMEX card since I like the benefits it adds to flying as well as the MQMs I get.

  181. An airline-hotel chain link would make me more likely to stay at that hotel chain IF it would give me more miles/points. I say this because I believe I have seen some such links where you get no benefit from the link unless you already have a status with either the airline or hotel chain or both.

    It would make me marginally more likely to go for status with that chain — probably only if I realized I was close.

    It would be fairly unlikely to make me hold either the airline or hotel credit cards year after year. There are simply many more important factors in choosing credit cards.

    If I stayed significantly more nights in hotels annually, these answers would change.

  182. DL is the focus of my attention, and I’ve linked with SPG, but do not currently have their AmEx card. I don’t stay in hotels that often, and when I do I’ve been concentrating on Club Carlson (Radisson) properties because I have Gold status via their USBank Visa card.
    So in general, the linking is a good idea, but I’m Gold with Delta and will never go higher.

  183. Our hotel of choice is Hilton brand just because that is where we stayed while we were in transit with a job change. I would love for delta to partner up with Hilton and it would absolutely give me a reason to stay more loyal to both programs. And, yes, I agree that Hilton has greatly downgraded their program but we use our points to give to our children to use so we always have enough when needed.

  184. I am more focused on DL status. As for hotels I am still focused on the Hilton brand using my reserve card.

  185. Yes. I was a platinum SPG that didn’t even have a SkyMiles account before the crossover. I immediately started flying Delta and made GM for this year. Huge influence, because now I love Delta.

  186. Hotel crossovers don’t motivate me to fly or stay anywhere i particular.
    I keep hotel and airline CC that make sense for me to carry.

  187. Too bad I’m on Delta and Marriott….I think DL status worth more.

  188. Yes, yes, and yes but the only problem is that I don’t prefer SPG based on my destinations. I do, however, prefer DL. I make it work though.

  189. desiblogger Reply

    An alliance between airline and hotel would have little impact on my choosing the hotel, unless there were significant discounts offered to members with status. Many times, when I’m choosing hotels, it’s more about the price, rather than the amount of points i will earn.

  190. Yes, I am more likely to stay with a linked program (though I don’t stay at hotels very often). I hold onto my cards, though I probably should learn to rotate

  191. We’ll my airline is Delta and my hotel is Starwood already so it just bolstered my points with each which was nice. If Delta teamed up with Marriott for example or Starwood with American, it would be completely meaningless to me. Although I guess if I racked up enough points with one of them over time I would redeem the points for free stay/flight but nothing else.

  192. Bill Harrier Reply

    Airline/hotel loyalty crossover would need to be a win for me…not just a win for the crossover partners. I evaluate credit cards on the personal benefit although I don’t swap for others very often.

  193. Probably not. I tend to choose mid range hotels based on price and amenities. I keep my cards.

  194. I don’t stay enough nights for it to matter & I also don’t play the cc game where it would effect anything

  195. It depends on the hotel chain. Even with Delta’s agreement with SPG…I’m sticking with Marriott because I like their properties more & they are within my company travel budget.

  196. I’m a loyal Hilton Honors member, and I *loved* (and used) the tie-in for getting Delta MQMs from Hilton these last couple months. I’ve looked into Delta’s Starwood alliance, but I mostly travel for business, and I’m limited where I can stay, and there always seems to be an inexpensive Hilton property (HGI, Hampton, DoubleTree, etc) wherever I go. Also, I’m not a card churner. I stick with my Delta Platinum AmEx, a Costco AmEx, and a Capital One Venture, and that’s it.

  197. Crossover rewards are nice but don’t accumulate to much for me (I am a business traveler). Also, I will continue to hold the hotel/airline credit cards as long as I am a business traveler. Without all of that travel I don’t think I would travel enough to accumulate many rewards.

  198. I earn Choice Hotel points (I know, a step down from SPG), and used them for stays in Ireland a year ago. I wish Delta would team up with them, but I probably wouldn’t switch to another chain.

  199. We don’t stay at too many hotels and so are not likely to get status through number of stays. In terms of selecting a hotel, yes, when prices are reasonably close I have chosen SPG rather than other hotels because of the link with Delta, the late checkout is valuable.
    I keep most of my cards, maybe cycling one.

  200. I am Delta Diamond, Hilton Diamond, Marriott Gold and SPG Platinum. SPG has always been my third choice, but with the Crossover with Delta, I directly went for SPG Platinum status. The Crossover program was the reason and glad that I did. I will again go for SPG Platinum and of course keep up my Hilton Diamond (had it for so many years) and it will be Marriott that will suffer.
    On cards, I am out of luck with AMEX as a company I worked for in the early 2000s, never paid the last bills for company travel expense when I resigned and the only have I can get an AMEX account now is to pay that really old bill that is thousands of dollars. So no AMEX, thinking to open a SunTrust account for the Delta tie in.

  201. I don’t stay at hotels enough to really think about it, but I am loyal to Delta so if they link to a hotel, I would look into the hotel card.

  202. I would maybe stay more if the price was right, but I don’t stay in hotels a ton and the IHG Big Win promotions have been worth just staying at IHG properties (have the IHG cc as well). I might look at getting a card for a linked program in the future since hotel benefits are great.

  203. Thomas Zook Reply

    I like the Starwood card but I’m mostly a Marriott fan with 2M+ points I’m holding. I have been consistently disappointed with Sheratons over the years. That said, the Crossover Rewards do give me incentive to consider Starwood. However, my incentive to hold the card is for the card benefits themselves which are outstanding.

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