Delta will be revamping seats on many narrowbody aircraft

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Delta announced today they are upgrading many of their 757-200 (they have many versions), 737-800, Airbus A319 and A320. You can see the full press release here. On the 757’s, if I am reading it right, there may be a reduction in first class seats totals.

For flyers, it will be nice to have power, IFE & Satellite TV and on some more space in coach (who would not like to see ALL coach seats 18″ wide). One big plus for 1st class is the A320 that has 16 first class seats in the NWA days will again have 16.

For Delta, lighter seats save money and GAS! From the “new” 717’s from AirTran to buying MD’s Delta has shown it can revamp older jets and fly them at a profit rather than just buying new.

I will be spending some “quality time” in coach on the 737-900’s the next few days and will give more feedback on the seats and there is sure to be a lively discussion about them more here on FlyerTalk today.

Rookie Wednesday will be live at 1:PM today to make room for this seat upgrade announcement.- René

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  1. I find it funny that Delta will still manage to have three different configs for their 757-200s. The new 20-seat version, the new 18-seat version (which, wow, and 18-seat F cabin on seven 757s) and the 16-seat J version for transcon and international. Ah Delta, never change.

  2. Have to amend my previous comments. Three types of 757-200s, domestic with 20 F, transcon with 16 J and seven international birds with 18 J. God forbid things get too standardized.

  3. That is a reduction of between 10% and 23% in first-class seats on the domestic 757-200s and an increase in total passengers from 184 (on the largest current version) to 199 on the revamped ones! New bins are a must to accommodate the additional passengers. Video and power will be welcome additions. I think the 737-900 is pretty nice even in coach except for the bathrooms which are astonishingly tiny.

  4. Please take my math with a grain of salt, but seems to be a significant reduction in first-class seats and increase in total passengers for the 757-200s. Thanks for the heads up on these changes.

  5. I truly love our airline’s commitment to improvement. We have some “mature” birds flying the skies, but even it seems like they have done a nice job of keeping many of their planes feeling “fresh” and “new-ISH.” 🙂 The addition of the personal IFE will be nice. I wonder why they’re not adding it to the 320’s and just the 319’s though. Maybe because so many of the 320’s are scheduled to be pulled and replaced by new 739s?

  6. If they are going to use the same seats as on the 737-900ER, there will be lots of unhappy people.

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