No more 30 day Skyclub pass, Delta A330-200 new seat video, free EC food JFK & a Delta tweet gone bad?

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I really like the forward facing Delta full flat seats. The space is good, the tray table is good, sleeping is good, the screen is good – it is just good. The herring bone design, not so much. It feels cramped and strange. Depending on the seat your view is bad and looking out the window all but a neck breaker. But that is what apparently fits in the A320-200’s as you can see from the video walk through above. Also note the best seat in coach, i.e. row 10 C&G now have a seat in front of them whereas before it was open for unlimited leg room. On the plus side they have added 2 more 1st class seats and that should help with Global upgrade certs this year!

free luvo food on JFK Economy Comfort Delta

I know so many are still so upset that Delta has taken away our shot at an upgrade for medallions on the JFK-(LAX,SFO,SEA) route but they sure are trying to make up for it with just about everything free for Economy Comfort seating. Today they announced they are adding a free wrap to those in EC.  Free drinks, movies and now food – wow – is all I can say. I would trade them all for a shot at an upgrade!

tweets about skyclub changes

Then in a strange move, Delta tweeted yesterday about the change to the Skyclub starting 1MAY2014 i.e. Delta Reserve and AMEX Platinum (non-Delta) card holders will have to pay $29 for a guest to come with them. You can imagine the tweets that followed were less than complimentary and they were coming fast and furious. Then Delta deleted the tweet (you can see some of the leftover responses above). I just wish they would next delete the change and let me bring my wife in the club with me. BTW many readers are reporting that AMEX has rebated them some or all of the annual fee due to this move by Delta!

30 day skyclub pass now gone delta points blog

Speaking of changes to the Skyclub access, Delta has now informed me that they have discontinued the 30 day pass they had for $90 in the past. I guess the cost was way too low? It would have been a nice option if you were going to be traveling with a client or coworker for a period of time.

So that is all the latest Delta updates for the day. Have I missed any news we need to know about? – René

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  1. Rene
    I have a lifetime sky club membership
    Do you know if I can still bring guests to the lounge or are lifetime memberships also watered down.

  2. @Dennis – my understanding is they can not change those perks you paid for when you got it or at least they have not yet anyway so you are fine. I think that choice you made is going to look better and better as time goes buy. Well done! 🙂

  3. The changes and down grades are all as a result of the US/AA merger. One less competitor in the market means less reason to be generous in ones offerings.

  4. The chief complaint about the foward-facing BE seats on the 767-300ER was that the foot area was too cramped. Was that not the case when you flew?

  5. @Holiday Baker Man — I agree with you. The mergers have been bad for the customer. In fact when you get down to just 3 main carriers, that really is not competition. The market starts to fall apart. @Rene — I have flown both the Herring Bone flat bed seats (777’s and A330’s) and the new Front Facing flat beds (767’s I believe) and agree that the latter are far superior in design and comfort. It’s a shame they couldn’t all be like the far superior Front Facing Style. I also like the bathrooms rooms in the BE cabin with the Front Facing seats. The bathroom is much better lighted and you can flush as well as open the trash bin with your foot so you don’t have to use your hands. If they couldn’t fit the Front Facing seat config into an A330, I don’t understand why they at least couldn’t put in the better bathrooms.

  6. Does anyone know if these free wraps and movies in EC are only on the transcons out of JFK, or on all EC seats on the long routes that sell sandwiches — such as ATL – LAX, SFO or SEA?

  7. Just curious, who would I talk to at AmEx about refunding my money spent in July on my Reserve card?

  8. Rene, I am confused about Delta’s decision to deny its DM, PM, and GM Medallions access to many “third-party” lounges when flying on an international coach ticket. Both the Sky Team and Delta websites say that these Sky Team Elite Plus flyers are entitled to access to “most” Sky Team lounges under those circumstances. There are over 530 Sky Team lounges. Currently Delta’s website says its Sky Team Elite Plus flyers are entitled to access to only 139 lounges world wide, and after May 1, 2014, it appears Delta is withdrawing access to a good number of these 139. I’m no math whiz, but I do not think 139 qualifies as most of 530 much less (139 – X).

  9. Does this mean that I can ask for a partial refund on the $450 fee I paid in December since that was the reason I got the Amex reserve card?

  10. Rene – do you know how much the cost adder for the joint SkyClub membership is now? It used to be $200 extra for DM/PM. So I would wait for my friends’ company to buy his membership, then I’d pay $200 to be his partner.

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