Time to consider my next round of cards coming up soon! What shall I go for next!

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It is just about that time of the year, that is time for my next round of cards. Last time I got a 50,000 point INK PLUS Visa card since I had a MC version and could get the new card bonus again with this “new” product. Yes, you can get another INK PLUS. The first one I got with my EIN or small business number and this second one with just my name as a sole proprietor for another small business I run (I build custom golf clubs in the summer and love to play golf too). 🙂

So now I may have to go for a 50,000 point INK BOLD visa or 20,000 point INK CASH to pick up more Ultimate rewards points since these are also “new” cards to me since I had the old MasterCard ones in the past. I just wish I could add another 40,000 Sapphire card as well.

Another idea is a 50,000 point British Air card. I got one back when they had the 100,000 bonus deal going but many are reporting success getting the current 50,000 point bonus. I love being able to have Avios points for American flights domestically as the redemption rates are very good and fees are low. I have had the 50,000 point Chase Marriott and don’t think they will OK me again there but I am in need of more hotel points now.

The other cards I am thinking about during the same day of application is possibly another AMEX card. I already have both a Personal Delta AMEX Reserve card as well as a Business Reserve card and both a Personal SPG card as well as a Business SPG one. I really don’t think I want to keep both SPG cards the more I think about it. What I do use a ton is my BlueBird that I pay my taxes and mortgage with (everyone MUST have a Bluebird btw).

I don’t have any Membership Rewards cards or points and need some so the most logical one to pick up would be an AMEX Premier Rewards Gold card to get 3x points on Delta flights plus another 1x by starting my booking for Delta seats at the AMEX travel site. Then I will still get an SPG point as well with CrossoverRewards.

Then my last choice I think I will toss in is a La Quinta card (not my link) as I have amassed a bunch of points from the spin game and another 40,000 points after sizable spend would be the icing on the cake.

On a side note, I will be withdrawing from the Chase Affiliate program as of this Friday and Lisa and I  SO  appreciate all the readers who supported our blog by using our Chase links for the past 2 plus years! – René

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  1. how many points did you win with La Quinta? i wond 30K points for my wife but then then game became increasingly difficult. looking foward to the end of it…the novelty has worn off and now i am struggling to win points.

  2. I actually complained to La Quinta about the drop in rewards over the past few days, and someone from LQ called me and told me that the game was too popular and they were running out of the points they had allotted for the game and that’s why they lowered the probability for winning (as well as adding the 5 and 10 point spins)

    Personally I have stopped playing LQ (and have yet to win anything on the SPG game)

  3. @Mct – txs and you have it backwards. The OLD are MC the NEW are VISA fyi. I did cancel my BOLD MC as I did not want to pay the annual fee for the BOLD and the PLUS. I kept the PLUS and just got another one and have two now. I will not keep them both when the fee comes around (just one)!

  4. Hi Rene, I really appreciate Delta Points, and have learned a ton on here! On your recommendations I got a (personal) Platinum Delta SkyMiles card to top me off to GM last year, my first time as a Medallion (with associated carbon guilt, as the name says…).

    I’ve noticed in my account that it says 0 Rollover MQMs. Have they just not recorded all the rollovers, or do card-earned MQMs somehow not roll over? Thanks in advance!

  5. Perfect Rene, thanks. Then I’ll happily continue to fly the world for my job as an environmental sustainability leader. Don’t judge… 🙂 but do let me know if you ever have questions on what the industry is doing to reduce the impacts of flying, I’ve had some promising conversations with Boeing and Airbus on that. Cheers

  6. Can you give a short explanation of why you consider Bluebird a “must have” and how you use it. My bank has most of the features mentioned, but I’m sure there is a clever way to use it to get points.

  7. Rene, thanks for all your good work. Can you tell us again why you apply for all your cards on the same day? Also, do you cancel old cards (to avoid the fee) after or before you applying for your new set of cards? Thanks.

  8. I just did the Hilton Amex Surpass for 75000 pts, 3k spend in 3 months $75 fee. I plan to use bluebird to do the spend for my mortgage! great tip

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