Delta NEWS day – it’s only the 18th!

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I try to only pop up one news day a month. Normally I wait till the end of the month as that way there are enough news stories to put up a good post. This start to the year has provided more that enough on both the good and bad side. Let’s jump in and see what has been going on!

  • Is this something from 2011 news? It is so that you can understand what Flyer Talkers often joke about and just what “we” that is, flyers, are to Delta. – “Glen Hauenstein, Delta’s executive vice president of revenue management, marketing and network planning. “We’ve been starving, and sitting on a ham sandwich the whole time.”
  • I love Utah. I love Salt Lake. New things are in the works and it is growing for Delta!
  • The idiot underwear bomber who tried to burn up his “man bits” and blow a hole in a Delta jet will still be spending life in prison. Good!
  • My fellow blogger TWF who was last week’s featured Fireside chat BA blogger btw, broke the news that some NYC flyers can just, for the price of one BE flight, get what takes most of us a TON of time and money. Yep, free Platinum Medallion status, Skyclub for a year oh and 100, 000 Skymiles just cuz!
  • It is always good to have your seat belt on. It scares me a bunch when FA’s get up too soon or stay up too long to take care of us. Wait to get up till it is safe please. I can wait till landing to get another drink!
  • Airport #2 fight is just getting nasty now. I can see why Delta wants to win this fight at all costs but wow. Would love more ATL flyers input on this cat fight!
  • Hey did you know, according to TripIt, Boarding area is one of the 15 MUST READ BLOGS for 2014? I know you all agree DeltaPoints is the tops must read blog on BA – right?
  • Is this news? Maybe not! I have totally (it took forever) redone the Best Points Card page. Would love feedback on what you think. Better or worse? Can you locate my 3rd party Chase & CitiBank links this way?

Like I said, an interesting start to the year and flight through winter thus far. I think it will be interesting to see spring roll around as well as the start to the new medallion year on 1MARCH. Are you excited? – René

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  1. I have said from the get go that delta must make money on every charge I make on the branded Amex card. I know Amex charges the highest rate to the merchant for the use of their card and delta has to be getting some percentage of that. So for delta to tell me that it doesn’t value me as a customer through its downgrades is just plain stupid because not only is delta going to lose the money I spend on a ticket but its also going to lose that percentage they earn on the charges I make. Why do you think one of the requirements is a $25000 spend? Do the math on just in one customer spending $25000 and then multiply by the number of delta branded Amex cards. It’s not insignificant! Why do you think motley fool is recommending Amex as a stock? It’s recognizes the potential revenue stream too.

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