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SWAG Saturday. Another $75 Amazon e-Gift card up for grabs!

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swag saturdays delta points blog

My what a week. The week that saw Delta publicly announce they are going to charge $29 for your +1 when you have a Delta Reserve card or a non-Delta Platinum card to get into a skyclub (you still get in free with either card). Delta did NOT publicly announce they are cutting access to a TON of lounges worldwide for elite+ flyers that is GM, PM & DM on coach class tickets (nor did they tell us the 30 day Skyclub pass is gone too).

75 amazon gift card

So that brings me to this week’s SWAG Saturday and as usual I need some feedback from you for a shot at the prize that is a $75 Amazon gift e-Gift card that I only paid $50 for thanks to the AMEX promotion they had running last month. The rules for each week’s SWAG Saturday are here and you should take a look.

My question I have for you is about the Delta AMEX Reserve card. I am really steamed about this change that my Lisa cannot join me in the club with the card. Will I drop it next year? No, because I need it. Why? Clearly for MQD exemption I need some kind of Delta AMEX but I could do that if I downgraded to a Platinum Delta or even a Gold Delta as well. However, I also know I will get 15,000 Delta MQMs and Skymiles once I hit $30,000 in spend and another 15,000 of both once I hit $60,000 before 31DEC2014. Oh and the shot at more upgrades since the Reserve is a tiebreaker does motivate me to keep at least one of my two I hold (i.e. personal and business ones).

But here is your turn. If you have the Delta Reserve card, has it changed your thoughts about keeping it? And, if you don’t have it, has the change been enough to make you not want to get the card or are the 10,000 bonus MQMs, 10,000 bonus Skymiles and all the remaining perks like the BOGOF 1st class certificate enough to still motivate you to get the card anyway? Or, are you just as happy now to go with the Delta Platinum card due to this change? Shout out some feedback and thoughts for a shot at the prize (i.e. if you just say PICK ME – you are not eligible to win this week). – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I don’t have it and with all the devaluations I think I’ll continue to not have it.

  2. Rene,

    I am in a quandary over this. I got the DL Biz Reserve just a couple months for several reasons, but I also hold DL AX Platinum personal. Now that the lounge benefit for wife is gone, I am doing my research on keeping DL Platinum personal for MQM, but getting AX Platinum (or even MB AX Platinum) for more widespread lounge access. Also, my wife just got approved for DL AX Gold mostly for free bag and zone 1 boarding +50k miles (targeted mailing)

  3. I was not considering getting that card because, although I like flying Delta, I’m not close to gaining elite status so the extra MQMs don’t help me out…. And when I fly delta I at least get some perks thru spg crossover rewards & lounge access thru my amex plat card. However, I am in the same boat having to pay $29 for my husband to come into delta lounges with me & not happy about it!

  4. Apologies as I’m not a Delta flyer. I came over here for the contest.

    That said I think it’s pretty chintzy for Delta to nickel and dime high spending customers. Sadly this is not the beginning of the trend nor is it the end.

    I understand all the value the card still offer. So the obvious answer to me is crunch the numbers. Is the price of the card worth the benefits? And that would have to be reviewed every year. In general I would hesitate to obtain the card in future knowing that Delta was likely to dilute the benefits further.

  5. Not thrilled with the devaluing of the cards. I have the a Reserve and the regular Platinum Card. I’m considering dropping the Platinum but keeping the Reserve so I can get my MQM spend.

  6. christine pincince Reply

    i have been trying to decide about getting the black card again. i cancelled one last year, but not being able to take my husband in the lounge ‘free’ with me after paying $450 is really a deal breaker for me. we dont get to travel that much so each time is very special for us. i need to really think about it and may just keep the one card for 150 a year and join the mob. my guess is the super elites must have complained about the large amount of folks in the lounge and they are thining it out and saving money on carrot sticks…sad

  7. A few wireless coupons would be a nice upgrade that would not cost DL anything! This would be nice for Silver Elites who (these days) don’t get many perks.

  8. I have a reserve card and seriously thinking of letting it go. I am starting to see no value in it anymore and that’s sad because I really do/ did enjoy the card.

  9. I was not considering getting this card because I don’t really fly Delta! So, I’m not close to gaining elite status, and the MQMs would not make a difference for me 🙂

  10. Have not had it in the past and they’ve done nothing to change my mind about that!

  11. The real question is “Am I still going to fly Delta”. If I am, then yeah, I’ll keep the reserve card for the MQMs and probably consider getting rid of Amex Plat. If no, then Delta reserve is history.

  12. Delta’s dropping AMEX Delta Reserve benefits really devalues that card. This makes the AMEX Delta Platinum card an even better value. As to the SkyClub access, the $150 AMEX Delta Platinum card is $300 less leaving lots of money left over for $25 single visit passes on the rare occasion there’s time to enjoy it.

  13. I usually do not go into to many lounges for whatever reason (I still have a bunch of united and other lounge passes lying around the house), but I am worried that with the merger of US/AA, Delta will continue their devaluation of their products, so I will probably not get the card

  14. Definitely worth keeping still for the extra qualifying miles if you need.

  15. I do not have the card and with the perks being taken away I will not apply for it. Interesting how the perks are being scaled back with the airlines.

  16. Ryan Delany Reply

    I’ve been contemplating getting the Reserve card just for the tie-breaker benefit. I travel alone 99% of the time, so guest privileges aren’t a huge deal plus as a DM, I get access with or without the card. Biggest challenge is trying to figure out if I can spend $50k to get 20k MQMs on the Delta Plat Amex or take the 15k MQMs with $30k spend on the Reserve card.

  17. I do not have the card and probably will not get it. While delta has been fairly easy for me to obtain low level status, with the devaluation and requirement to spend more money on flights to obtain status, it will only be harder for me in the future to keep it.

  18. I’m fine the the platinum card. The downgrade in benefits makes me feel a little bit better about continuing to just have the Platinum

  19. GM Jeff Mc Reply

    Just received my Platinum Delta AmEx this week. Reserve card not worth the extra money and getting not worth the extra money as Delta keeps cutting benefits. If they drop the benefits below the annual fee of my new Platinum card, I will drop back to Gold in a heartbeat. I am getting “frustrated” by the day… Are you listening, yet, Delta?

  20. I am keeping the Reserve Card. My significant other and I own a business together, so I just purchased an additional card for the $175. The main purpose was to bring in 4 guests when traveling with a few employees. Now, it looks like just us 2 will be getting in with no additional fee.

    Typically, we travel just ourselves, so its not a huge deal. I can definitely see others’ perspectives though.

    The SC access, 30k MQM’s, 30k RDM’s, and other perks are definitely worth the fee to us!

  21. I don’t carry the reserve card, I churn the gold delta personal/business cards. If i cared about the skyclubs, the cost of the annual fee would be worth it, but I dont . If I paid the annual fee, I’d be ticked off that they pulled a bait and switch and my wife could no longer join me in the club without paying.

  22. I dont think its that major of a change to change the real value of a card for a frequent delta flyer esp a medal member… i guess if you where on the fence the change matters if you fly with a plus one alot.

  23. I don’t like that as of next May, no platinum entry at all with Biz Platinum Amex. Huge loss of value for me, as it is the only real benefit I use of the non-Delta Amex.

  24. I am not close to being a MQM qualifier, so I will not try for a Reserve card. I might try the Platimum card for the cash back and the other perks, however.

  25. Its amazing to me how Delta can keep pooping on loyal, high value customers! The only time I think Delta makes any sense is when there is no other flight or they are much cheaper (or you can generate Skypesos for next to nothing).

    So I’d say dump the card.

  26. I almost pulled the trigger on upgrading to the Reserve Card near the end of last year for the club access and the tiebreaker. I primarily travel alone, but would have liked to have been able to bring in friends, family, and co-workers in to the club with the access the Reserve would have provided. I’ll be sticking with the Platinum and I’ll just have to settle for the 2 bonuses I hit each year with my spend.

  27. I wouldn’t pay $450 for a credit card. I prefer cards that give me a cash rebate. I am DM and get upgraded approx 95% of the time without that card.

  28. Don’t have it. I have Amex Platinum for club access and pay the additional $175 for 2nd platinum card for my husband.

  29. I just don’t see it being worth it for me since I am not chasing status. I will stick to my Suntrust Delta Debit for easy points.

  30. I don’t have it and was going to put it in an AOR but with the changes I wouldn’t apply for this card…

  31. Don’t have the the card and don’t see it worth getting it any more

  32. Don’t have it. Not worth the extra fee for the benefits it gets; waiting on the year to churn the Gold card personally

  33. Have the Platinum; was considering the Reserve. These changes are a deal breaker for me. No reserve.

  34. I don’t have the card, and am probably not going to get it. Who knows how long the remaining benefits will last? With Delta’s recent track record, I’m not betting against further devaluations.

  35. I don’t have the card as I don’t fly delta often from where we are… so no change for me.

  36. Gerry Cohen Reply

    I signed up for the Delta Amex Reserve for $450 on 12/16/2013 for a year to end 12/15/2014. I carefully evaluated the benefits, as I will be traveling with my spouse a lot this year. I do not understand how they can take away a benefit during the term of my contract. Saying I can cancel the card and get a prorated rebate for the remainder of the year does not cut it, as I’ve already gotten several weeks of spending in towards the $30k/$60k to get the 15k/30k MQM bonuses.

  37. I don’t travel enough so I already cancelled my delta gold. If I did keep it I wouldn’t change it since changes don’t impact me enough.

  38. I will be dropping the Reserve and switching to The Platinum. Overall, per dollar spent on the annual fees, I feel you get a better ROI with the Platinum now than with the Reserve. Has anyone had success with getting the annual fee for the Reserve card fee waived, though? Sometimes when I threaten to cancel, they will waive the fee for an additional year.

  39. I have the DR and will keep for now because of the 30k MQM for $60k spend. However, one more straw from Delta and I’m off to American.

  40. I have the Delta Platinum and will stay with it. I do not fly enough to justify the $450 Reserve.

  41. I have the Delta Platinum AmEx, and I’ve never really been motivated to upgrade to the Reserve. And now I’m even less motivated. I’ll keep my Platinum, and my 25K spend to get my MQMs and my MQD exemption, and be happy with that.

  42. I’m happy with the platinum. The annual fee and the reduction of benefits doesn’t make it worth it.

  43. Dan Beavers Reply

    I plan to keep my reserve card. I spend over 60K on the card for the MQMs and like the annual companion ticket. Most of my travel is alone and I would like the sky clubs to be less crowded. The tie breaker is also good since I don’t buy full fare tickets. More folks are buying the full fare tickets to get upgraded.

  44. I’m perfectly content to stay with my Delta gold card. A free checked bag and early boarding are all I need on DL flights these days.

  45. Matt Bernard Reply

    I’m a DM flyer – and currently have the Delta Amex Plat. A little bummed the lounge access is gone for a Reserve (possibly upgrade?!) but I fly with my lovely gf only a few times a year. The draw on the Reserve would be upgrade bump (let’s face it, there are a TON of Dms) and the BOGO first cert. I was thinking of just doing the Amex Plat, but the no carry balance might be a challenge with extensive personal and business spend. Honestly, I would love to hear the hard sell on either card… The spend threshold shouldn’t be an issue with over 120 business reimbursed flights a year with hotel and cars. It’s the idea of swallowing the $450 fee. The Amex plat at least gives you $200 back. I would like to see something supplemented for the reserve since lounge is gone, otherwise, I may stay a happy DL Amex plat customer.

  46. I don’t have the reserve card, but sadly I agree with others…I think the devaluations will continue. And charges like this will continue as well…as long as credit cards and airlines continue their greedy trends.

  47. I was going to upgrade my DL Gold to Reserve now I think Ill just upgrade to PL! Still get a free ticket and still get 10k MQM @25k.

  48. I have the Delta Gold AmEX and I’m bummed about the new lounge rules. I will likely not be keeping it since I have Silver elite.

  49. I dont have it but I have the Amex plat and this along with the taking away of AA/US lounge access is leading me to cancel that card.

  50. I don’t have the card, and the changes only confirm my decision.

  51. The annual fee for that card has never been worth it for the limited amount of travel I really get to do. I am happy enough with the gold card.

  52. I have a Platinum card already and while I’ve been considering upgrading all these devaluations are making me think twice (or thrice, or more). I definitely plan on getting several other cards before considering it.

  53. The Amex Plat is now the better card for me and will look to drop my reserve card. As a GM I only fly and spend enough to keep that level so the spending exemption doesn’t matter. If I am going to have to pay for a guest at least the Amex Plat gives you access to additional lounges along with all delta clubs. The fact that AA & US lounges are being dropped doesn’t bother me either since I rarely fly them. I may look to pick up the delta plat card if a good offer comes along but if not then oh well.

  54. The downgrade does stink for guests, but for me, who travels for business without my family, it’s a wash. Maybe even better now that the SkyClub is more expensive!

    Now don’t get me started in NYC targeted PM offers…

  55. I am keeping the card, for now. The lounge access issue is a definite drawback and I am re-evaluating some upcoming CC applications because of they changes. I think I am going sit back and let the dust settle a little more before I make anymore moves.

  56. I have the Platinum card and a SkyClub membership, I was thinking of consolidating these this summer and getting the Reserve card when my current SkyClub membership ends but now I’m not too sure. In fact I’m rethinking the whole SkyClub membership completely, I fly quite a bit, with guests, but not enough to warrant around $700 a year.

  57. The changes are not great, but not enough to keep from picking up the card. The MQMs are a great bonus and it still can be very useful for individual travel needs.

  58. currently a cardholder for the personal and business Platinum. No interest in getting the Reserve for me. I will probably let the Platinums go and just switch to a Sapphire or a Blue from Chase. I have about had it with Delta and Amex.

  59. I hate that they took away the guest pass. I’ll be dropping mine unless something changes when it’s up for renewal.

  60. I was planning to get the reserve card but with the recent changes,I don’t think it is worth it.

  61. I’m keeping my Reserve card for the same reason you are – 30k MQMs. Unfortunately, my wife sitting in the terminal while I relax in the lounge and eat free crackers will not make her happy!

  62. I don’t have the card and the changes don’t sway me to get it. I am happy with the gold card. I feel like the new one isn’t benefitting me as much and I am happy with where I am now.

  63. It has made be not want to get it and maybe forces more toward the universal currency type of cards like the Amex platinum or some if the Chase cards. I hope DL doesn’t cut much farther!

  64. Rene,

    I have the Reserve and when I first read about the changes I was frustrated, but ultimately the total value is worth keeping it. We (my wife and I) get the most value out of the first class BOGO cert and the MQM boosts. Fortunately we had gotten her the add on Reserve for 175 so we still can get in when traveling together. The larger devaluation for us is not being able to guest in others on work trips; something we both have frequently. Ultimately if a Delta loyalist still one of the better cards

  65. I don’t have the card, and wouldn’t get it. It’s really bad PR and marketing to take away existing benefits, and I lose respect for companies who are short-sighted enough to do that.

  66. I currently do not have the card and I am considering it, but am still unsure. It seems like the policy is still quite restricting which makes me ponder whether it is worth the hassle to obtain a new card? What’s not fair is that even though I qualify for the card… due to my age I CAN’T EVEN GET INTO LOUNGES. What’s the point. I think that if I have the card I should be able to get into the lounge because that is a reward perk. But anyways… this card is not worthwhile to me in the meantime.

  67. This card is not something that I am interested in getting and I think that I will just stick to the ones that I already have. With the new changes it doesn’t look like it is worth getting. I have an issue getting into airline lounges due to my age and I do not feel like jumping through hoops to get in and this card will not help me enough.

  68. I do not currently have the card and the devaluations have done nothing to improve the attractiveness of the card to me.

  69. Upset, but still willing to get the reserve for the 15k MQM bonus.

  70. My SkyClub membership ran out at the end of 2013 and I was going to apply for the Reserve Business (I have Platinum personal). Now, it just doesn’t make enough sense for me. By the way, I haven’t heard if bringing in a family is just one $29 charge or $29 for each family member….any word on this?

  71. This is a continuation of my love hate relationship with Delta. I am a platinum medallion and I have the delta reserve card and the platinum card. I enjoy sitting in the lounge. I don’t enjoy drinking crummy drinks. I enjoy bringing a friend into the lounge. I can afford to purchase primium beer or drinks but I find myself asking what am I doing paying extra to come into a place where I have to buy my drinks. I could just go to the bar. I will probably keep my reserve card for all the reasons Rene mentioned. However it is one more slap in the face to a loyal delta customer. Some day the are going to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs and wonder what happened.

  72. Hi – I don’t have the card and don’t fly enough to warrant getting it, but from all I have been seeing about the card – it just isn’t worth it!

  73. I am upset about the changes. The card is $450. The changes should have been announced before cards were renewed. I thnk the changes stink and are another delta anti-medallion move. That being said, I think because of the benefits that exist I’ll keep it.

  74. I currently have the Delta platinum card and with the changes, there is absolutely no reason for me to upgrade. I also have the Amex Platinum and my girlfriend is an authorized user so luckily, these changes don’t really have any effect on me.

  75. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    The Delta Reserve card with the changes is now not worth getting. I am very unhappy about the changes! I am, however, considering the Platinum Delta AmEx.

  76. morgan manning Reply

    I’ve had the Reserve since June. I’ve only used the companion benefit twice, so it doesn’t affect me. That being said, I will not be renewing it now that I’m Diamond. All my status comes from segments, not miles (Denver).

  77. I currently have the Delta Platinum and I was going to get the reserve this year but I am having second thoughts. I guess, at this point, I will see how the year plays out and of I really NEED those additional MQM’s for the bonus.

  78. johnnyrambo Reply

    Delta Plat for the spend and dont even use the buddy pass.

  79. I had been thinking about getting the card but with the reduction in benefits, it is just not worth it. The MQMs are nice but I will probably qualify DM with segments.

  80. I’m really annoyed with this change. I’ll see the use, but I might ditch the card next year. Plus, I never got my additional 10,00)

  81. +1 on not having it and with the way delta seems to be treating their members, not about to get one now either!

  82. I have the platinum but not the reserve. I may still get reserve business card for the MQMs but we will see how the year works out first-

    I am less motivated to use it for the Club Room perks given i can join Alaska’s for less…..

  83. I don’t have one yet. Currently have the amex platinum and that’s good enough.

  84. JP Traveler Reply

    Both my wife and I have a Plat AMEX and a Delta Reserve Amex. Thus, we have 4 qualifying Sky Club “access cards” between us. Do you think we could give 2 of them to our children (who are under 15 years, the age AMEX requires for adding a cardholder) when we get to the club for access for all 4 of us? Regardless, I need the Reserve for the MQM bonus/status, so I’ll be keeping it.

  85. I currently have the Platinum Delta Amex and had considered getting the Reserve card. But, to be honest, lounge access has never appealed to me, with the exception of looking into a shower on a planed SJU-OGG trip (though the trip never happened). The benefits of lounges (aside from the afore mentioned showers) that I see are: wifi, a bit of quiet, and free food & liquor. But many airports have free wifi (or I can use my phone’s data) and many also have really good restaurants (e.g. Tortas Fronteras in ORD and Shake Shack in JFK). I’d rather pay for really good food, than get poor or mediocre free food. Also, I can put on my headphones to block out most of the noise in the terminal.

  86. Michelle O Reply

    I just got the Delta Reserve card. I intend to keep it for awhile to see if it increases my upgrades.

  87. I’m perfectly content with the Gold card. I don’t fly often enough to warrant a $450 annual fee for the reserve card.

  88. Keeping the delta platinum card and try to figure out how to access lounges for me and my husband…

  89. Don in ATL Reply

    I am unhappy with the changes. Will I drop my DL Reserve Card? Probably not immediately, but I will be thinking about it. I only had my card 45 days when this happened. I think it demonstrates how DL think about its customers when they do something like this with such short notice. One year notice (i.e. we pay our fee for a whole year) would have been the customer friendly thing to do.

  90. For me, I still would go for the Delta Reserve card since I mostly fly solo and domestically so the loss of the +1 and international lounges is not as big a deal to me. But I do understand those out there who frequently travel overseas and with someone getting pretty upset about this. It seems more and more like Delta only wants to show love to the wealthy businessmen who spend lots of $$ (or should I say their company spends lots of $$ and they get the free benefits). But why can’t Delta show some form of love to those who actually spend $ out of their own pockets and have shown loyalty to the airline. I will say the $450 annual fee is getting harder and harder to justify.

  91. Even though the change stinks, I’m keeping the reserve for the MQMs

  92. Deltasegmentrunner Reply

    I just got the delta reserve this month. I am happy with getting the 40,000 mom’s this year so I don’t have to worry as much about getting my 140 segments in. The tie breaker and better award availability is also nice. I am torn about the companion benefit, I like it that hopefully I can now find a seat on those busy days, sometimes I just skipped the club on those days but when travelling with my family it was nice. I will be dropping my amex platinum.

  93. Go with the Platinum. I’m honestly starting to value lounge access less and less. Too crowded and the free booze stinks.

  94. I have had the Delta Platinum AMEX card for a while and feel the added benefits of the DL Reserve card aren’t justified by the cost. I miss the double miles for certain categories on the Platinum AMEX though — they helped!

  95. Deltaflyer Reply

    I’m not happy with this change, but I would keep the card for its other benefits.

  96. No changes. Keeping my delta platinum card. I use my sky bonus points to buy club passes.

  97. Well, I am keeping my card… It gives me the MQMs I need to stay Elite, gives me a no-brainer companion ticket, and gives me the MQD waiver, needless to say the collateral benefits of being an Elite. At the end of the day, Delta delivers a solid product that I like, so does Amex, basically its the best of both worlds.. My wife has an additional, so I dont care about the Skyclub policy…

  98. was going to get reserve… now I’m sticking with platinum… and maybe going to AA…

  99. I’m keeping my gold and renewing the United Club card – they still allow guests and don’t have to be traveling on UA…

  100. I don’t have it as of yet, and with these latest changes I don’t anticipate getting it.

  101. Like you, I need the MQD exemption, since I am going to spend the $$ anyway. Why worry that I would only get $700 MQD’s for spending $1100 on a ticket ? So I am going to stick with the card that I know I am going to get the extra skypesos for the spend anyway……

  102. Hi. I am still happy with my personal Delta Reserve. I just wish Delta would have been a little more forthcoming with the upcoming changes.

  103. Not a simple formula
    $29.00 x amount of +1 ‘s in a year
    Is it more or less than 450.00 the anual fee
    Ok if it’s less than 450. Is that amount worth 5k medallion miles ?
    Individual choice , depends on status situation !

  104. I do not currently have the Reserve card but do have the Platinum card that was great for club access for myself and two kids. Only travel for pleasure and they love the “perk” of the club. It will be cheaper to add two additional cards @ $175 than pay guest fees. I’m interested to see what Amex does to make up for these changes.

  105. Justin Cook Reply

    I’ll still hold onto the Reserve card because my wife rarely travels with me. Plus it’s still nice to clear UG before others in my medallion class.

  106. The Reserve tiebreaker is the only reason I carry the card. With more elites chasing fewer upgrades, I’ll take any advantage I can get.

  107. With all these devaluations, I’m not getting the card any time soon

  108. I got the Delta Reserve card specifically for the points and the ability to get my +1 into the club access for free. For paying a $450 annual fee I feel slightly cheated at having the rules changed but at this point in the game I am going to wait and see if the annual benefits outweigh this change.

  109. I have a Platinum card, and have never had a Reserve card. Frankly, the annual fee for the Reserve card is just too expensive for me. The de-valuation of the card makes me even less likely to ever have a Reserve card in the future.

  110. Young_ThoRough Reply

    This sealed my sticking with the plat DL AMEX was going to push for the bonus mama but will stick with first tier and mqd exemption. Anniversary is end of this month for unbranded plat and I’ll hold that for solo club access.

  111. Im only holding on to the card for the tiebreaker. But I am definitely thinking twice about renewing it every year

  112. I just upgraded both my Amex Platinum Delta and Amex Platinum Delta Business cards to Delta Reserve (for a nice 10,000 bonus MQMs with one purchase on each). As I had mentioned to you earlier when I asked a question about this, I’m active-duty military, so Amex waives annual fees. Because of this, I’m also able to add my wife onto my Delta Reserve card as an additional cardholder for no fee. But, I have a 5 y/o daughter who I will probably have to pay $29 to get into the Delta Club. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet, but since I also just got accepted for the Mercedes-Benz Platinum Amex with 50,000 bonus points offer, I might just use the $200 reimbursement for the Platinum card with Delta, so that each time I bring my daughter, I can just get it reimbursed with my Platinum card. And then, at the end of the year, if I have any money left over (which I’m sure I will), I will use the remaining amount of the $200 to buy Delta gift cards (and I know I have to limit the amount to $50 each at the most).

    But, with Delta cutting these benefits for SkyClub, I am pretty disappointed. If I was paying $450/year for this card, I would be very upset, especially if I was a super-loyal customer like you are.

    This had made the Southwest cards from Chase very appealing, as I know I can easily get a companion pass with the 100k bonus points between the personal/business card.

    Overall, between this cut to the Delta Reserve Card and the loss of a LOT of lounges for the Amex Platinum (non-Delta), I’m sure Amex is going to boost benefits for both cards. I think the key is patience here. The MQM boost is definitely worth keeping the card for you. I’m really hoping Amex does the right thing.

    I would recommend calling Amex at a minimum to complain about this issue with the Reserve. Say it is making you reconsider keeping the card, and I’m sure they’ll offer you a credit or even sky miles.

  113. I don’t have the reserve card and don’t plan to get it, especially now that it seems to only offer you a tiebreaker for upgrades? Regarding SkyClub Access I’ll just wait until I hit Diamond, as I am a mostly international traveler anyways. This nonsense about cutting some international club access was a bad idea, and included my current home city of Düsseldorf!! For those of us that are generally “budget” type travelers lounge access for international travel is crucial, because after those long overnight flights waiting to make a connection is never fun. Hope they decide to invest in setting up more SkyTeam lounges to compensate for the restricted access.

  114. BenTraveling Reply

    I will still with the Amex Delta Platinum for now, as its value hasn’t dropped as much. I think Delta should keep the +1 for the Delta Reserve to draw more people to the product and to distinguish it further from the non-Delta Amex platinum, but that doesn’t appear to be likely.

  115. I am considering GETTING the AMEX Delta Plat INSTEAD of the regular AMEX Platinum. Same fee, but if I am not getting lounge access at least I will get some MQM’s and maybe I’ll make it to Gold again. I just wish I could come up with a way to spend 60K on it.

  116. Darth Chocolate Reply

    OK, here is my take. I do not have the AMEX Reserve; I have been an AMEX Platinum since 1996. There is a basic problem with the proliferation of Air Miles CC that give benefits that were traditionally limited to true butt-in-the-seat (BITS) FF. When everybody has status, nobody has status. So, the airlines have to cut back to maintain good relationships with the BITS FF. For folks who are BITS FF and qualify for PM and DM without the “card spend”, the miles boost is meaningless. The MQM bonuses are worth more, if you are gunning for Million Miler, but you still have to do a whole lot of BITS.

    That being said, I also have the Sky Miles Platinum, but will probably drop it for other reasons. Unless AMEX makes a real concession.

  117. I miss the good old days…before all the new devaluations. NO to the card!!!

  118. Jonathan G Reply

    I don’t have it, and with the devaluations, I really don’t see the need to get such a card.

  119. I am in the same boat as you. Need what the card provides, but steamed at Delta’s unfriendly actions. I will keep my eyes open for alternatives.

  120. PISSED! No other way to put it honestly. Delta is in fact playing a mean-spirited, high-handed game of bait-and-switch, since the benefit of free lounge access for an accompanying guest was advertised as part of the incentive for obtaining the card in the first place. If one travels with spouse and child, this becomes particularly unfair.

  121. I dont have the card but I was thinking of getting the Reserve card when my current SkyClub membership ends but now I’m not too sure. In fact I’m rethinking the whole SkyClub membership completely, I fly a fair amount with guests, but not enough to warrant around $700 a year.

  122. This will probably be the last year for me and the Reserve card. I don’t appreciate Delta’s penny pinching.

  123. Didn’t have it before and don’t think I’ll be shooting for Medallion status based on the negative trends I’ve seen this year for that program.

  124. Don’t have it and not significant enough turn-off to cause me to avoid it in future…Still a great value proposition as a whole card.

  125. Jerry Udell Reply

    I specifically got this card after reading Deltapoints excellent review and comparison of competing products from Amex
    I understand that the Lounge is crowded but I think they could have accomplished the same task without upsetting their best customers.
    The Reserve card has marginal value over the Platinum card now that free access to the lounge is gone.
    I am interested as to how much Amex has credited other Reserve card owners once they complain that it no longer has value to them
    Unless they give me some form of rebate my card is gone and I’ll go back to Platinum
    Great job Rene

  126. I’m gonna keep it since hubby and I usually travel alone for business and do not need the plus one.

  127. I’ve just obtained my fifrrst Reserve card having help platinum for years. I need to keep it for the MQD exemption and to obtain 30k MQM and Skymiles for spending 60K by using Vanilla Reloads to pay my mortgage and principal paydown using a Bluebird- which I learned on your blog:-).I always travel alone so the change doesn’t really affect me. But I will call Amex and complain to try and recoup a part of the annual fee.

  128. Have the Delta Platinum card and was considering upgrading to the Reserve card…..but not now!

  129. I’m happy with my Delta Amex Platinum card. No Reserve card for me.

  130. I don’t have the Delta Reserve Card (have Delta Platinum. The 10,000 bonus MQMs and all the remaining perks are likely to motivate meto get the card anyway, however not guaranteed. If there are better options when I do my next churn, I’ll go with the best deal.

  131. I don’t have the card because the annual fee is to high and I don’t charge that much onto one credit card to make it worthwhile. If I did, I wouldn’t care to much about the change. I travel by myself most of the time anyway.

  132. Don’t have it and let them know why. The masses sometimes can move small mountains.

  133. Sky Club membership runs out end of 2014. Was thinking of getting Reserve card instead of renewing membership. Now not sure what I’ll do. Reserve card not looking worth the money. Husband has Delta Platinum.

  134. Yes, the new changes have me reconsidering using the card but have until December to make the final decision. The new changes have me reconsidering delta all together especially since southwest flies out of my airport now.

  135. I was considering the reserve card, have the platinum, when my complimentary skyclub through 2013 DM ran out… but now definitely not. As a frequent traveler i tend to minimize my time in airports to begin with. Thus I typically use the skyclub with companion entry . What’s the fun in all you can drink without friends?

  136. I was considering the Reserve but will stay with my Platinum card. Rather spend the $300 savings on an milage run (with miles, mqm and mqd) and take the chance as a Delta Platinum frequent flyer that I lose an First Class upgrade in a tie break with someone who has the Reserve card. The news that non-Sky team operated lounges will no longer be available for international economy is a real bummer. May have to look for other airline program than Delta.

  137. Don’t worry, I’ll buy Lisa a drink! When I walk by a Delta Sky Club and see Lisa standing on the outside forlornly looking in, I will buy her a drink! No worries; I know you’re in there living large! I hold a Delta Amex Gold and because I travel relatively infrequently, it just doesn’t make sense for me to upgrade to a better card. I do think it is very chinsy of Delta to require a companion to pay and I fear program cuts in general will trickle down, even to my lowly level. I do enjoy reading your blog and yes, I suppose I do prefer to fly Delta Jets!

  138. I convinced my husband to get the reserve biz card last year so he could make PM, mainly bc I was making PM. I didn’t order the Skyclub membership from skybonus bc he had the reserve card. I’m more than a bit put out that I will have to pay for access and that Skyclub costs increased, as well as the big jump in skybonus pt requirement. So yes, count me out of reserve as soon as we’ve gotten the value out of the reserve card in 2015.

  139. I don’t currently have it. Thinking about getting it for the MQM’s and gifting to my husband.

  140. I have the personal. Will get the business after I max spending on the personal and will then close the personal. Most of my Delta travel is business so this doesn’t change my plans.

  141. I’m not a Delta flyer so I have traditionally not cared too much about this card. However, I am at a point where I’m running out of appealing cards to include in my next AOR. So as a result, I might give it a go if only just to diversify my accounts.

  142. Pingback: Buy 3x$200 MC Gift cards all week at OM $40 off - Delta Points

  143. I don’t have it but this wouldn’t really affect my decision to get it should I so choose. Typically use the lounge when I’m traveling by myself.

  144. I don’t have the reserve card and with the latest change I don’t anticipate getting it. However, if I already had the card, I don’t think this change would be enough for me to drop it.

  145. I don’t have the Reserve card, but if I did, I would be doing it more for the MQMs and other goodies than the lounge access. While the companion lounge access is nice, it’s not a deal breaker for me.

  146. I don’t have the card and don’t plan on it. Unless Delta improves drink and food selection in the club, I have no interest in a membership. I was in an MSP Sky Club on Christmas eve, and the only food they had left was caramel corn.

  147. I’m single and I mostly fly alone, so losing the companion lounge access does not bother me. But if I mainly fly with a significant other, I would probably switch to something else like US airways, since you can almost buy up to their top level with some extra cost.

  148. I have both the Reserve and the non-Delta AmEx plat. I will keep the reserve for the MQM bonuses, but I’ll definitely drop the plat. (Was probably going to anyway, now for sure.)

  149. LarsErikNYC Reply

    I have the DL Platinum card. Given my circumstances, it’s hard to justify the $450 fee on the Reserve card. The no +1 is a minor factor for me.

  150. I’m debating on getting the gold mainly for the baggage fees. I don’t travel enough to make the platinum or reserve worth it. Still makes me hesitant that they will pull some perks of the gold after I get it. Love another posters suggestion of free wifi perks.

  151. I have already called and complained to AMEX about it and downgraded the Reserve card to a Platinum, the BOGOF in first and the increased chance for upgrades (fly very popular routes for work and went about 2 for 20 last year with it as gold) are not worth the extra fee for me. The +1 was critical for me since I usually travel with my wife.

  152. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    I have the platinum- delta’s. I am canceling it though since the yearly fare is not worth it any more in my opinion!

  153. I have the Gold DL AMEX, but was thinking about getting the reserve for lounge access and MQMs.

  154. I like the Amex platinum card. I can afford it and it gives me what I want in a card for flying Delta.

  155. I have had the delta reserve card for over ten years. I travel for business and try to book delta as much as possible for obvious reasons. The one week or two every few years that I get to take my family on a vacation they look forward to the comfort od the sky club. I am fuming mad about this. I am sure there are those that take advantage of the reserve benefit but as infrequently as I use it and as much as I pay to have the card is to little to let my kids get a safe place to wait for a flight and have biscof cookie. I am truly considering dropping my reserve card
    mad mama

  156. This is indeed a huge hit to the Delta Reserve (and Amex Platinum) card but you gotta do what you have to do for MQD exemption!

  157. Definitely devalues the Reserve card, and I think the Platinum version may be the sweet spot at this time.

  158. I will not be getting the Reserve. Never was going to. Platinum is good enough for me with targeted offer that is $100 statement credit, companion cert, 45,000 RDMs, 15,000 MDMs, $150 fee. That is a killer deal if I do say so.

  159. I have the reserve, this is very annoying. We travel as a family quite a lot and while getting into the lounge isn’t a high value, it is a nice perk, effectively this removes the value from me too, since I can’t very well leave my family outside, and I am not going to pay to get them all in.

  160. I have the Bus DL Reserve and have enjoyed lounge access with a business companion or spouse during the past year. I sometimes travel alone…so the club will still work there; otherwise the MQM from Reserve I need to maintain medallion Gold status. But will see, tempting to drop back to DL Platinum Amex since annual fee is so much less, and I only see myself traveling 3-4 times this year.

  161. I think the “bang for your buck” on the delta platinum is better than the reserve – almost as many MQMs for about 1/4 the annual fee

  162. Don’t have it, and due to the ongoing events, I don’t think I will even plan on having it in the near future.

  163. I don’t have the Reserve as I couldn’t justify the fee. I’ve had the DL plat for 10+ yrs and found it to have a better fee/benefit ratio. With the reduction in Sky Club access benefit, I would certainly not get it. Non-branded plat Amex gives the same level access to SC plus PP for access into US Airways Clubs, some AA clubs and many other (and often better) lounges, like The Club at ATL.

  164. I’ve just cancelled the DL platinum card, and am really quite disappointed they didn’t ask me why. I guess they didn’t want my $175 annually.

    So, now I’m down to the AMEX platinum, with which I will use the $200 airline credit for DL incidentals, as well as getting into the SkyClubs and Priority Pass clubs overseas. For the spouse, getting an additional AMEX platinum for $175 seems the way to go for their SC access.

  165. Makes me glad I’m still hanging with my DL Plat Amex. I’m just as happy to book a BOGO EC seat with my cert for the wife and I and still enjoy the MQM bonuses.

  166. I don’t have the card now and the changes won’t affect my decision to not carry it.

  167. Despite the changes I am seriously considering it. A) I mostly travel alone so lounge access is a non-issue B) Am Silver, so anything to help an upgrade is beneficial C) I currently have the Delta Amex Platinum and rolled over 16k MQM’s. By upgrading I would get 5k MQM, and eventually 15k MQM on spend. As far as the extra cost is concerned: It’s $300 more that allows me to get a total of 10000 additional MQM (vs current card) this year which translates to about a 3 cpm mileage run. And it pushes me pretty darn close to gold for 2015 as I already have 12k of travel planned by March.

  168. I have the platinum and have been thinking of upgrading, but I’m not sure I can hit $60K

  169. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    Used to have one but canceled it since its not worth the money anymore!

  170. After watching the points required for trips and the availability of decent routes (I fly between NC and Utah at least once a year), I am ready to chuck Delta once and for all and focus my efforts on Southwest. I don’t make enough income to qualify for the $30k/year spend.

  171. I think its a sign of the times…..I am closing more cards these days dues to the changes that don’t benefit me, or the min spending. The only way to look at it is we had it so good for a while compared to Europeans who don’t get the same kind of offers or perks with credit cards and airlines.

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