Your phone can earn/save you 100,000+ points a year!

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cell phones over time

If you still have a flip phone, you need to upgrade! I kid but not really. I love my Samsung Note2. Yes, it is a “Phablet” since it is a bit on the big size but it is never far from me. I can run the blog from it in a pinch, oh, and it does make calls. But that is about me, what about you?

At this point all of us should know that with any AMEX cards, like any of the Delta cards, if you want to get a new card bonus again you have to cancel and wait 365+ days. But if you are like the “old me”, that can cost you A LOT of points and make you very mad. Don’t be that way as Delta Points readers should never be “angry” (well other than at Delta now an then when they say the world “enhancement”)! What you need to do, is take ONE minute, and put in an alarm on the day you are 1 year past cancel on your AMEX card so you can plan for when you want a new one.

Another way to not really earn points but to make sure you don’t lose points is to put a reminder 30 days before the DAY you applied for a card as that most times starts the clock to meet the 3 or 6 or whatever month clock to meet your spend to get the points for some new round of cards. Why not put that into your phone when you activate as a reminder as there are few things in life as frustrating as getting a new card and NOT getting the points!

Promotions. I am today following up on this one as I never got my 500 IHG points for going paperless. I mean it is only 500 points but so many of these little things are small and we take the steps to get the points so I put a reminder in my phone to make sure I got the points. I did not and the email went out to ask where they are.

Twitter. If you don’t have a twitter account or the twitter app you are just flushing points and deals down the toilet. I find and am told and share so many deals quickly on twitter. I can do it from GoGo or on the run or wherever. Take yesterday’s OM deal. Twitter. Oh, and the Delta mistake fare from Delta, had you been following me on twitter, you would have at least got wind of the deal when it first started well before I could post about it when it was dead.

Apps! Say you are in a store, find something you like. Oh, but it would be better to order from a site that say pays you more points for in-store pickup. OK, if you say have the Award Wallet app, you will have access to all your frequent flyer accounts. You can log in, click the airline web site to log in, order from their portal via your phone for in-store pickup while in-store then just go to the back counter and pick up the item. Rather that 1x points you got 2x or more!

Sharing a connection. As I blogged about before, when on the go, many times you are for frugal reasons only paying for or getting one internet connection. That means if your daughter is checking out her instagram account and sharing photos of her new whatever she got on vacation you are missing time to check DeltaPoints for the day. We all know that can cost you 😉

Here is another great use of your phone. Most cards do NOT want you to go away if you have been using the card for more than just the new card bonus spend. If you put a reminder into your phone to call about bonus points at the 11 month mark it can be worth a bunch of points and it is so hard to remember when that is. Use your phone to help you earn those points.

For those of us who have a Delta Platinum or Reserve card we get a Delta BOGOF certificate about a month after our annual fee generates. We have ONE YEAR to both spend and fly that certificate. Why not put a reminder in your phone to book it or spend it in 6 months rather than having to scramble for someplace to  go before it becomes worthless!

I think you are getting the idea here. You phone working for you can add a ton to your point totals for the year and save you from missing or leaving others on the table. Do you have other ideas that you can share to make your phone into a point machine? – René

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  1. I called AMEX for my true AMEX Plat. card to try to get some extra MR points, or a $450 fee reduction or waiver and got a ROCK. In past years I’ve been able to squeeze 5k or 10k MR points out of them at renewal.

  2. @Rene – if you have a non DL Amex Gold which featured one year free (no annual fee) + bonus points after a 2K spend, can you dump that when first renewal annual fee comes up and switch to a DL Amex Platinum and still get the sign up bonus and MQM’s on the DL Amex Plat? or do you have to wait 365+ days after dumping the non DL Gold Amex to get the DL Plat Amex in order to get the sign up bonus and MQM’s? (this is for my spouse).

  3. But this device (Samsung Note2) can set you back $450 plus whatever annual contract charges/fees

  4. Did IHG give you 500 points marked as valued member bonus? I have that and thought it might be the points for going paperless.

  5. Rene I hope you are very patient as Sprint may give you a life of sheer agony! I am unfortunately locked in due to the needs of other family member but I find that the service is poor at best in many airports. The more messages I get about Sprint upgrading the network means the service gets worse. Good luck trying to get a Sprint signal anywhere in the AUS airport.

  6. @TexasYankee – it’s funny I think no one loves their cell service. I have been with Sprint for, uh, ever, and they work for me both here and on the road. In northern MI, well, not so much but I only go up there 1x a year to golf 😉

  7. You should check out cardwatchdog, it can do all the alerts that you’re talking about. I’ve been using our for about a year now and it has replaced my excel spreadsheets. I don’t say that lightly either, I love making spreadsheets to track stuff.

  8. Is there a hashtag we should be using when we are displeased with deltas new medallion changes. Twitter drives google and news feed a connected hashtag could get the point across a little better. Just wondering.

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