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The Points Guy is starting a firestorm this morning with the new 100,000 point Citi AA offer (I have updated the best points card tab with the latest offer btw).

This really is an amazing deal. The link is not my link so keep that in mind (find it at the bottom of the list of cards)!

The basics are it is 100,000 points after $10,000 in spend in 3 months. It comes with free Admirals Club membership and a $200 credit that we may be able to get by buying AA e-Gift cards but clearly not yet confirmed. It does have a $450 fee.

Here is one of the best parts, many readers are reporting success if you got the lower 50k or 75k offer recently that you can BUMP THE BONUS to this new offer. I would call Citi right away (number on the back of your card) and see if you can get it. If rep one says no, call back. Rep two says no, ask for supervisor. Worth the effort.

Also a reader just told me the call centers are down and swamped due to the new offer so be aware you may have to call tomorrow to get final approval (most do not get instant approvals).

Then, if you do not have a BlueBird yet, please get one as it will be a part of being able to meet the huge $10,000 spend requirement! Also think about what other cards you may want to go for on the same day (I would look for ones with LOW spend requirements since the AA card is so high). Are you going for this card? – René

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  1. My card has not arrived yet, do you have the customer service number so I can call them to bump the bonus?

  2. This is no-brainer … 100K for $250 ($450-200) and Admiral Club access. But $10K makes it so hard (for me right now). But to those who have that ability, go for it!

  3. Yeah, I was on the fence about the 75k+$100 offer and then when the 100k+$200 offer hit, I grabbed it right away. Had to call, move around credit, was told they were very busy, but a very nice CSR experience.

  4. I know this isn’t the experience with most people but mentioning having a Bluebird card prompts me to comment: I have yet to find a store which will let me purchase Vanilla Reloads with a credit card. And I’ve tried dozens. There’s only one CVS within 50 miles of here but I do try others when I travel. Guess I’m just unlucky!

  5. I applied for this Citi Executive AAdvantage card and was instantly approved, even though I already have a Citi Aadvantage card (since Sept.2013).
    For those interested, I was in South Florida last week and looked for Vanilla Reloads. No luck in Key West (3 CVS stores, 2 no Vanilla Reload cards at all, one did not accept credit card), but the CVS store in Miami Beach had plenty of them and accepts credit cards. Unfortunately, I could only buy one. My second purchase on the same card was declined (by the store); it seems that the $1000 limit includes the activation fee.
    So I tried the Barclay Arrival card which was declined by Barclay for fraud protection reasons because I don’t live there. Best to call them beforehand.

  6. I’m having lots of trouble finding stores that permit Vanilla reload purchase with credit cards. CVS yes once but many out of stock. Walgreens no x2, 7-Eleven no. Thought this was a NYC problem, apparently not.

  7. @Philip – look for growcery or other stores that sell the VISA debit card. The fee is a little higher but they can have pin set and then taken to walmart to load over to BB. I mix up my spend and eat the little higher fee at my store to have not ALL cvs spenging (I buy gas and other things to and Amazon Payments etc)

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