I liked flying last row coach middle seat on United – uh what? My first 787 flight!

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This morning I put up a post about the many reasons to love my Delta. We started Monday morning by arriving bright and early at the airport as our booked taxi to the airport came a little early (not about to do the $70 UBER again) and traffic was light that early.

As I was checking my Delta phone app to see about the upgrade chances from LAX-SLC (both of us had cleared as Diamond and Gold Medallions from SLC-IAH btw) I saw something had gone wrong. SLC-IAH had just canceled. Ruh-Roh.

I jump on and call the Medallion line to see what can be done and to maybe see if I could get all the way back home today and avoid the mess but that was not going to happen for a bunch of reasons the least of which was that the South Bend area was under a state of emergency! The other reason it was not going to happen was that I was on two tickets and had to finish in some way number one before we could mess with number two that has also at this point been changed due to the weather.

The rep told me Delta had rebooked me on United and I was all set to go from LAX-IAH direct. I could not check in via Delta but could on United. We had very little time now and had to at this point board our HNL-LAX flight, but I did get from the Skyclub the PNR number from United. No GoGo over the water but as soon as we were near the mainland Lisa & I both jumped on and downloaded the United app. It is quick and works and we were able to check-in with our PNRs and pick seats.

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I am not a huge United fan. I am really not pleased that I will probably, after this summer’s trip, ever again fly Lufthansa on United points again, but such is life in points land. I wanted to not like this United flight, but I got to fly for the first time on a 787 Dreamliner. It was REALLY hard not to just be happy about this change. Now as you can see, my seats, the only two I could pick as a non-status United flyer together were the LAST ROW of coach and middle seat for me. Ugg.

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First off I did learn you can go to United terminal 7 from Delta’s terminal 5 without leaving security in LAX airport by going via terminal 6. Very nice. Then I got to see the United boarding method vs. the Delta one. I have to say I like the Group 1,2,3,4 & 5 lines. Lisa for some reason had Group 3 and me 4 but we both boarded in 3. Just like Delta, unless an agent calls you on it, I think you could board in any Group.

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I like the 787. What a jet. I wish Delta had some. Even stuck in the back row of coach I liked it. The seats were fine but coach. Since this was an international bird IFE was free and worked well. USB power was in each seatback. The cabin feels spacious and I do think I could “feel” the difference in pressurization vs. a standard jet.

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The windows are HUGE and I like the dimming shades. The curve of the wing in flight is amazing. The ride was nice and impressive. The service was good and FA’s were just nice and smiled and seemed to be happy even with coach passengers. Wow.

I just cannot wait for a chance to try the 787 again. Plus, this really will work out great on points. I got to IAH in the end, put in my US Air number for the United flight that will in the end become AA points that I want to have and I will request missing route credit for the canceled Delta segments. The only downside of all the weather is I have to spend an extra day in IAH at the Sheraton but I have SPG points and the hotel is very nice so no big deal (I could maybe ask and get Delta to spring for a comped room for tonight but I am just as happy where I am).

While I am not ready to change to UnitedPoints.com after just one good flight I have to say I am very pleased with the friendly 787 United experience! – René

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  1. Boarding groups on United ….
    Group 1 = First, Biz, Global Services, 1K, Platinum
    Group 2 = Gold, Silver, Star Alliance Gold, credit card holders
    Group 3 = Windows
    Group 4 = Middles
    Group 5 = Aisles

  2. Whoops, Global Services is group 0 (pre-boarding). But the rest explains why you two had different boarding groups.

  3. I’m so envious you got to fly the 787! I’m curious…you mentioned you could “feel the difference” in cabin pressure. How did that affect how you felt after the flight?

  4. Also, was the air quality noticeably different as well? I remember Boeing touting how they could increase the cabin humidity due to usage of composite materials and such.

  5. “I am really not pleased that I will probably, after this summer’s trip, ever again fly Lufthansa on United points again, but such is life in points land. ”

    @United: mission accomplished, one less churner/reloader/freeloader to worry about! 🙂

    1) The UA App is very good
    2) UA boarding is good! (who knew?)
    3) The 787 is good (IFE, windows, cabin pressurization, power)
    4) UA (well, these are fkaCO crews) service is good

    Sounds like a trifecta plus one. Your lucky day!

    Could you have ‘bought up’ to E+? I think you can do this on the app, possibly with the GA. Would have made your life a little more comfortable.

    When is DL expecting 787 deliveries?

    Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your blog.


    PS @Amol: Military in uniform is also ‘group 0’ – with GS

    PPS @DP: Keep accumulating your MP Miles (or CSP points). In spite of the 2/1 devaluation, you will be able to snag flights on the 787 – UA metal – in Biz First at close to the same rates offered now.

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