Oh no, GoGo auto-billed me again – should I have followed readers’ advice?

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my email conf that NO rebill of GoGo after first 30 days

I hate being wrong! I have in the past, on many occasions, told readers to just cancel right away after subscribing to a 30 day pass if they do not intend to keep using it past the 30 days (so they don’t forget to cancel as once it does auto re-bill you are stuck paying for another month and rightly so). Anyway, when you cancel you will have 30 days to use it and then the service will just end after that. All this could also be fixed if GoGo were to bring back the 30 day pass, but that is for another post.

I have told readers to just email back to the subscription confirmation e-mail from GoGo and then you are all set and have proof that the cancellation will happen (as you can see from above in my case). However, many readers told me not to trust GoGo as they will often times auto bill you anyway AND that they will then refuse to credit you back for the re-bill. Readers said I should just take out all my credit card info from my GoGo account then, as they say:

“let them try to re-bill you without a credit card on file”!

Now I think that is just silly as it is so convenient to have my card on file when I do want to get another Travel Pass with Delta and GoGo (GoGo is also using Amazon Payments if we want to go that route but personally that is not for me).

I must say the last time I had a 30 day pass it did auto re-bill but I had canceled via chat so no personal proof of cancel but the rep was great, offered an immediate credit, and apologized. Not so much this time, the rep, Darren, refused to credit me back until I cut-N-pasted a copy of the email that I had in fact been told there would be no re-bill!

Now there are perks about being a blogger. I reached out to GoGo’s rep Scott and told him what happened as if this is happening to me and to others, i.e. that auto re-bill when we did either via chat or email cancel, we should NOT have to ever be stuck paying for a month we did not want. In my case, since I used one email to log into GoGo but that email address forwards to my gMail I was told that is the reason the cancel order did not happen even though the email back said I was all set and would not be re-billed.

I was also told that if we did in fact chat or email GoGo with a cancel request that there will always be electronic evidence of this and we will never be stuck with an extra month and will not be forced to pay for an extra month. I was further assured that there are no issues with the GoGo auto-billing but if there ever is a mistake I can send readers directly to Scott and they will pull the chat or email correspondence and get readers credit back for the month they should not have been billed for. Impressive!

I love my GoGo Air service, I love the fact that the 30% discount code from last year is still working, and I love having WiFi while I fly. I do not want to have to remove my credit card from my account just to avoid things like this happening again and again but at least I can assure readers that, if they do choose to leave their cards on file, and they have an issue, Scott will be there to help! That works for me – René

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  1. A few months ago I took a Gogo reps advice and removed my CC information immediately after purchasing the monthly pass. I haven’t had a problem since.

  2. I just wish Delta would offer shorter GoGo rather than whole day or month passes. If I’m doing a short flight, there’s no way I’m paying $14 for a “whole day”. I know other airlines offer GoGo passes for 1 hour or the length of the flight with prices starting at $2-3.

  3. Sorry, I’m late to this discussion. Last year I had a multi-month nightmare with GoGo re-biiling me. I had signed up for 1 month and then forgot to cancel. Once the 2nd charge hit, I talked to them and was assured it was cancelled. No credit was offered since it was my error. However, they continued to bill me for the next 2 months despite repeatedly being told that it was cancelled. An apology and credit was offered after charge 3. When charge 4 hit, I wrote a letter and mailed it to corporate. I insisted they credit me for the latest charge as well as for month 2 due to the ongoing inconvenience, which they honored. To be 100% certain, I removed my cc from my profile. I believe they have a glitch in their database that uses the billing data from the previous month when they run their sweep. If you remove your cc info, the system can’t bill you. Also. their T&C page states this is a valid way to cancel.

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