SWAG Saturday: TWO Battery Bricks up for grabs! 10,000mAh ANKER + 7,200mAh Solar!

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

TWO Battery Bricks Delta Points SWAG Saturday Giveaway ANKER AstroE3 10000mAh and Solar 7200mAh

I am giving away this week, if you will, his & hers power bricks because what I have found on my last trip with Lisa is that it is good to have TWO of these bricks as we all have our own phone, tablet et al!

So, the rules for SWAG Saturday are always the same and are HERE if you want to see them. Then on to my two part question. This morning from the post I talked about 5 great cards that you can earn points and spend on Delta with no blackouts. They were:

  • Capital One Venture
  • CitiBank Thank You Premier
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred

All of these are great cards if you are willing to buy coach -VS- 1st class tickets, which most times, still cost a bunch of $$$. Also as I touched on, this is one of the perks of an airline point vs a spend point like cash because airline points when redeemed in a premium cabin can have MUCH greater value for the points.

cost to buy a business class ticket delta 1july-12JULY-2014 DTW-CDG

Take Delta for example. If next July you get a business class ticket to Europe for 125,000 low SAVER level award compared to say buying the same ticket for over $4500 then those points are valued for this trip at 3.6+ cents each! Much higher than any of the “cash type” cards!

So now for feedback and a chance to win. I need from you two answers since I am giving away two great prizes.

Q1: due to the fact that finding award seats is getting harder and harder on all airlines do you value “cash type” cards more now
Q2: when you do redeem airline points do you tend to book coach or 1st/business class.

I need both answered for a shot to win via tomorrow. Thanks and have fun! – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I generally use both cash and points cards. Depends which is offering more points on certain spend. But I try to keep a good balance of cash back and miles.

    And yes, when I book using miles its almost always for premium cabin seats. Gotta burn all those miles!!

  2. alexismaraz Reply

    Two questions today! I use mostly cash back cards now as there are so many 0.02+/$1 cards and not many miles cards provide that kind of value (esp with all the devals lately).

    I find that I book about 50/50 econ and bus depending on how long the flight is and availablility.

  3. Question 1: Probably should, but I haven’t taken the time to figure it out.
    Question 2: 1st/Business, almost always. I save miles to be able to use them to fly first on really long flights, e.g., last time I used them was to fly first class to Katmandu.

  4. I still go for the points over cash. I prefer to buy 1st/business on international flights.

  5. 1. I normally use my cash card more for the 2/$1 spend which can be redeemed on all kinds of travel expenses.
    2. I book economy more often then not.

  6. While I have carried the Caoital Ine Venture card since it’s inception I rarely use it. I just prefer getting miles for my flight spends especially when I get double mikes with the Sapphire card.
    My preference is always being in business and first. As I age I look for my comforts when I travel. My Freddie Laker days are long gone.

  7. I currently value cash over miles. I also have a ton of miles so when I redeem miles, I redeem for first class

  8. I generally use both cash back and miles cards. I’ve had a cash back cards for years.
    When I book domestic tickets using miles, I fly coach. When international, I go for business class.

  9. I’ve been using cash back cards a bit more frequently but I don’t see myself using that cash to buy a paid F or J ticket, so I make sure to earn enough points to get me a few international premium cabin trips per year.

    Domestic trips in Y, International in F or J.

  10. Q1: No, still rather have airline miles.
    Q2: About Equal. Will book domestic coach on expensive fares and hope for a status upgrade due to having DL platinum status. Prefer to redeem for Business on long overseas flights.

  11. 1. I’m starting to think more about getting a cash card but not there yet.
    2. I book business class international awards when possible.

  12. I used to exclusively use points earning cards, but I just started mixing in some cash cards for their increased versatility.

    I always book coach tickets (except for my upcoming honeymoon), as I typically can’t justify the increased price of premium cabins.

  13. Q1: I still value SkyMiles even though they’re sometimes a pain in the ass to use. Therefore, I still hold a Delta American Express card and have no plans to switch to cash back.

    Q2: I will book coach awards for domestic flights where I’m likely to be upgraded anyway. But it’s all BusinessElite for long-haul international travel.

  14. Young_Thorough Reply

    Definitely like the option to cash out at home depot or williams-sonoma or any number of places that are more likely to quickly get me compensation sooner. This is considering most my travel is business and business paid on business card i dont get the points for.

    I tend to book a mix of low first and low coach when low first isn’t available. Usually using my points for companion flights for wife or flights for mom.

  15. Yes, but only have a few of those “cash” cards. I do usually book premium class for my award flights.

  16. I still use my points cards faithfully!

    When I book award travel, I tend to go for Business or First, depending on the airline. I figure I can ‘pay’ for coach.

  17. Q1: I try to diversify card use between miles-earning and “cash-earning”, which gives me options when I am looking for a fare…if there is no saver-level available, I’ll “save” my miles for later and use the cash-earning rewards.
    Q2: I always aim for coach, mainly because my goal of “seeing more for less” is in-line with that type of booking.

  18. Mostly use point cards.
    Book on coach. Economy comfort is fine for me. Rather use the additional miles that would cost me for business to use for another trip.

  19. GetToThePoints Reply

    1- No, points can still be leverage up for far more value than a cash back card. In other words you can usually get a multiple of the cash value by using points making them more valuable than cash.

    2- Short trips I redeem for economy. Over 3-4 hours book 1st/Business class.

  20. Q1: I think its good to have both cash and points cards. big points promos help boost balances and you never know when you might need some points or miles, but cash is king, so if i can get 3+% back cash, it’s hard to argue with that.

    Q2: I am saving up my miles for aspirational trips like an around the world ticket in business class.

  21. Q1: Starting to think cash is the way to go b/c one can always find pretty low coach airfare prices
    Q2: international business

  22. GM Jeff Mc Reply

    Q1. Well since I just received my Delta plat AmEx this month, guess I value miles. Stopped using Chase Sapphire until reach $25k spend to get miles boost, but will go back to CS card to get cash points. If no Delta perks (minimum spend exemption, MQM, etc, would stick with CS card and value cash points higher.

    Q2. Coach domestically, 1st Hawaii and overseas, since as you pointed out get more cents per mile.

  23. Q1: I still value points cards over cash, particularly the sapphire but so much of my spending is done on cards specifically to meet spend requirements that it has become less of a decision.
    Q2: I always favor coach redemptions, even with high points balances, I’m a cheapo.

  24. Q1: Value cash type more lately

    Q2: Coach. I’d rather more trips.

  25. Don in ATL Reply

    I just got my first “cash type” card this past week, so I guess I am thinking about going in that direction. And yes, when I book a points award, I go for the premium cabin.

  26. I use mostly points based card and make sure I earn and burn! I’ll usually fly coach domestically, and business/first internationally.

  27. 1. Mostly inclined towards Cash/miles cards like Chase Sapphire preferred, Chase Ink & Amex PRG, more flexible either for cash or airline miles
    2. I have traveled economy when the date is not flexible, when flexible have always looked for business class

  28. 1: I prefer cash because I’m lazy!
    2: I’ll book coach for domestic, first for int’l anytime.

  29. 1. I haven’t had a lot of problems with awards yet so I’m good with awards for now.
    2. Business if available is fine with me and first class if it’s a special trip!

  30. Q1- I value cash back 2% cards and Starwood Amex more than any airline card. I mention the SPG amex because it has alot of flexbility for hotels and for air miles as needed.

    Q2 When I book award tickets for the big international trips I go first class and in some cases business class(delta) On domestic I use US Bank flexperks or Travelocity Card points for domestic tickets. I get the miles and in some cases I get upgrades with Delta, and or American.

  31. Question 1: Yes, have Capital One and my Chase Ink but I use a combination of cash/points cards.
    Question 2: 1st/Business unless it’s really a stupid price to redeem that way. I agree that airline points most of the time give you better bang for your buck than straight cash. But at time, cash is what you need 🙂

  32. Richard Light Reply

    I don’t always use points, but when I do I prefer to use them for short notice trips and usually for others. I would much rather wait for a good sale on fares – I like the thrill of the hunt!
    Stay thirsty (for travel) my friends 🙂

  33. No, haven’t yet deterred from points but who knows.

    And I’d preferably redeem for 1st/biz

  34. 1. Highly value the use/flexibility of the sapphire.
    2. Usually coach, but sometimes splurge.

  35. I definitely do consider cash type cards more these days. Also, the fact they come from banks other than Chase and Citi usually helps to diversify with the banks.
    And I travel exclusively in economy so the more flights I can get the happier I will be =]

  36. 1. I value cash back cards to curb the cost of mileage running
    2. I only tend to book premium cabin awards

  37. Question 1: I usually use both types of card cash and points, depends on where I could use it.

    Question 2 : I usually try to book business/1st class, if they come back saying seats not available then I will try for coach class.

  38. I do value cashback, but more fore hotel and transportation costs. I’m willing to be flexible on where we go to make using points for tickets work. I do premium seats for any trip over 5 hours because my husband has a back problem and can’t sit in coach seats for long hauls – and if he gets to sit up front, I want to too!

  39. 1. I have a combo of cards with points and cash perks, but I find I have more hotel point cards than airlines. 2. Because I tend to book reward travel at the last minute, usually the available award options for First Class are not that much than Coach, especially on other carriers than Delta. Therefore, I end up booking more First Class rewards.

  40. Q1: I’m still partial to my Delta Platinum AmEx….but, that very well could change.

    Q2: It seems as though when I redeem points, it’s most often for family and friends…and, tends to be coach tickets.

  41. 1. Yeah haven’t had the greatest luck with award seats lately, so need to look into getting a good points card.
    2. Like to save my points so sadly usually go for coach.

  42. I’ve been going after more cash cards lately and the points I do have with Citi and Chase I use to purchase tickets.
    Mostly coach but with 500K+ Delta points I’ll be changing that right now lol.

  43. I tend to use mileage and point cards for airfare and hotels.

    When booking, I tend to book first/Biz class for international (best value, IMO) and then tend to book coach for domestic as I will frequently get upgraded as an elite even on a domestic mileage ticket. If I dont, well the trip is usually not the long.

  44. 1. Yes, cash cards are a bigger part of my strategy
    2. First/business all the way!

  45. I usually went for the points but I’m switching more to the cash cards. With cash you can earn points when you buy a ticket so it’s like doubling up. Since I mostly fly DL I book coach awards domestic and get free upgrades and look for low level BE awards when going international. To me that’s the best use of miles.

  46. I go mostly for points but may trend toward cash back as award charts continue to devalue.
    I generally book economy.

  47. 1: I use points or miles cards, but strongly looking at switching.
    2: book business for international, but coach for short domestic hauls

  48. 1. Points only cash savings is nice but you tend to lose focus on the bigger picture.. First class

    2. Depends on length of time on the flight. Sfo to hnl coach. International always business and higher

  49. I still value miles more than cash type cards simply because i see miles as “something special”. When i use them i generally book business or F as it’s not something i would usually ever book having to pay outright. I manage my spending well so If i get back cash back, it doesn’t feel as special. I still would never spend 10k on F class to Europe yet for just over 100k miles i can do that

  50. I like mileage cards because its the best use for me.

    I alway look as far in advance for the highest level of cabin awad.

    ( so far, so good)

  51. 1. I’d go with the points.
    2. I love business class for international flights but only if it doesn’t add connections to my itinerary. Non-stop is my usual goal.

  52. 1.) 50-50 for points only or cash cards depending on what my travel plans are for that year.
    2.) Economy for Domestic and Business/1st for Intl.

  53. Q1: Cash type cards are my new go-to card this year; got the Barclays last month and the Venture this month during the 50K sign-up bonus. Looking at the Freedom next.
    Q2: Always book coach because I’m usually buying between 3 and 4 tickets at a time.

  54. I previously stayed mainly with points cards, but now I am starting with cash back.
    I use points for biz/1st class only

  55. Don’t have any cash-back cards but might consider them if the lack of availability continues – primarily redeem for business – first, exept on short positioning routes.

  56. 1) Moving towards cash back more and more.

    2) Generally coach, since I am new at this and don’t have a zillion miles yet!

  57. 1. Generally points are still best, in my view.
    2. Always coach because I’m usually booking multiple seats at a time.

  58. Bruce nightingale Reply

    Q1 no cards extra this year. Only my miles cards for me
    Q2. Coach only ever

  59. No and premium cabins. Got to maximize the dollar value of redemptions and points buy you much nicer things.

  60. 1. I don’t travel very much, so I’ve always preferred cash cards. This is not to say I wouldn’t travel more often if I could; I just haven’t really had much opportunity yet.
    2. I’d probably book coach simply because I’d want the miles to go as far as possible.

  61. Q1 – Primarily use my SkyMiles Plat AMEX to keep accruing SM and the MQM boosts. But i do have a cash back card and favor that when there are specific bonuses (i.e 5% at xxx).
    Q2 – Probably 70/30 First or Business to Coach … Depends on what type of trip being planned.

  62. I still try and collect Ultimate Rewards points as much as possible.

    I redeem first or business for my overseas travel and transfer to southwest for my domestic.

  63. I don’t have a cash card yet
    And always redeem for First Class
    I can pay saver coach prices but could never afford 1 st class to Europe !!

  64. I primary go for points but cash is looking more inviting
    I use points for business/1st class

  65. Use Delta cards for MQD but cash cards for value. and redeem for business/1st class.

  66. I do not use a cash back card. With the family now we use the points for coach

  67. I just applied for my first two cash cards (Arrival and FlexPerks), so yes. I always book for business class on points if at all possible.

  68. 1. I still don’t value cash cards anymore than I use to. 50,000. $ spend at 2% cash back is not close to what I can get for 50k airline miles.
    2. Only business or first for me!

  69. I now have a mix of about 25% spend on cashback cards and 75% MR/UR. The cashback portion has increased, but that’s due to 5% quarterly bonuses.

    When I redeem miles, it’s for a really expensive coach ticket or for international C/F.

  70. Q1: I use a barclay arrival for my “cash card”, but it’s primary purpose will be to cover non-points lodging such as AirBnB (which is usually cheaper than hotels). It hasn’t changed in regards to lack of awards, since I use my DL Platinum Amex for flights.
    Q2 – I usually always book coach. While FC/BE would be nice, I’d rather travel more often than more comfortably.

  71. charles alan satterwhite Reply

    1. I like the cash card concept but let me tell you nothing in the world is more frustrating than a deal flight at 412 and only having flexpoints. So really I’d just take a cashback card rather than earn flexpoints as they are two hard to redeem for my flights.
    2. coach unless i have to travel on a particular day and only Biz is open on saver than I will sometimes go up! and any time i can sweettalk my way into a seat.

  72. I still like point based cards and redemptions tend to be business class.

  73. I am a points card guy. Points have always been great for last minute bookings.
    I generally book coach when I use my points.

  74. 1. Yes, cash can be king with continuing devaluations.
    2. First / Business international travel.

  75. Q1: Cash back cards do have their place especially with recent devaluations.
    Q2: Either; whichever is a better value.

  76. 1) rarely use cash back cards for travel…..
    2) almost always use mileage awards for premium class… Will only fly internationally in. Squishy seat!

  77. I have only been in First Class once….i like saving up points and saving $$$.

  78. 1. still sticking with the points credit cards!
    2. business is the way to go!

  79. As of right now, I still value the cards that give me points. Soon though, I believe that airlines will devalue their miles so much that getting a cash-back card will be the only way to go. Redeeming miles for coach seats for me is pointless (well, not really, you still get to where you want to go, just not as comfortable). In my mind, I say that I’ve worked hard to get these points and I’d like to fly first (don’t usually pay to fly first because the prices are waaayyy too high). Other people probably don’t agree with my reasoning but that’s fine.

  80. 1. Points cards ROI is variable so potentially more valuable.
    2. Business/First.

  81. 1. Still going for points/miles over cash.
    2. Use points/miles for 1st class/ BE tickets almost exclusively.

  82. Points for me rather than cash back for now. Could change is devaluations continue.
    Use miles for Business Elite tickets to Europe.

  83. Cash back cards do have more value now, but most of my spending will still go to transferable or airline/hotel mileage cards.

    Most of my redemptions are still in business or first class.

  84. I still have to hit the 25k on my Delta Platinum but beyond that, I’ll probably focus on cash based CC reward spend. I tend to stick with coach for redemptions. Others may disagree, but for me, it’s about the destination, not the journey and I’d rather have my miles take me further.

  85. #1. I still value miles/pts cards more.
    #2. I book the highest cabin class

  86. Q1: I definitely value cash type cards more, but my reason is because of flexibility rather then having difficulty finding award seats.
    Q2: coach.

  87. Deb Reply

    I have a delta reserve but also like to use Flexperks to book Delta flights and still get mqms.
    Also is good for booking vacation packages and still get options for upgrades.

  88. 1. Miles and points transferable to miles are my pick. I mix it up with hotel points…got to stay somewhere.
    2. I booked business class for my next trip as my spouse isn’t built for long haul in cattle class and the miles were due to be devalued. Might as well live it up. When it’s just me, I may take economy to make my miles last longer.

  89. Q1: I still go for miles because I can always find an award seat if I book in advance.

    Q2: I got for coach because I would rather stretch my miles. I care more about the destination than the travel experience.

    BTW, I really I hope I win…my phone keeps dying on me!

  90. Still going for the points not cash. And I try for first but will only do if its a good deal, or else I’ll slum it in coach. Thanks

  91. Q1: I don’t travel frequently so when I do, I aim for aspirational travel. Therefore, I still prefer points over cash.

    Q2: When I redeem points, it’s usually for international travel, which means I’m looking for first or business class availability.

  92. Cashcards over point cards anyday!

    I book coach and hope for a UG

  93. Cash cards over point cards 7 days a week and twice on Sundays

    I book coach and as DM, hope for an UG

  94. unroadwarrior Reply

    I have both kinds of cards. Airline mile cards to book Business class seats or to upgrade economy seats. And cash reward cards to pay for expenses during travel. I use cards to pay for travel – all of it!!

  95. Q1: Not yet, but I think my strategy will change next year. I have a few more points cards I want first.
    Q2 Since most of my redemptions are for family domestic travel, all coach.

  96. A1: I think both point cards and cash value cards are both useful, I have both and plan on keeping it that way.

    A2: I’ve always redeemed for 1st/business class awards and can’t see that changing.

  97. 1. I’ve never used a cash card, I should but I need all my spending to go on my Amex Skymile Reserve to get the 2x 15K MQM boost of 30K MQM to get me most of the way to GM.

    2. Every summer for the last eight years I’ve used Skymiles to book one or usually two BE TATL flights, usually outbound in coach and inbound in BE, but sometimes it’s actually cheaper to book RT in BE like this year. I got a Memorial Day weekend RT in BE to Germany for 100K when the coach/BE flight was 97.5k, that’s a no brainer. Bummed that now low level RT BE goes up to 125K starting June 1. I often book these 6-8 months in advance.

  98. Q1: still collecting the points, but re-evaluating
    Q2: coach — close to zero out of pocket for the family is still attractive at this time…

  99. I still look for points over cash – it’s about the experiences for me! I also book coach award seats.

  100. When I’m booking reward travel, I’m usually booking for my family…and so far all domestic, so coach is usually fine. If my wife and I were to head to someplace farther away, I would be aiming for something better.

    I don’t have any of the cash cards, but am looking at getting a few for future trips.

  101. If I’m not trying to make a minimum spend, I will use the cash card.

    We’ll continue to use miles for international coach seats.

  102. I always like points. I have cash in my checking account, but not enough to go to Europe just for fun!

    Coach, even though the few times I have travelled in business, the flight was almost better than the destination!

  103. Points have taken me places I have always dreamed about, so I will stick with them.

    Business is solo nice, but the entire plane gets me to the destination, and that is the point of my travels.

  104. I go for points – I’m all about the experiences! I book coach.

  105. I just got the Arrival Card and hoping for Citi Hilton Card for Gold Hilton access. It is my only hope for staying on Delta because of MQD’s. Unless I dump my GF (she made Plat flying with me this year) for one who has money so she can pay her way. LOL

    I use my miles to reposition and hope for a status upgrade. On international we reposition to ORD, SFO, LAX ect. from CVG and then buy our tickets and take the economy comfort exit rows on international flights. I was thinking of trying to use miles for a first class to Australia. I may just use all my miles up this year since I made Diamond and probably won’t even make Gold this year. I now have Citi AA and Barclay US Air cards so I maybe making the switch since I cant get Amex 🙁

  106. I will soon switch to cash back because it’s becoming too hard to use points. I book business class

  107. 1: not really. Only to get me in a club now.
    2. Coach coach coach. I’m cheap.

  108. I have yet to redeem skymiles for anything. For me, time is money so I don’t really have time to look for good deals and I can’t schedule my vacations very far into the future. I also can’t schedule them around Delta’s blackout dates. My wife and I just pay for the companion tickets as we get 4 of them a year. I have never bought a 1st class ticket. I’ll take the upgrade but economy comfort is fine with me so long as i’m not going trans con.

  109. Q1: Depends on the cash card, some of them have categories that make it better
    Q2: Coach, fits my travel needs better

  110. Q1: I’m actually transitioning from mostly cash back cards to mostly point/miles cards now that I’m at the age where I don’t bounce right back after an 8 hour flight in coach.
    Q2: Premium cabin – I like to start and end the vacation on a high note!

  111. I still prefer miles/points to use for first/business award tickets that would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

  112. 1. Personally I have never applied for a “cash type” card, only miles/points. Starting this year, my typical churn will be changing to include them because finding decent award flights are getting harder and harder to find.

    2. I always do coach on award flights because it usually myself, wife, and two sons.

  113. I have always valued cash cards more than points probably because I also value quantity over quality when it comes to flights and redeem for economy.

  114. I prefer cash back cards for those short/inexpensive flights but points for those more transcontinental trips.

    I redeem for coach, I’d rather take more trips, so I try to stretch my miles

  115. 1- I prefer the cash cards now more than ever
    2- Always book coach since they require the lowest amount of points.

  116. I use points only cards so far and have mostly booked coach but lately I have done FC because I am worth it!!

  117. 1 points over cash due to value and able to mix different cards
    2 coach except special events

  118. deltasegmentflyer Reply

    1. Point cards only because of people like you I can find good value.

    2. A mix of both coach and first class. Coach for the family but first class for my wife.

  119. Q1: Meet the 25k threshold for MQD waiver then it is all about points
    Q2: Coach domestically and business internationally

  120. 1. I still like miles cards because part of the fun of this hobby is hunting for a good ticket worth far more than 2%.
    2. I don’t do either more than the other; I look to see what seats are available, on which planes, and which airline, and weigh the cost of, say, one great ride vs two okay rides.

  121. I’ve been using the arrival card a lot lately. I’ve booked most of my flights in coach so far but have my first business class trip coming up next week. I might not want to go back to coach

  122. I still value airline miles, but move spending to my Barclays as soon as I hit $60K on the DL Reserve, and I mostly use miles for F tickets.

  123. With so much devaluation going on I will start to get cash award. Usually I will get coach foursomes tic and bus for oversea trips.

  124. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    Thanks for the great blog and contests.

    Q1-No, I still prefer miles.
    Q2- I prefer to book coach.

  125. I don’t have any true cash back card because that wouldn’t be any fun. I do however have cards that you can redeem for cash for tickets and with those I book coach tickets. With my miles cards I like to use them for business or first tickets.

  126. 1. Use them both. Focus on initial bonus for new points cards.

    2. Usually coach, but depends.

  127. 1. No I still love airlines cards because I think it’s all about how you use the miles.
    2. We book coach because neither of us are tall enough to require tons of leg room. We’d rather have more miles to use towards our next trip.

  128. 1. I’m all about points cards. Still!

    2. I book mostly economy with the occasional business class redemption!

    Mmmm. Solar energy…

  129. Q1- I still go with the miles/points. The cash back cards seem to be toooo little of a return to make it worth it. I am currently saving my miles/points for a nice vacation once the kids get older!
    Q2 – I book coach…. Way too poor and cheap for the big chair!!!!

  130. I value the cash for travel cards because it lets you book a ticket and still earn points. This is especially helpful when booking in advance.

    I tend to book business class when using award tickets. I especially enjoy this when there is low availability in business and medium in coach.

  131. Q1: doing a combination
    Q2: coach domestic and first or business for international.

  132. 1. Still using points cards
    2. Bus or first for international but often coach for domestic (to save up for the international premium tickets)

  133. Q1: My travel tends to be flexible, so I am usually able to find low-level award seats. So I still value airline points more.
    Q2: About 50/50. When I can get First/Business at saver rates, I buy it.Sometimes it’s almost the same price, when the saver rates are gone in coach.

  134. I have not changed my value on the cards and when I use points its for FC

  135. I still like my Miles cards. And I do a mix of both first class and coach. More coach for last-minute emergencies in first-class for Europe trips.

  136. iwantmoremiles Reply

    1. Yes, cash cards are my strategy
    2. First/business whenever possible!

  137. 1. Yes, to some degree, but I still still value mile based redemptions and need cc spend for MQMs

    2. About equally to both

  138. Since I’m relatively new to the game and an INfrequent flyer, I’m still trying to pick up points cards. I’ll mostly use points for Business (or First), although I use my Southwest points for coach 🙂 (with a companion pass, of course!)

  139. 1. I used to value airline points more until things have begun to devalue I’m appreciating cash much more now.
    2. I’m very quick to jump on the First/Business Elite tickets rewards since my business pays for travel, I rack up the skymiles and hunt for the next saver level F/BE reward ticket.

  140. 1. I have always gone for the points but after reading your blog and other comments, the cash back cards seem to be becoming more and more useful. If award charts continue to devaluate, I may trend toward cash back.
    2. Book economy

  141. 1. Yes, upto some extent, I value cash rewards more now, but cnotinue collecting the miles, because, that’s the only way to efford business class on international flights.
    2. Business/First for international, coach for domestic.

  142. I used to never think the cash cards were a good value but with all the devaluations recently I’ve begun to change my mind.
    I typically redeem points for coach tickets unless there is a “good deal” for business.

  143. 1. Still amassing points on cards
    2. Definitely First/Business on international flights whenever I earn enough points to redeem. I just have to plan a year in advance to find those low level award seats.

  144. 1.I am considering the cash options as I become more disolusioned with Delta.
    2 I use points only for International flights so I will look for Business Elite seats first, but I have been accepting whatever is available just to use up my points.

  145. I like have a mixture of both cash back and point cards to take advantage of any deal. Sometimes it is better to use the points if you can find the award ticket and if award is not available you have the cash card to fall back on instead. I fly a mixture of coach and business/first. I especially enjoy business when flying international and will use coach in the states.

  146. 1. I still use points and miles cards. It’s harder to find availability, but it’s worth it when it’s available.
    2. I redeem for coach domestically (mostly Avios and Southwest) and business internationally.

  147. 1: I think both point cards and cash value cards are both useful, I have both and plan on keeping it that way.
    2: Depends on what I need them for- a vacation then business– positioning or emergency trip then coach

  148. Q1: I still value miles/points cards more than cash cards. In order to bundle a cash incentive as part of a purchase I use a cash back web portal when it’s feasible.
    Q2: I redeem for 1st/business class 95% of the time.

  149. A1: No
    A2: I used to book first on international itins, now I book biz to extend my supply of miles

  150. No. To me cash cards are a separate category having nothing directly to do with travel.

    When redeeming points I do both. Sometimes (usually) getting there cheap and conserving points is the plan. But a luxurious long flight with points is good value and a lot of fun, not to mention a lot less painful!

  151. Q1 Use both but favor miles as I believe more value for Biz tickets
    Q2 Mainly book Biz for international

  152. dotti cahill Reply

    miles i think are best and i do business or first class only for me and hubby but use coach for trips for daughters and sons-in laws

  153. Q1: Miles with Delta Platinum card is first choice.
    Q2: Business for international. Occasional economy within the US if low award is available versus last minute cash price. Have been upgraded on US flights when flying on points which is good.

  154. Do value cash value cards more than before
    BUT I use the airline points for premium cabins so great value as well.

  155. I still value points over cash, but the disparity between the two is moving toward negligible.
    Right now it is about 50/50 for coach vs. 1st/business. It really depends on how many family members are going and where we are going.

  156. Great to value airline FF miles where I book coach seats to make the most of my miles! I’d rather go twice to Europe for 60K each ticket than once at 120K – I’ll never have enough points to fly First Class twice, but Coach, yes!

  157. Lawrence Wolfson Reply

    1-still like cash card & chase marriott
    2- usually coach

  158. 1. Yes, absolutely. Some of the best programs levy surcharges. With the Arrivalcard, it’s sooo easy to take the sting out of that.

    2. For long-haul, I try for biz. For short hops (five hours or less), I’ll take whatever I can get!

  159. 1) Use both points and cash cards; however, I favor the points ones.
    2) Mostly coach but will redeem for business tickets if points value is very good.

  160. Absolutely going to go to a cash card before my Amex reserve renews again. It depends on the spread between a first class ticket or a coach ticket. If I get a 25000 ticket, I stop there. If the coach jumps to 40000, then I check first class. It’s been a long time but I have gotten a first class ticket for 45000 when coach was 40000.

  161. David M Grey Reply

    1. Points as ROI is mostly more valuable as I use them.
    2. Business/First; Coach for domestic under 3 hours

  162. I value “cash” cards over points cards because I find them easier to use and book a lot of domestic travel where I don’t need first class. When using points though, I do typically save them up for 2 first class international seats.

  163. I still prefer points over cash because point earning still seems a bit more lucrative. I try to get as many trips for my points, so coach it is!

  164. Almost all my personal travel is domestic and I value my miles at about 1.5 cpm but am flexible. A lot of my use is to book flights for family get-togethers so I book mainly coach to make them go farther.

  165. Thomas Zook Reply

    1. I do value cash cards because of the flexibility of any travel expense. And the Barclay gives a steady 2.2 cents which is great. Barclay’s was hard to get, but I was able to convince them of using it as my new primary card. Further, when I use it for flights, I also get the miles bumping up the 2.2 cent value.

    2. When I redeem miles in the US, it is for economy; for Europe I get business class.

  166. Luke Coyne Reply

    1. I like the points to save for a comfy flight.
    2. I use them for a higher class seat.

  167. Mainly use points card but do use my $ card.
    Use points for economy but if the upgrade is a good price use points and $.

  168. Q1: going for points to
    Q2: travel biz or 1st dometic or int’l

  169. Michael J. Reply

    Q1: I prefer to use point cards such as the U.S. Bank Flexperks card since it is basically just like using cash to buy “award” tickets, so there are no limits on seat booking, plus you earn miles and have a chance of being upgraded to 1st class if you are a tiered member (i.e. medallion level). Also, I thought I heard that with cash back cards you may have to pay taxes if the cash back received is high enough (although I could be mistaken on this)
    Q2: I usually book coach (buy try to find ways to be upgraded if possible) especially since I have 6 children and we have to find as many ways as possible to stretch our dollars (and points/miles 🙂

  170. No – still a fan of the miles vs. points.
    Coach for international. If I can get savers for domestic 1st, I’ll do that.

  171. I do not value cash like cards more. Instead I want the business class flights to Europe. Much better use of points!

  172. Q1) I do use my Delta Platinum AmEx for Delta purchases and for $25K for my MQMs and now MQD. But other than that, I always use my Capital One Venture for everything else, for the cash! I use the “purchase eraser” feature, to get 2% back on *every* purchase. I value that more than airline points.
    Q2) So far, I’ve always used my points for coach seats.

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  175. 1. Careful planing and persistence and A helpful diamond desk has always helped me with my low level award tix to china each year.
    2. I always purchase coach tickets and have been very fortunate with upgrades with my diamond status each year, although the new rules on transcontinental upgrades will
    Being my percentages down this year.

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