Ever seen a HOOU cart where everyone gets to “Have One on Us” from Delta?

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have one on us for delayed flight

Delta is testing something new. As I talked about this morning in the rookie post, the HOOU is a very nice frequent perk of being a Gold Medallion or higher with Delta Air Lines. But coming off a flight last week I find a very nice Delta rep with a cart.

This was not just any cart but one peppered with Have One on Us stickers top, front and sides. I asked the rep, first if I could take her photo, then what this was all about?

She said it was due to the delay for the flight at that gate (and others) and flyers were welcome to come up and enjoy a snack or drink (sodas and such) free of charge as Delta’s way of making the delay a little better.

I am really impressed by this and hope we see more of it for those of us who don’t have Skyclub access to enjoy these types of treats. What do you think? – René

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  1. Hey, that’s my mom! Wow, you’re famous! HI MOM – YOU’RE ON TV!!! ERR…NOT TV, DELTA POINTS BLOG!

  2. For all the hate DL gets on BA and FT, they are simply a better run airline than anyone else in the US. I live in a city where another legacy is hubbed so am relatively captive as I care about non-stop connectivity and frequency for work. I’d give up my valuable miles for better service and reliability 🙂

  3. I’m not sure if it has had the HOOU on the cart in the past but this is a common sight at DTW. I’ve even seen it pulled out quite a few times at little TVC (traverse city, MI) for delays.

  4. I have seen this cart quite a few times over the last few months in ATL, MSP & DTW. They even bust it out in DSM a couple weeks ago when my flight was delayed. The cart even had some sudoku & crossword puzzle books to help people pass the time, its sitting in my office back home

  5. Delta’s been doing this for years. Perhaps the “Have One on Us” branding is new, but I’ve seen snack/beverage carts rolled out for delayed flights many times at various Delta stations. Several years ago, before Continental (R.I.P.) left SkyTeam, that airline provided similar service for my frequently delayed IND-EWR departure.

  6. I’ve seen this way too often…too many delayed flights! It’s a nice perk when not in the lounge and very thoughtful…

  7. I’ve seen this for a few years, but it’s always kind of pulled out randomly. Sometimes if you’re delayed, you get a cart, sometimes not. I had an hour delay over the lunch hour in Atlanta last year, and they offered us a $10 meal voucher if we were willing to come up to the gate and ask for one. I’d prefer that over some Biscoff and water 🙂

  8. I was flying JFK – SEA last August, flight was delayed, the cart appeared close to the info desk. A nice perk, but coupled with total lack of info on the delay only marginally improved my mood.

  9. I’ve seen that cart before at GNV (Gainesville Florida). Where there are 3 and a half gates, and no more than 15 CRJ-200/ERJ135 flights a day.

  10. have not seen it at any atl stops but a good idea ,,last week we were delayed atl to jax then hydraulics issue so way behind schedule..they actually gave out water before we finally took off ..it is a 42 minutes to 60 minutes trip so usually no service in the back

  11. The only time I saw these were at SBN airport. Not sure why as my flight was not delayed. I assumed it was because I was flying out on a CRJ with no premium class and it was a short flight to DTW so instead of inflight beverage service, they gave it to you on the ground – I liked it as I stuffed full sized Biscoff in my carry-on! LOL

  12. Easier to earn status, better employees, & now even more evidence of better service on the ground (i.e. this post) + fewer delays and ops issues = who cares about slightly less valuable miles.

    The experience TODAY is so much better on DL vs. UA or AA that it more than compensates for potentially harder to redeem or less valuable redemptions. Actually running a better business and providing better product today vs. buying your affection with hopes and dreams of a premium class award redemption in the future. Which seems like better airline? Ive had a lot of suffering on other airlines to get those awards which are marginally better at best…prefer DL (relative) competence on a daily basis instead of the other guys. For the super premium partner redemption, open some AA/UA cards.

  13. After months of reading about “spg” points and “crossover” rewards and not really getting it, I stumbled upon their value when I attempted to book one night at Sheraton hotel/CDG. The price in Euros is staggering and having stayed there before, knew I didn’t want to spend that kind of money ($500 or so) and yet I wanted the convenience of being as close as possible to the AF flight the following morning. Since 90% of my miles are committed to Delta, I had to find other miles to pay with points so I used your advice and signed up for SPG AMEX card. Voila! I now have enough for a room–I already had a Starwood card. With welcome bonus of 10,000 points, I have enough for upgrade to club level at CDG. Merci beaucoup, Rene.

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