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Skyclub day pass via Skybonus jumps 60% (when they become available)!

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I guess I should have expected this after the hammering news of the price jumps for Skyclub membership and the devaluation of the +1 with Delta Reserve card or the Membership Rewards Platinum card access but I am still upset.

You see I have been saving my Skybonus points to grab a set of 4 one day Skyclub passes to give away on the blog; I love using my points this way. But also as you can see below they are not available right now anyway!

no skyclub pass for skybonus for now

But as you can see from the 1st screen shot Delta has JUMPED the price to get them by 60%! You can no longer order 4/30,000 but now get 5/60,000 points (I guess 60% jump is better than 100%)!

Delta also did announce some test “upgrades” to the Skyclubs but time will tell what of these stick, become system wide and or have such a long wait list that getting them without say a 5 hour layover could make them all but impossible to enjoy. Sorry to be pessimistic but at least I can still get some HOOUs for 10,000 points.

1 year hoou have one on us delta coupone delta points blog

So to make myself feel better I am going to give  2  HOOUs away today to a reader via Just comment anything to cheer me up at all below on the blog today and I will pick a winner later today! – René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. Don’t worry René, there weren’t going to be any free outlets in the SkyClub anyway! Join us at Starbucks where they are plentiful.

  2. A plane ticket anywhere is my still my favorite antidepressant!

  3. Rene, It could be so much worse. You could be an elite flyer with American Airlines!

  4. I saw the same thing after your last posting about the check your balance at Skybonus, I looked because I had enough to get the passes, but now I will have to get another flight in to qualify at the 60K.
    Use the points to buy some crappy, free drink tickets now?

  5. I’m hoping some of the premium offerings will stay/be worth the value.

  6. At least the South Bend snow emergency travel ban has been lifted now, so you can put those HOOU’s to work!

  7. Could be worse… Delta could decide to only sell Skunky beer….

  8. Every day you wake up and realize that you are not six feet under is a Good Day!

  9. I think you give great advice and as someone whose only real choice is Delta, I appreciate the tips you provide…keep up the good work!

  10. Rene,

    Remember you can always use the Alaska Airlines Lounge, for now at least.

  11. We love your blog even if Delta seems to love us less every day.

  12. Look – in one hour you got 18 comments – shows how popular you are…

  13. I have gotten those in the past from Delta and gave them to family. Too bad…

  14. At least we’ll be getting EMV and no foreign transactions fees on the Delta Amex cards soon.

  15. dotti cahill Reply

    cheer up it has to get better–maybe after they upgrade the food and hopefully the white wine selection in the skyclubs

  16. No matter how Delta tries to change things for the ‘better’, I’m glad you are able to share us these details so that people like me aren’t surprised when we need things like this!

  17. Cheer up because, um, maybe more people will leave the Delta circle because of these changes… Less competition = less demand, less demand might lead to Delta chasing customer loyalty once again

  18. Cheer up Bud…

    Still the best on time performance.
    Still the best flight attendants
    Still the cleanest airplanes!

    For most of us, this is why we fly Delta. We can dream of having club access but the reality is mist don’t.

  19. Hey, it’s a good day. Just think how nice it is they are not connected with Spirit Airlines :}

  20. At least you’re not stuck in the snow somewhere with Snowmageddon in the NE.

  21. Delta could have announced all domestic flight from now on flown on CJ200’s.

  22. At least there should be 2 more amex clubs by the end of the year!

  23. Not sure there is anything to point to right now that is an improvement of service.

    As a PM looking for low level seats to SCL from ATL I’ve not felt the love so to speak especially when it comes to availability in business class. It’s like chasing unicorns. I’ve considered trying for DM this year but I’m really not sure if that would help with this particular routes award availability.

  24. Good thing I redeemed mine in for 4 passes when it was 30K last month. I hope we don’t get to see an increase on the drink coupon redemption yet before I redeem those in a few.

  25. You are really making us work for this one. LOL How about this? All of Delta’s enhancements are making it really easy to find material for your blog.

  26. Perhaps less time in the SkyClub will allow you to explore and find interesting new things in the airports you visit.

  27. Skybonus? I would think with a name that includes bonus the benefits would be more…not a lot there. Wonder why they have Glenlivet on board DL but not in the Skyclubs?! As a DM I just tried to use the certificates for upgrade again…year 6 and still struggling to find viable options. Still DL loyal.

  28. Alexander Ivanov Reply

    You can still enjoy a nice shower in Atl F concourse lounge:) I make a point to do it every time I connect.

  29. There IS some good news worth smiling about. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

  30. Just crack open some Woodfords and have a little drop! That should cheer you up!

  31. Delta is still the only airline where it is easy to get status without all the flying via Amex cards !!!

  32. No delays through ATL (this week… so far…)! And if/when I meet you on a MR, you can have one on me! Cheers!

  33. If it weren’t for Delta and the weather, there would be
    nothing to complain about.

  34. Step 1: wave to a neighbor. Do they wave back?
    Step 2: check pulse. Is it there?

    If both answers are YES so you are alive and that is what matters. Have fun!!!

  35. How about a little sour grapes to cheer you up? I have found that a several SkyClubs are almost too crowded. In some casees it is less crowded to sit at the gate than it is to visit the SkyClub (like the one in ATL terminal B).

  36. Hi Rene, at least you were not denied access to Alaska lounge in ANC like I was. Had a 3 hour turn on MR and they said sorry no Delta club members. But they would sell me day pass for $50!!!

  37. Michael J. Reply

    Thank you for being such a great resource and help to all of us – you’re a blessing to many 🙂

  38. William Finger Reply

    Thanks for the info Rene. I am only a GM, so we don’t get too many perks anyway. Have been in Delta’s Sky Club at DTW a few times with friends but usually don’t have much time before flights to spend there. Guess I’ll be spending even less time there now.

  39. Kevin:

    You should follow up with Delta on that one — Board Room access is a published benefit of SkyClub membership:

    “Alaska Board Room members flying in BusinessElite or World Business Class on an international flight or a domestic flight connecting to/from a same-day international Delta-operated flight. Please show a physical Delta Sky Club membership card for lounge access. (Note: Board Rooms also accessible to Delta Sky Club members traveling on a Delta- or Alaska-operated flight.)”


  40. Smile! Be happy. You are one of the lucky people who gets to travel…not everyone can say that.

  41. Cheer Up, Rene.

    Delta is still doing great work to accommodate passengers affected by weather delays. The other US airlines just can’t keep up!

  42. Could be in SFO waiting for an upgrade…. Number 49 out of 75 waiting for one seat !!!

  43. It will only get worse.

    As an FYI, I fly through ATL at least 4 times a week, and was in A17 Skyclub last night.

    They (at least 5 of the staff there – bartenders, Service reps and wait staff), have not been told anything as to when the club will be “upgraded”, if that’s what you want to call it.

  44. Rene, cheer up! At least delta is giving you things to write about. Now if the news would just be good for a change . . .

  45. christine pincince Reply

    I suggest you take off your socks and your gloves and start counting your many deeply lucky grand glorious blessings on your toes and fingers. as you keep at it you no doubt will quickly run out of digits and will soon realize that allowing another entity (Delta) to be in powerful control of the attitude and feelings of the wonderfulness that is your kind self is just not helpful. breath

  46. Cheer up mate, Skybonus is a better “free” perk than we can get with any other airline as a “double dip”!!!

    As such, cant complain too much about devaluation!

  47. Without the day passes, a person spends less time eating all the high-carb snacks they serve in the club! Yeah…I don’t buy that argument either.

  48. Young_Tho®ough Reply

    Your blog the New Delta Points could have been a DL AA merger. Sometimes someone elses misery is all you need to feel better!

  49. Being an old Eastern Airlines refugee, I’m glad Delta is still making a profit and open for business! I’ve had great flights and Crown Room visits, most on points and Am Ex. Hey, at least my husband and I get to have quality vacations paid for by the clients and business expenses.

  50. My chance to say hello! As a result of your blog I received a refund check from Chase for $1156.10, for points I accumulated on Ink & Sapphire. Thank you René, you are great! -Deb in Fort Lee, NJ.

  51. Don’t worry, they will go up more next year! Enjoy the savings this year! 🙂

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