SWAG Saturday – Things you have maybe never considered (but do now)

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Before you think your Delta Points blogger has totally gone and lost his mind, just hear me out. Yes this week I am asking you about Discover. Dis-who-what? I know I know, I have not had one for YEARS because they have had a mediocre product at best. But now, especially after last week’s talk about cash type cards, look at what Discover IT has:

compare discover it card to others delta points blog

This is a direct competitor to Chase Freedom and it does a decent job. It is also competing against AMEX, CitiBank and Capital One head to head. Some of the perks in the box are not something I would be yelling about but 5% back on rotating categories up to $1500 per quarter could max out to $300 back per year. That ain’t bad for a card that is NOT one of the ones we normally look at. Heck, next bonus quarter is home improvement stores. I can buy all sorts of gift cards at Lowes and max out easy!

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Anyway that takes us to a simple SWAG Saturday this week. The rules as always are HERE so take a look. Then for the question for a chance to win a nice new Motorola rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard with mouse pointer all you have to do is tell me:  would you consider Discover IT for your next round of cards? If you want you can tell me why yes or why no but that is up to you. Have fun – René

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  1. I would consider getting the Discover IT card because 1) I like the no foreign transaction fee great for going overseas 2) use the rewards directly at amazon.com checkout as I like shopping from amazon 3) 5%cash back categories change each quarter for more cash back and 1%for everything always

  2. I have the Discover It already and it really has some hidden gems for a no-fee card, such as the ShopDiscover portal. Payouts are usually considerably higher than the URMall and airline portals.

  3. There are some hidden gems in the discover portfolio. They have a sams club business card that basically earns 2% cash back. Only with the plus membership and you get the check only once per year. Discover also offers many balance transfer offers at 0% or 3% based on 18 months. They are a small processor but they have some good deals. Also the bonus cashback during Christmas is not bad.
    I may consider this card for my next round. They have been pretty generous to me in the past

  4. No…too many other better perk cards to churn through and not enough of my spending to go around. Wish I could use one of the points cards for business travel and expenses, but employer locks me to their designated card.

  5. Thanks to share the difference of this Discover IT card in your blog. I like this card a lot

  6. Not right now – I’ve got a game plan for the next six months and I’m sticking to it.

  7. Not for me. no foreign is nice but have not seen the acceptance spread like the old standard Visa/MC

  8. I am in, Its a powerful weapon in your portfolio, as you can double the value if you redeem for Partner gift cards like enterprise Car rental.

  9. Consider it? Sure! Now whether I’d finally pull the trigger would require more detailed analysis. But another advantage, perhaps, is that it comes from a different credit “family;” e.g., it’s not another Chase card, etc.

  10. I had a Discover card I had forgotten about, but got sent a new, replacement one. When I checked it out, I saw I could get 5% back on restaurants. While I love my Chase Sapphire card for dining, I think 5% back is bit better than 2 UR pts/$1. All that to say, if I didn’t already have it, I’d consider it for the 5% back category. Also the Discover shopping portal often has substantially higher paybacks: up to 20%.

  11. Probably not, I have the Capital One Quicksilver at the moment and that suits me perfectly for a cash rewards card.

  12. I’d absolutely consider the Discover IT card. In fact, I already have. Tried for IT in last major AOR, but I’ve got the More and Miles cards currently, and two different reps claimed two Discover cards max. Was trying to get a second 5% card from Discover for my portfolio as every bit helps. Thanks for offering the swag!

  13. Nope, because I just scooped one. Not the best and it actually never sees my wallet with the AMEXs, but hey a good offer and decent product and credit info.

  14. The Discover Card: I have one and have “discovered” that very few accept it outside the USA.

  15. Yes! I have a Discover and use the 5% category bonuses and the discounted gift cards to maximize my bonus. It’s a nice complement to the 5% categories from Chase Freedom

  16. Absolutely not, their little list makes them appear to be the better card but looks are always deceiving.

  17. Yes I’d consider because you can redeem the cash back for discounted gift cards to places like Staples.

  18. I would consider it if there was a good sign up bonus, and a wider range of travel partners.

  19. I’ve had a Discover card for many years. Since I got into the game and been introduced to manufactured spend I’ve used it much more. By withdrawing the cashback in the form of gift cards it is possible to get an additional 20% bonus. Not sure why everyone is down on this card.

  20. I’d consider it. I had a Discover Card for a long time (seldom used, but one of my oldest lines of credit). I should revisit it.

  21. Nope. I already have it. Picked it up right when it came our during an AOR. It also had a 0% Interest promo, so I maxed that out for an extra “bonus” (floated cash in my checking account)

  22. Not for my next round, but I’ll add it to my ever-growing list of future contenders. Can’t pass up a bonus.

  23. Nope. The card benefits seem good, but considering most of the competitors have pretty good signup bonuses, it’s hard to add a card without any signup bonus.

  24. Yes, the card is good for the special cash-back categories, the Discover shopping portal and the discounted gift card redemption. Pretty much useless otherwise, but you can rake up a decent little bundle just on those 3 features.

  25. I have always liked discover. They gave me $500 bonus once for spending 3000/month for 9 months

  26. Rene, I would consider it. I asked you about it a couple weeks ago at the Chang Mai meetup in honolulu and while the cash back is neat, I was thinking more of the angle of taking advantage of the very generous baggage delay insurance that is better than the amex platinum’s insurance (not to mention, discover is still granting this generous insurance to all cardholders whereas amex has closed it to new entrants.) moreover it seems that award redemptions may qualify for it as wel. I’d be interested to see who they use for this insurance product and how easy it is to work with them.

  27. Consider? Sure — always good to diversify and consider all options.

    Actually pull the trigger? Unlikely — still have too many other cards that I’ve yet to apply for.

  28. I would consider. Need to look really closely at it though. I look closely at all offers, and see if they make sense.

  29. Yes I would consider. I’ve had good experience with discover in past and love the cash. Thanks

  30. No. I received some bad, bad customer service years ago. You only get one chance to make a good first impression!!

  31. I would consider Discover. I had one eons ago before my first Hilton points card which changed my life! (and travel opportunities forever!)

  32. I used to have Discover and it was OK, but the $2.83 I got back didn’tmatter much to my life so I dropped it. I would get it again with a nice signup bonus and if it didn’t have an annual fee.

  33. Probably would not consider, cash back isn’t fun, it’s the miles and points for travel that is fun.

  34. I would not apply for Discover next time around. I would go for Chase Freedom first due to Ultimate Rewards potential.

  35. Already have it — use it solely for maxing out cash back on their rotating quarterly bonuses just like I do with Chase Freedom.

  36. No, since I’ve got it already – $300+ per year, periodic great discovermall deals, and I’ve had it accepted at least as well as Amex. Lots of negative comments above, but no details…

  37. Hard to justify getting this when there are so many better miles and points cards around 🙂

  38. I have had this no fee card for years, probably 20. Not my main go to card.
    I mainly use it for the 5% cash back opportunities as they come up, and they also offer some additional cash backs if you are on the website. I recently got 5% cash back for all purchases in the Virgin Islands, of which I was going for Christmas. already SCORE! Historically they were one of the better cards for car rental coverage. Haven’t searched that lately, so I may not be on par with that any longer.

  39. Not crazy about Discover from past experiences. I find that it is not as widely accepted and no real sign up bonus points or miles of interest. They could be doing a much better job I think. I wouldn’t rule them out but not worthy of a hard pull at this point in time.

  40. NO! Discover has treated me terribly in the past – never again will they see any of my business.

  41. I will consider discover IT
    Because I am rather a contrarian when it comes to things related to travel
    Or maybe I’m just a bit looney. 😉
    Heck- 2 years ago I went to Moscow and St Petersburg in February cause it was more miles and less cost than flying to Miami!

  42. I already have a discover card, and take advantage of some of the bonus categories. I also would recommend it to people who prefer cash back with their credit cards.

  43. No. Chase freedom is great, and benefits tied to other chase premium cards give it the edge in my opinion.

  44. I have had a Discover card for years and reacently changed it to IT for the free credit score. Since it is not widely accepted, it is difficult to accumulate cash. I would not consider it if applying for a new card.

  45. I would not only consider the Discover IT card, but, in fact, I saw the same terms and offer you did and got one a few weeks ago. Clearly, great minds think alike!

  46. Interesting, but I probably would not go for it at this time.
    My primary motivation and “feel good” is when I am rich in miles and points. The cash back, while maybe financially a better deal, just doesn’t give me that same warm and fuzzy feeling as when I look at my spreadsheet and envision the many potential trips with accumulated points/miles.

  47. Haven’t had a Discover card in ages. To be honest, I’m happy with my Delta Plat AmEx, and my CapitalOne venture. Not really in the market for any new cards.

  48. my mom has a Discover card and loves using it, I’ve had some solicitations from them in the past (as I am authorized to sign on her own account) but hadn’t given them a thought. I might go for the Discover card if the time was right-thanks for providing the comparison on benefits etc… with other leading cards.

  49. Nope. I use miles and points cards because they afford me the ability to try things I wouldn’t otherwise pay for.

  50. Doubt it. Although, while Amex keeps taking away, it is nice to see cards adding perks.

  51. I’m not considering. A word of warning, Discover will send you at least one mailing a week trying to bring you back to a card you do not currently use. The shredder is getting a lot of use.

  52. I would consider it. I think it is a great option for a cash back card. Sure there are other cards out there with better promos, but with the continued devaluation of miles, I think that I will lean more towards cash back type of cards rather than points/miles based cards in the future.

  53. Yes, got one for me and one for my husband last month. Earn $150 cash back bonus after easy $750 spend in 3 months. Has a great shopping portal with options of 5%-20% cash back at shopdiscover.com. Most likely will only use for the 5% cash back in rotating categories and shopping mall. Only using for restaurants this quarter. No annual fee, no foreign transaction fee. Just got back from TLV yesterday and used it for every restaurant. Have/had most of the airline/hotel cards so a cash back card works for some spend.

  54. Yes, I have a discover card and have for years. It may not give you back as much as others but its very simple. Cash I can use anywhere I want. If you shop through shopdiscover.com you can get 5-10% cash back at featured merchants. You really should check it out. I’m seriously considering not renewing my platinum card and using my discover exclusively. Added bonus: no fee!

  55. As a result of this post, I did consider it. But after reviewing the benefits, I don’t think I’ll actually apply for it.

  56. Have four AMEX, four VISA and two MC that are accepted everywhere. Discover has limited use, not for me.

  57. I rarely use the Discover card I currently have as the other cards provide such better benefits, so not I would not go with the IT card.

  58. Discover card? No thanks- they rejected me and my perfect credit score 25 years ago. If I need a cash card I’ll go with Capital One.

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