What’s next? A Delta “ONLY” mileage run blog from Delta Points

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Ready for what’s next? Well how about a site for only Delta Mileage runs? Yep soon to launch (edit: by month end). Basically it is going to look very much like a bare bones version of what you already see here at Delta Points but it will be ONLY for Delta mileage runs. Why?

Readers seem to want it and some readers just don’t care about mile runs. So, why clutter up Delta Points with mileage runs and why make others dig for them. A site that only has tested runs with either Delta or Delta partners that will give 100% Delta credit (i.e. no fare class that is say Alaska “R” class that is not an approved Delta credit class with them). I plan to only post deals lower than 5CPM. I will not post a mileagerun deal on DeltaPoints.com unless it is AMAZING like under/about 2CPM.

Here is my plan. The title of the post I will try to do in non-code. What I will try to include on each post is a shot at the calendar with days I see open unless many many months and dates then will just list with text. Also a shot from ITA Matrix of the best choices.

Example of title of post:  “Seattle to Orlando 6342MQM for $274 – 4.3CPM”



Then next I plan to toss up a screen shot from Delta.com showing that it is indeed bookable and the MQMs do work out.


Do keep in mind the Skymiles or RDMs will change if you are Silver, Gold/Platinum or Diamond Medallion. The MQDs should be correct for all.

Then finally I plan to have it with the nuts and bolts in a breakdown:

  • SEA<->MCO
  • 6342MQM
  • $274 All-in
  • 4.3CPM
  • Same Day turns

If there are switches to use on ITA Matrix to find it I will advise like “X:ATL” for connect via Atlanta to get the deal. Then, on some of them, you may have to use the multi-leg search on Delta.com to get the deal I will be sure to advise that but most it will just be searching for the same flights ITA Matrix finds for us and picking those from the list at Delta.com

So that is the basic outline I plan for EVERY post for the blog site. I will try to keep it consistent to make it simple to scan and see the deal and the routes.

I would love input, are there other things I should include please let me know if you like the format as talked about. Do keep in mind once the site is up and running you will be able to subscribe to the email that will go out instantly when I post. If there are 3 deals in a day you get 3 emails. Other days you may get none. It will also auto-post to a new twitter account:

@DeltaMileageRun i.e. https://twitter.com/DeltaMileageRun

You can, as we have seen before by using your cell phone email address, have either the twitter feed or the email feed auto email/text you that the post is up if you want. Or via RSS as well. Either way you should get almost instant notice.

I think this is really going to be fun and I may include on this site when I am going for a run i.e. I have booked this and if readers want to join me they can but keep in mind I may change flight routes along the way to get more MQMs etc. as that is the way of runs! I will be sure to have a follow-up post when the site does in fact go “Live” – René

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  1. Rene, once again I think this is another spot-on idea. As I live in a Delta hub city, these runs are tremendously helpful for me (with your advice I finally made Delta silver and gold last year!) I am banking up other airline miles too so I can position to the appropriate departure city if need be. Thank you for your giving heart and helping others that love to travel!

  2. Rene,

    Great idea. I especially like posting when you are doing a run, when and how. Packing several MR people on the same flights would reduce the UP possibilities but it would have a bonding component.

  3. @Rich @All – txs! I get so much feedback about wanting it all in one simple place and at the same times some who say “oh not another MR deal”. This “ticks” both boxes in a simple way. At least that is the plan 😉

  4. Are mile runs even truly worth it with MQD requirements now. Buyer & mile runner beware! Mile runs for 2 or 3 CPM will never get somone status

  5. GREAT IDEA. Think you might want to go up to 6CPM for those of us who can live with it. As an example JFK-SFO $278 or 5.4CPM when you need MQM’s for the next level isn’t so bad. Did this one Saturday and now Gold will be a lock by April and on to Plat.

  6. @April – will do but always know if the price is right where you start DOES NOT MATTER. For example, say the best out of HNL you find is 7CPM but you find a MR from say ORD for 3CPM. The net result could be an acceptable 5CPM for both all-in.

  7. Brilliant idea! I’ve learned a ton from you and am on track to make Platinum this year which would not have happened without your blog!

  8. Rene, Not sure if there are others like me, but on MRs, I care more about CP (RDM), not CP (MQM). Woudld it be too much to ask that you include a small table indicating:

    CP (MQM)
    CP (RDM), Non-elite
    CP (RDM), Silver
    CP (RDM), Gold
    CP (RDM), Platinum
    CP (RDM), Diamond

    I, for example,generally would not do a MR if my CP (RDM), as a platinum, is below what I value them at upon redemoption, which is ~1 cpm.

  9. Great idea! Your posts exercise my brain in such an entertaining way. Now if I would just upgrade to a smart phone . . .

  10. Great idea Rene. I would be glad to know about Delta deals as soon as they are available since some I miss out on because they are gone by the time I get home in the evening and can check it out.

    One suggestion which would REALLY help me and many others I’m sure. Could you include a indication on the alert if weekends (Friday thru Monday) are included in the deal. Maybe a WKND designation or something.

    I see a lot of deals seems to be good on a Tuesday only or maybe a Tuesday and Wednesday only and those don’t work out for me. But a great fare that includes bookings Fridays thru Mondays is perfect and so a quick indicator of that would be meaningful to me.

    Thanks again for the GREAT work you do.

  11. I’d be interested in premium fares too — obviously with a different criteria than a straight mileage run(e.g. 10cpm to match the MQD requirements, factoring in class-of-service bonuses). Something similar to the FT thread on great premium fares, except there it’s hard to keep up with the zillion pages 🙂 So a digest of good fares, long-haul SkyTeam international, etc. would be useful.

  12. Rene what a gr8 plan!
    Can’t wait for this new site to open!
    You are the BEST blogger
    Love your DELTA mile runs!

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