SWAG Saturday – Hotels, Hot Tubs & iGo Noise Canceling Headphones!

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Sign-Up Bonuses

rene has two spg cards and two delta amex reserve cards

This morning I asked readers about Jacuzzi’s and if you would ever use one (there are some fun comments you should see – flesh-eating bacteria – yikes). No matter how nice the hotel is, I am not a fan of “in room” tubs. The ones by a pool, maybe, as they should be maintained (or at least I tell myself that).

I am clearly an SPG or Starwood Preferred guest “fan boy”. As you can see from above I currently hold both an SPG Personal AMEX card as well as an SPG Business AMEX card. I have already this year got my “stay credits” for the cards to help me work toward my SPG status for 2015. I will always hold at least one SPG card since I can spend them with SPG or send them to Delta if I want to (btw 20,000 SPG sent to Delta will earn you 25,000 Skymiles)! I also love CrossoverRewards with the perks being a Delta Medallion gives me with SPG as well as earning points with both programs for spend on either program. Just a great perk.

igo active noise canceling headphones


Delta Points Swag

So that brings us to SWAG Saturday. The rules do not change each week and can be found HERE. This week I am giving away a nice set of iGo Noise canceling headphones and a bunch of DeltaPoints swag. I use them each time I fly and really like them. If you want a shot at a set I need some feedback.

I need you to comment, on the blog, if you have an SPG card or are you planning on getting one AND have you joined CrossoverRewards yet? That’s it. Answer those two for a shot at winning this week! – René

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  1. I will be picking up an SPG card in a few months. I picked up a bunch of cards in December, so taking a few months break before my next app-o-rama.
    oops – forgot the second part – yes I am enrolled in crossover – Amex Platinum got me SPG gold and I am a gold medallion on Delta thanks to your excellent tips last year!

  2. I do not have an SPG card, but I am considering getting one. I have not joined crossover rewards yet since I do not have elite status in either program.

  3. Yes, I have an SPG card. Love to use SPG points for airline tickets. I have not registered for crossover rewards yet.

  4. I have carried the SPG AMEX for 3 years now and joined the Crossover scheme on day one. The card rocks.

  5. No but after I move I will be applying for more cards and will enroll in the crossover rewards as well.

  6. I do not currently have the SPG card but have had it in the past and I have not enrolled in Crossover.

  7. Don’t have an SPG card, don’t plan on getting one, and haven’t joined crossover rewards

  8. No SPG card and no plans to get one. I do have crossover rewards but haven’t taken advantage of it yet.

  9. I have SPG business. My wife has SPG personal. I’m starting to see more value in flexible points like SPG since I can send them to any program and I’m starting to see how I can get better deals on Delta redemption goi ng through a partner. We now have 500k miles with Delta and it doesn’t seem to go as far as internationally as it does with other airlines.

  10. No no and yes. I fly almost exclusively for personal reasons and stay in hotels very little each year, so the Delta AMEX Platinum is more than enough for me. I did enroll in CrossoverRewards, but since I only have silver, it does very little for me.

  11. I do not have the SPG card (but am considering it) and I have not signed up for crossover rewards

  12. Yes, have had the SPG Amex for years and signed up for the the Crossover Rewards when it first came out. We always stay at Starwood hotels, and love the 25% bonus on the SPG points transfer to the airlines’ programs.

  13. I’ve joined crossover immediately after creating an SPG account, but I haven’t gotten an SPG card… yet. It’s one of many hotel cards i’m strongly considering picking up.

  14. I don’t have an SPG card at this time; on the fence about getting one. And I’m not an elite with Delta, so, no, I haven’t joined CrossoverRewards. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Have SPG and Crossover…Love it. Everytime I accumulate 20k points I move them to Delta and get a 5k bonus.

  16. Currently, I do not have a SPG card, though I will obtain one in 2014 when the sign up bonus rises to 30,000 points. I have not yet joined the Crossover Rewards Program.

  17. Yes – Have had SPG AMEX for several years, and definitely take advantage of crossover rewards. Am an elite with Delta, but not with SPG – so only get 1/2 the benefits.

  18. Yeah, I might get an SPG card eventually. I hardly ever stay at them though. Yes, at least crossover rewards helps to keep the few SPG points I have from expiring.

  19. I don’t have the SPG card and won’t get it soon because work keeps me at 4 other chains mainly. No crossover for SPG but I use the Hyatt m life relationship quite a bit.

  20. I don’t have the SPG card yet but am thinking about it, at the moment I don’ stay at SPG hotels to warrant it but maybe in the future. At the moment I’m not in CrossOver Rewards as I don’t stay at SPG hotels. If that changes then I imagine the answer to both questions will be yes.

  21. I don’t have an SPG card yet, but it was the first miles/points card that I “recommended” to my fiancée. She has joined crossover rewards. I’ll likely get the personal SPG when the 30k offer rolls back around.

  22. No SPG card and not thinking about it since I am a HH guy. Did the Crossover because just in case I need a SPG location

  23. I have been an avid Hyatt member but now that they’ve devalued their points I am looking Into becoming a hardcore SPG member. Will get the credit card but haven’t heard much about the crossover might have to do my research on your blog

  24. I carry the SPG Business card and have been a crossover member from the start and have 75 Nights planned for SPG already and with the SPP bonus I will make the SPG Platinum 100 easily this year


  25. I have had a SPG card for over 10 years. Thanks for reminding me about Crossover rewards, I need to look into them.

  26. I have had the SPG card for a number of years. I haven’t got into Crossover rewards yet. If things change and I pursue Delta more it would something to go after.

  27. I don’t have an SPG card – debating whether or not to get one. And yes, I registered for Crossover rewards.

  28. I don’t have an SPG card but am a member of the Crossover program. I don’t plan on getting one any time soon unless there’s a massive sign up bonus.

  29. I have the SPG Biz card (5% off at Hyatt’s too!) and I joined crossover the first day it was available.

  30. The SPG is on my list for my next round of applications in May. If it wasn’t for the 100k AA offer last month, I’d have the SPG already! Can’t wait to signup for the Crossover Rewards!

  31. I do not have the SPG card yet but plan to get it soon.
    If I already have the personal DL Plat AMEX and the business DL Reserve AMEX, do I have to drop the Plat DL AMEX before I get the SPG AMEX?
    Anyways, Thanks to all of your excellent tips Rene.
    I went from no status in Oct 2013 to GM by Dec 2013. You were a great help and a large reason why I was able to get there!

  32. I have the SPG card ! And have joined crossover rewards ! It’s a no brainier ! Free points. ! How can you go wrong !!

  33. I have crossover rewards, but don’t have the SPG Amex. I’ve been thinking of getting it, but I’m waiting for a nice signup bonus.

  34. I sure do have a SPG card (and love it!) and I signed up for Crossover Rewards as soon as I could!

  35. Yes, I have the SPG card and I am signed up for the crossover rewards. My hubby doesn’t have it yet and I was considering signing him up for it soon so we could double up on some points in this program.

  36. I do not have an SPG card, and I don’t plan to get one in the near future. I have not joined CrossoverRewards. I am more of a Hilton guy.

  37. I love my SPG card, and I did join Crossover Rewards, no problem with getting points posted. One of my favorite cards!

  38. Yes, got both SPG cards last fall, and registered for Crossover Rewards! I almost never stay in a hotel, but it doesn’t hurt to register!

  39. I’m more of a Hilton and Hyatt guy so no plans to get an SPG card or join CrossoverRewards…. that being said — convince me 🙂

  40. I do have crossover rewards, but do not have the card. I don’t know if I’ll pursue any additional cards, I have the amex platinum and have been pretty happy with them all around.

  41. No SPG card b/c of the spg gold plat AMEX benefit and usually do hilton biz; spg personal.

    Of course CR. Got more Crossover than Justin Timberlake and FloRida put together.

  42. I have both biz and personal SPG cards and have liked the little crumbs from crossover rewards, esp with the SPG Gold status from AMEX PLATINUM. I need a mountain of SPG pts to get my family to South Africa this year on AA, so I will be shifting all my stays to their properties.

  43. I don’t have an SPG card, I’m not sure i”m going to get one and i signed up for the crossover rewards program.

  44. I don’t have an SPG card, am not thinking about getting one, but am a Crossover Rewards member

  45. 1). Not currently a card holder as my company pushes me primarily to marriott AND I must use the company card (AM a Starwood gold for my infrequent stays thanks to Amex bus platinum from my side business)
    2) AM a crossover member cuz “free points are free points”

  46. I don’t currently have an SPG card; however, I have seriously contemplated getting one to assist with Delta travel. I currently have the personal Plat Delta Amex and the business Gold Delta Amex as my “go-to” Delta cards.

  47. I have both cards (personal and business) and am enrolled in Crossover. We enjoyed 5 nights in St. Petersburg, Russia, at the W compliments of these cards and were treated like royalty. But I plan to cancel unless I receive points to keep the cards because the annual fee is due. I rotate my spend and don’t have enough to warrant keeping these cards active. Hope to score the bonus again in about a year!

  48. Nope, neither. I know the Starwood Amex has taken some hits lately, but I think it is still a fantastic product. However, I’m still working on the bonus for my Marriott Chase card, so *Wood Amex will have to wait. Same with Crossover Rewards. With this quarter’s juicy Hyatt (stay 20 nights, get 50000 points) offer, that’s where I’m putting all my nights for now. Crossover Rewards will still be there for me in the future.

  49. I dont have an spg, but thinking of getting one. Of course I have joined crossover. Thanks!

  50. I have joined the crossover rewards, but haven’t applied for a card, nor will I. I know I know, but I’m not a churner.

  51. I’ve got an SPG personal card and am signed up for the crossover! SPG is what made me loyal to Delta.

  52. Yes to the Starwood Amex personal card. I haven’t registered for the Crossover Rewards yet…it’s on the to do list!

  53. I do not have an SPG card, but am considering this on my next churn. I do have Crossover Rewards

  54. I am a platinum SPG and started with the platinum challenge last year and love this hotel chain ever since. I also quickly signed up for the C.O so I can maximize the points that I get with each program.

  55. I don’t have the card or do crossover rewards, although it looks like something I should consider. Still new to the game…

  56. Rene,

    I currently have both a per and bus Starwood card. I have signed up for crossover awards also.

  57. Yes, I have an SPG credit card and no I haven’t jointed the crossover program. When I schedule a Delta flight, I will!

  58. I do not have an SPG AMEX. I just did a few apps and this was still not on my list of possibilities. My upcoming travel does not really have any need for SPG points, even with the ability to transfer.

  59. I do not have the SPG card, do not plan to apply for one, and recently enrolled in Crossover rewards.

  60. I have had the SPG AmEx forever,and I love that we now get 2stays/5nights credit annually toward elite status! I signed up for crossover rewards the day it became available to me as an spg plat. Not only has it earned me a few extra spg points and given me priority boarding & a free checked bag, but I actually got an upgrade to first class on a flight I took in January!

  61. Just signed up for the SPG AMEX from that link. Planning on paying part of my taxes with it. In the process of an international adoption with at least 2-3 trips to Europe required very soon. Those 25k SPG points transferred to Delta will help quite a lot 🙂

    Plus some of that swag looks fun 😉

  62. I don’t have the SPG card and dont plan on getting it as I dont often have the chance to stay at SPG properties when traveling for work but my wife has it and has joined crossover rewards.

  63. No, I don’t have the SPG AMEX card and nor do I plan on getting one anytime soon: have too many AMEXes already (though, they are from BoA).

    And no, I didn’t join the CR yet… Maybe I should…

  64. No do not have SPG card. I have signed up for Crossover Rewards, but most likely will never use. Starwood properties are not in the locations I frequently travel nor is it one of my company’s preferred hotel chains. Wish the partner was IHG (Platinum), Marriott (Silver), or Hilton (Gold). I could narrow to one of these. I spread out due to cost and to bank points for flexible use for family.

  65. I had the SPG amex but canceled it. Waiting a yr to get it again. And yes I have joined the crossover program. My motto is sign up for anything even if you don’t think you are going to need it because you just never know!

  66. No to the SPG card, I gotta keep my weekly travel spend on one card or else I will lose what went where and I’m a big fan of crossover rewards, it’s like a double dip of points.

  67. Don’t have the card yet, but I have signed up for crossover rewards. Miles just posted for my first stay.

  68. Don’t have either card yet but would like them. I do participate in crossover rewards and noticed some free points had posted recently today.

  69. No, I don’t yet have an SPG credit card or crossover rewards. I may apply for the Hyatt Visa card or an SPG credit card with your recommendation and link!

  70. The SPG card is one of my better ones, and I use it frequently. I’m enrolled in Crossover Rewards, and enjoy the perks.

  71. Don’t have it, plan on getting it and am definitely signed up for crossover rewards from the inception.

  72. I have a personal SPG card and am wishing for a business version. I haven’t enrolled in the crossover program because I do not have elite status in either program.

  73. Have the SPG personal card and am enrolled in crossover rewards. Hope to get the business card next when the value goes up to 30000 points.

  74. I didn’t realize there was a business version of the SPG card until today. I plan to apply this summer when the bonus goes up to 30,000 points!

  75. SPG personal card is my next card, and will of course sign up for crossover rewards when I get it.

  76. Don’t have SPG or Crossovers. I envy your ability to start, track, wisely use and close these cards for your benefit. Someday I will get serious and do likewise.

  77. I want the cards, don’t have yet, but signup links only yielding me 10k miles since already Amex customer…

    Do have Crossover rewards linked up but benefits at SPG are underwhelming so far.

  78. @Mr.H – the problem for you is you are logged-in to AMEX. Log out, clear cache, then click my links. Do not log-in, and be sure to print screens. This has yielded full points for many other readers!

  79. Yes, I have had the SPG Rewards Card for several years now, and just recently learned about Crossover Rewards, so signed up for that too. Still learning about maximizing rewards.

  80. I do not have a spg card and have plans, at present, to get one. But, the more I read your posts about it and the hotels, I just might have to reconsider. That’s why I read you!

  81. And, no, I’m not signed up for crossover rewards. Question: can you do that without having the card?

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