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when it often looks like when you click the Delta Points link for the Delta AMEX cards - what it should look like

About once a day I get an e-mail from a reader saying: “your Delta AMEX link is broken. I went to click on it and I did not get to the Delta AMEX card page.” Instead, the reader gets one similar to the one you see above.

when you click the Delta Points link for the Delta AMEX cards - what it should look like

What you should see is the landing page above. However, for some reason beyond me, due to cookies etc. you every now and then get sent NOT to the Delta card page but to some random AMEX card page.

how to try again to click the right Delta Points AMEX link - thanks btw

The fix is super simple (until I can work with AMEX to get this issue fixed) you just go back to the DeltaPoints home page and click the Delta AMEX card link you want again. It should then show the right page. If not, every time I have tested, the third time IS the charm! The only other issue can be if you are “logged in” to AMEX. Log out, and try again please.

I am again sorry about this and if you are e-mailing me about this issue, thank you so much for letting me know and for supporting the blog. I also thank you for your understanding and patience and I hope this can be fixed – René

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