Reminder: Delta Choice Benefits expiring 1MARCH2014

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changes to the skymiles medallion choice benefits 2014 from delta-com

Don’t click anything until you are CLEAR in your head what you are doing as it can cost you. Then again, under some conditions if you don’t click they will be gone. Let me try to make something confusing not confusing.

Choice benefits are issued in the year you FLY your status, not the year you earned it. That means you could have started on January 1st 2012 with NO STATUS at all, flown 125,000 miles in 2012 and fly the rest of the 2012 at that status level. But, you earned your 2013 status so you had it all of last year. THAT earned status will end on 1MARCH2014. Is that crystal clear? You need to get that for what follows. So

1) If you earned status in 2012, for 2013 it ends 1March2014
2) If you earned status in 2013, for 2014 it ends 1March2015
3) If you earn status in 2014, for 2015 it ends 1February 2016

I will not get into MQDs as that is not important for this post. Also, it is not a type-o as the expiration date moves up a month in 2016 and from that point forward.

What does matter is point #1. You only have until 1MARCH2014 to pick your Choice benefit for 2013 if you have not done so (that is one week from TODAY!) once it is gone it is gone! You can review THIS rookie post about what to pick. Do keep in mind NOT to gift someone status, either silver or gold, as you will give them about 1 week of status and that is it! Now number 2 & 3 you will be giving them much longer status time.

Delta SWU cert changes coming 1MARCH2014

Also the OLD or NEW type SWUs. Can you pick them for #1 or #2. Yes, if you would WANT to for some reason. This is a personal choice if you think the old kind are better for you than the new ones that are about to start on 1MARCH2014 and the old kind are no longer available. If you are in the #2 situation you CAN wait if you want to and after 1MARCH2014 pick the new ones.

Again the most important one is those who are about to lose their choice benefit gift earned in 2012. There will be those who say I forgot and I hate to see a gift from Delta be lost! – René

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  1. Rene: Still have a question. As a DM, last year I gifted Gold Status to my spouse. Want to do the same this year. Can’t do it now because he currently has that status, but the window is how short?? 1 minute ??
    Just when can I do this and give him another year of Gold? Or is it possible ?

  2. Yikes,

    So I have one day to use it or lose it if I want that option. So easy to make a mistake and miss that one day of opportunity, yet the gifting Gold status to spouse is an important choice for me.

    THNX for your help, Rene (as always) !!

  3. @Anne – no no no you have lots of time. They just have to drop down from GM before you can re-gift GM again. Again, we are talking about the 2014 choice NOT the 2013 choice to be clear (ie #2 in my example).

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