DeltaAssist mistake tweet has breastfeeding moms REALLY mad!

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upset facebook people about delta mistake tweet about mothers breastfeeding

If you are just waking up, you are about to see a flood of parenting media talking about what happened on twitter yesterday. You see, a Delta twitter rep gave out bad (and wrong) information about if you can breastfeed on a Delta flight (you can).


And then, as you can see in this video, things in social media went viral very quickly as well as on Delta’s Facebook page (where there is mostly negative rants only anyway). According to wikipedia the worldwide rules on breastfeeding are all over the board.

Delta has apologized and as with other mistakes I am sure will take the steps to make sure this does not happen again.

What I want to focus on is not this topic itself but how with airlines you often can get bad information and if you don’t like what you hear ask again or look further. The mom wanted something in writing to show she had the right (smart move). In my case recently about the AA Admirals lounge access I was given bad info from AA about getting in with my new Citi Executive card (it is all you need). Reps are OFTEN wrong and when they say NO, NO-WAY, CAN’T or IMPOSSIBLE it is just until you ask the right person it can becomes: yes, absolutely, sure and simple!

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  1. Don’t mess with breastfeeding Moms! This is funny…would those that are offended prefer to hear a crying baby? I’m way past this stage in my life, but I’ve had people come right up to me to see the baby not realizing he was “latched on”. Mothers can be pretty discrete.

  2. Let’s face it: Airline ‘tweet’ reps are generally of he same class/training/experience as their telephone reps, if often a bit faster. Mistakes, often horrible ones, happen. Not a big deal to those not involved in the specific situation, but horrible for those who are. Tweets also provide a direct record of the transaction, so be careful about what you ask and what you say. If you don’t like the answer, you cannot just hang up, call back and hope for a more accommodating representative!
    As for breast feeding on an airplane, “Policy” is all over the map. So help me, but I do NOT understand why this has become such an issue in the last 10+ years. Mother nursing child, in nearly any setting has happened for many thousands of years. It is a natural function and, for other pax on a full airplane, a damn good way to keep the kid quiet. So what is the beef? “Well, she is EXPOSING herself.” Women have breasts. Women recently delivered of child and actively nursing tend to have full, even fluffy breasts. So what! I’m not sure what some folks consider as an appropriate ‘cover,’ but why bother? Nursing an infant, can be done discretely and without lots of fluffy coverings. Experienced nursing mothers pay attention to their garments and tend to wear upper items that provide easy access for the infant yet without exposing more than is necessary. Nursing mothers are not interested in attention of making a display – or even DEMANDING their Rights; the just need to feed the kid – or have the kid suckling during descent so that s/he does not scream due to inner ear discomfort. If I was seated next to a woman actively engaged in nursing her lap kid, I’d smile, say something like ‘good for you’ (including the mandatory comment about how cute the kid was, of course) and return to my laptop or book. Does she care what essay I’m working on? No. Do I care what she is doing with her kid? NO. as long as she does not change stinky diapers next to my seat, and keeps the kid quiet – nursing when necessary, I don’t care!
    So who complains about public nursing and nursing in the tight confines of airplanes? I don’t really know. My best guess is that the major complainers are women, aged 50-70 who skipped the breast feeding routine in favor of a bottle and now feel GUILTY about it. (Don’t consult you parish priest on this one!!) Get a grip people; the female breast is a functional organ, on intended to feed the infant. It may have some sexual benefits at times, but generally not while functioning with its intended purpose. In all seriousness, acknowledge the activity and then attend to your own business. That old bitty in the next row who believes that the practice is ‘disgusting,’ is simply expressing her own guilt about not breast feeding her own children. Unless the kid is screaming beyond control, let’s please attend to our own business and let mom and her kid attend to theirs. – And if it matters, I’m male and well over 60. Geez!

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