Delta Points Newsletter – February 2014

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delta points monthly news letter

Tomorrow, March 1st, many will lose their Medallion perks. If you have a ticket booked, don’t expect to get any of the perks you had when you booked it (other than maybe EC seats). But this post is about looking back at February. It is hard to believe we are already 2 months in to 2014 after a very busy January. Let’s see what happened in “Delta-ville” :

GoGo auto-billed me. Should I have followed readers’ advice?

➥ How to get $2400+ you can spend on Delta and earn MQMs!

➥ A Fireside chat with Greg THE Frequent Miler

➥ Should Delta SKY Magazine go digital or stay paper?

➥ When does your CC spend clock start – can you extend it?

➥ Delta AMEX Platinum fee going to $195 – 1MAY2014!

What is a HOOU? Plus, ever see a HOOU cart in an airpot?

HUGE upgrade for Delta AMEX no more 2.7% INT trans fee

➥ Skybonus points for Skyclub pass went up by 60%

➥ Here is the right way to DESTROY a Chase Sapphire card 🙂

➥ Can the Dutch fix the slow boarding process with this test?

BIG bonus points with Barclay’s Arrival shopping portal site.

➥ A Fireside chat with Jeanne & Keri from Heels First Travel

Details can save you – they did me when lab tried to hose me.

➥ Allow me please to say THANK YOU READERS!

➥ What next? A Delta ONLY mileage run blog. More updates here too.

➥ How to get Delta support when lines are overloaded.

➥ A rookie post all about Credit Cards facts & myths.

➥ How much longer until the Alaska & Delta partnership ends?

➥ Hotel review Sheraton IAH

➥ Delta employees get their 8.2% profit sharing

➥ A Delta Points review of the AA Admirals club ORD

➥ Would you ever use a hotel Jacuzzi tub? Not me!

➥ A Fireside chat with Travis from Extra Pack of Peanuts

➥ Delta needs to know a CJR900 1st class is more than just a seat!

➥ It’s not just you, it’s an AMEX thing (Delta AMEX links not working)

➥ Can you fly without your ID or Passport?

➥ Catch up on the latest Delta & aviation headlines

➥ Delta plugs a bunch of holes with Fly Delta 2.5.1 update

➥ TODAY 28FEB is last day to cash in on 2013 Choice Benefits

Delta mistake tweet upsets breastfeeding moms a bunch

➥ A Fireside chat with Jason from MilesQuest

CONFIRMED – Delta Vacations earns you ZERO MQDs

➥ Is the Delta AMEX GOLD card good enough for most flyers?

➥ For now, you better keep printing your Delta boarding pass.

26FEB2014 – the DAY Skymiles was destroyed post one and two

➥ Does Skymiles2015 mean an end to mileage runs?

➥ Has Delta gone too far with Skymiles2015 & will you “Opt-Out”?

So tomorrow 01MARCH Skymiles2014 begins. I cannot wait for the new GUs & RUs and see how they work out ! I cannot wait for Spring and warmth and golf and more great chances at Delta mileage runs to stock up on my MQMs and Skymiles before the BIG bonus points go away. Are you jazzed about Spring? – René

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