SWAG Saturday: Let’s give it ALL away – why not!

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tons of swag deltapoints blog giveaway swag saturday

This week how about we include it all. I mean, a USB Surge with rotating outlets, a dual port power adapter, Delta Points SWAG and a Motorola Bluetooth Keyboard! All to one reader 🙂

As each week, the rules are HERE so read them if this is your first SWAG Saturday. For the rest, here is what is in my head this week.

There are a BUNCH of cards that all either earn you directly Delta Skymiles or in the case of the SPG cards, when you send 20,000 over to Delta you end up with 25,000. The Membership Rewards cards are currently 1:1 sent over but in the past we have seen big bonus deals and I bet we do some time again (like this fall).

My question to you, for a shot at all the SWAG above, is are you willing to keep earning and sending points to Skymiles or are you earning SPG & Membership Rewards points for other redemptions than Skymiles ? That is it. I will use Random.org and pick a winner tomorrow night LATE! Have fun – René

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  1. Yes I will continue to earn SkyMiles with my Reserve card as it appears that it will definitely help with maintaining my status next year.

  2. Not sending the pts to Delta — I have >650K SkyMiles and am challenged to use them most efficiently use them.

  3. Hi Rene
    For the time being I am going to keep my points toward Skymiles
    I’m less than 200,000 pts from being a million miler which I am stuck upon becoming. Maybe I’m being too emotional but this year I’m trying. I have
    500,000+k to use and will prob use some for a fun trip
    I love Virgin and am pleased with DL liaison . Hope it gets better! It’s SO cold in NY and more snow is coming!

  4. I’m definitely keeping my Platinum AMEX as it allows me to get the MQD waived for status, I fly quite a bit but it tends to be cheaper flights so if I had to get MQDs it’d be a challenge to maintain my status.

  5. I will do a mix this year, but I am definitely shifting my spend from Delta cards to Amex MR and Starwood SPG, so I have more flexibility in the future.

  6. I am focusing on earning SPG miles for the time being to keep my options flexible

  7. I will continue with my Reserve and Platinum Delta cards but will definitely take another look at the SPG for the future.

  8. I’ll continue to try and efficiently utilize a mix of Skymiles, Membership Rewards and SPG miles

  9. I’ll continue to collect SkyMiles, simply because their domestic upgrades are worth it for the miles.

  10. Yes I will continue to earn Skymiles for now..we will see what other changes come our way.

  11. It’s funny, but I think I’m going to continue to earn Skymiles on my delta cards as Delta, for now, has determined that credit card miles are more valuable than butt in the seat miles.

  12. I will continue to use my Delta SkyMiles card on the chance that I might requalify is a silver next year. I am a platinum right now but am reevaluating my loyalty. Have already canceled one Delta flight this year and have no other paid Delta flying on the calendar.

  13. I think with many people deserting delta, it might get easier to redeem Skymiles. The major problem with redemption earlier was to stitch a roundtrip award. So, I would continue to earn Skymiles.

  14. If I ever earn any Skymiles, it will be purely by accident. Concentrating my mileage accumulation on other carriers.

  15. Keeping DL Reserve cards until we see how much work related travel wife has with new job.

  16. I’ll be posting them to other airlines. I have 400K points already and can’t seem to find a place to use them.

  17. I will continue to earn Skymiles, because they can be used on Alaska Air. Between the two I can travel must of the places I an interested in.

  18. I’m still using the amex to earn skymiles through the fall, but only to reach an award goal (wife and I would like to visit Sweden). The bonus MQM will bump me up to FO for 2015, but that probably won’t matter much, since I’ll be moving over to Alaska because of the 2015 changes. Once I’ve reached the target, I’m done with skypesos and the amex won’t get renewed.

  19. Will stick with posting to Delta. I don’t have a lot of great options at the airport I’m nearest, and I’ve got a lot built up on Delta already.

  20. Sky miles are nice but need to go for a sure thing like a hotels’ points and not on a possibly booked flight.

  21. Sticking with my Skymiles Business Reserve for now, as soon as I reach 60 K in spending I’m switching everything to my brand new Barclays Arrival card for 2x points on everything redeemable anywhere. If the Delta awards calendar sucks and if Delta fares continue to rise, then I’m a free agent and will not strive for Delta status after 2015. Enough is enough.

  22. Definitely not moving any of my miles to Skymiles anymore. I have trouble using that program as it is. I’d rather keep my SPG points and just use them at their hotels.

  23. I’ve always used my SPG points for various programs (not just Delta). After the recent changes, I probably won’t use SPG points or Membership Rewards for Delta awards unless absolutely necessary.

  24. It’s not a Yes/No answer. I’ll try to put enough onto DL card(s) to get the MQD waiver and the MQMs but no more, at least until we know what the redemption chart looks like. I don’t need miles, I need MQMs/MQDs.

  25. I’m going to be keeping my DL AMEX mainly for the bag fees, but the earning of Skymiles is not worth the effort anymore. I’m shifting fully to lowest cost carrier for my needs now.

  26. I’m sticking with SkyMiles. I love the perks of my elite status. I will continue to build my MQMs to keep Platinum and Skymiles to help fund international travels.

  27. Hi, yep-I’m going to keep earning & sending points to Skymiles. Being a Diamond and MM I am in it for the long haul with SLC as my hub. Thanks for the posting!


  28. Yeah, sure I will keep sending Skymiles via 2 Delta AMEX cards, at least until I hit $110K spend. My MR points will stay at AMEX and my SPG will stay at SPG until the fall when we finally see what new redemptions will look like for 2015.

  29. Still sticking with SkyMiles. 1) The changes don’t affect me that much (but lets see those redemption charts!). 2) I’m near DTW – flying anybody else is much more onerous. 3) I expect UA and AA to follow suit

  30. I will continue to earn skymiles for the near term….planning to shift my earnings away in the next year though.

  31. I’ll keep earning skymiles through my credit card and hope that delta isn’t lying when they say they will have more redemption options at the lower level. If that ends up not to be true then I’m giving up all delta earning.

  32. I am sticking with Skymiles and my two Platinum cards. It helps me stay on top of miles and perks.

  33. Typing this as I fly to ATL and upgraded to seat 1A and that is why I fly Delta not for the RDM but to get me where I need when I need and with great service.

    So I will continue to earn SM and take every upgrade I can.


  34. I will put my spending on the Gold Amex card to earn Membership Rewards Points and keep the Delta card for the free checked bag benefit. I am concerned that the new award chart to be released in the fourth quarter will be a disaster for Skymile collectors.

  35. Going to stick with the skymiles for now but that may change come next year when everything goes downhill.

  36. Although I did just cash in some MR points for a Home Depot gift card, I plan to use everything for SkyMiles from now on. Since the earning potential from flying will be so much lower, I’ll have to use all the other methods to build up enough miles for the trips I want. (And I think they are more valuable in the form of SkyMiles if Delta really does make more low-level award seats available.)

  37. Only using SPG AMEX for SPG stays, using delta reserves (pers and biz) to accrue MQMs.

  38. Still earning sky miles. Spreading miles out among a few programs to keep options open

  39. I will still be flying Delta for work but will not be transferring points to Skymiles

  40. Keeping my Delta Skymiles AMEX card — need all the mile accumulation I can get with the upcoming changes.

  41. Keeping my SPG points in SPG. Waiting to see what AA does, hopefully they won’t follow Delta.

  42. No Sky Pesos for me. I will transfer SPG to quality airline for premium travel or for Starwood hotel.

  43. I’d rater earn points that can be transferred to multiple programs rather than banking only skymiles.

  44. I’m willing to keep earning Skymiles…maybe I’m an idiot, but if you don’t want to travel on them, turn them in to gift cards!

  45. I’ll continue to earn Skymiles with my Delta Platinum card. Mainly for the MQD waiver.

  46. For the moment, I will continue to credit spend to my Delta Platinum card, but I admit I’m going to be very carefully watching how this plays out when the redemption changes are announced in the fall.

  47. I will continue to earn Skymiles…and hope they retain their value in the long run and I can find a flight to use them in my )limited) traveling timeframes.

  48. Would rather use SPG points for valuable hotel stays given Delta’s recent insanity.

  49. There are other airlines out there that seem to appreciate all their customers…not just the “big spenders”.

  50. I think Popeye said it best…”I can stands so much…but i can stands no more”

  51. Probably sit on sidelines until we have some clarity on redemption side. But will likely continue earning on Delta via credit cards.

  52. Currently, both me and my father are keeping our Business & Personal Reserve Cards. One of my friends though has “given up” with AMEX & has switched to earning SPG. I guess it’s a trial run.

  53. Yes, I’ll keep sending them to Delta. I’m on a family vacation and used 75,000 miles to get my family of 4 (infant in arms) from MSP to PNS. They still have value as I earn most of my miles from work and then use them for personal vacations.

  54. Think I’m going to go back to MR AMEX for my major spend or try the Barclays. I thikn I’ll adjust my spending (company’s spending) on DL to not always be focused on the cheapest thing smoking. Using MR for DL tickets instead of DL skymiles to earn my way toward DL status. Seems like working the system for low cost status is getting to be more hassle than it’s worth. This is DL AMEX MQM spend threshold notwithstanding. I’m curious to really see if I would make my status in 2014 off revenue MQD without the DL AMEX waiver.

    so 2014 DL AMEX for MQM waiver likely 2015 Back to MR AMEX or Barclays

  55. I don’t have any of those cards, but I will still fly Delta. I like their product the best.

  56. I am going to continue with Delta Skymiles until I hit $30K for my Reserve MQMs. After that, I will probably switch back to Chase UR.

  57. I will keep my Delta Platinum AMEX card since it gives me the MQD waiver as well as free checked luggage. I don’t fly for business (retired) so I only do one focused card to run up my spending.

  58. I’ll keep using my Gold Co-branded Amex, but do anticipate looking to put more spend on other cards

  59. For right now I will be earning for skymiles, but we’ll see if I will a year from now, lol.

  60. I will be leaving Delta after 2014. I will continue to use SPG and get their point offers.

  61. I have one SPG, Delta Amex, and MR Plat. Still deciding if I want to keep the Delta card. After I use my companion pass I will make the decision. Last use of MR points was for BA. Might move more that way for more flights at least when there is a bonus to do so that is.

  62. I use both a Delta Amex and a MR Platinum depending on circumstances. I will continue for now until 4Q to see what Delta does with the awards.

  63. I’m in the middle of meeting some minimum spends, so I’m focused there. If I wasn’t, I’d probably keep earning Delta miles when I could

  64. I’m done with earning Skymiles at least for the shoet term. I’ll be earning towards the other programs for now.

  65. I mainly have the Delta Gold AmEx for the in-flight discounts on food and the extra free bag. I rarely use it for anything else, in terms of non-Delta spending.

  66. Not earning Skymiles….going to use what I have left and then re-evaluate my whole flying routine….

  67. This gives me the excuse I need to take a look at my spending and see where I can use my points in a smarter way going forward. Thanks Delta.

  68. Will continue to use my Delta Platinum AMEX until I reach the $25K spending level in 2014, not sure about 2015. I’ll use my SPG points for hotel stays, not transferring them to my DL Skymiles account.

  69. I’ll continue to earn my Skymiles and see how things settle out over the next year.

  70. Splitting spend between delta reserve for the mqm bonus and chase for ultimate rewards points

  71. I prefer to use SPG because of the many options available. I especially like the 5000 points bonus for a 20000 points transfer.

  72. As of now, I will keep earning points and sending to SkyMiles. My strategy may change if Delta continues to make changes that limit my ability to earn SkyMiles.

  73. Yes .. trying to earn enough Delta to fly somewhere real warm -31 today + so save, save and save!

  74. For the moment, I am still using my Delta AMEX to earn sky miles.
    Tomorrow – we’ll see…….

  75. Right now, I’m still using AMEX to earn SkyMiles, but mainly using it to boost my MQMs!

  76. I’m using my SPG for everything but airfare (I use the Sapphire Preferred for that, because it’s travel insurance has saved me several hundred dollars in the last year.)

  77. I’m in Minneapolis so I’m stuck with delta. I plan on spending with my SPG and transfer to delta.

  78. Gonna stick with skymiles! Hopefully it’ll all turn out better than we expected!

  79. Will move to other cards including SPG and percent back so I have more choices on which airline to fly.

  80. I will shift future earnings to SPG/MR to have some flexibility in case DL tries another devaluation

  81. will try to burn skymiles I have, and I’ll never return to that ash pile!


  82. Hey Rene,

    I have 2 reward cards: Delta Reserve card that I plan on continuing to use for the status and skymiles (even more important now) and a Citi Premier Thank You rewards card which I think I may transition over to a different card now that I don’t get points for my miles flown like I used to….haven’t decided which to switch to yet maybe a SPG card.

  83. I am sticking with Skymiles. I think all the changes just nudge one into thinking of alternate ways to accrue more skymiles. Change is good; you realize you have to be more flexible 🙂

  84. I will do a mix reserved for mqm spg for spg and amex platinum for where I need to top off. Although I will likely cancel that one soon.

  85. It’s nice that SkyMiles don’t expire, so I don’t mind collecting them. I also live a in a DL hub city so it makes sense for me.

  86. Skymiles for now … ATL based so very hub-captive .. but DL service, in my experience, has been great compared to UA or US (haven’t flown AA in a while). I also bank SPG and Ultimate Rewards points for ease of use with other programs as well.

  87. I will not abandon Delta just yet, as I want to see how the rest play out. So I will keep earning my Delta miles for now

  88. We’re on my partner’s AMEX now and we’ll switch to mine this year, but I think we may move after 2014. We’ve got the double mile action for SEA, but after that goes the changes make me think Alaska might be a good fit. Dang that lounge pass is cheaper…

  89. I don’t trust delta at all to maintain the value of skymiles. Waiting to announce the award chart can’t be good… Must not want too much bad news at once. I’ll be shifting my spending to more flexible currencies like Spg or membership rewards.

  90. i’m going to spend my 200k miles and probably move on. of course, since it’s excruciating difficult to spend miles while getting good value i might be around for a while.

  91. I’m willing to keep earning skymiles. I have so many now that I can stay loyal for another year or two.

  92. Yep. Still going to earn with the Reserve. Would never transfer SPG to Delta, though.

  93. I’ll be using my Starwoods and Membership Rewards points for Starwoods and Hyatt awards. Been building up USAir and AA points instead of Delta.

  94. I am currently using my Membership Rewards points for JetBlue. Although it’s not a 1:1 transfer, I like TrueBlue since there are no black out dates for point redemption (it is based on the price of the flight). I’m definitely interested in seeing the new redemption chart for Delta though

  95. Going to cash in those pesos before the exchange rate is further reduced… Have already been focused away from DL but the recent changes don’t bode well for for redemption. Any future DL will be credited to Alaska for as long as Alaska is an option — beyond that, “peace out!”

  96. I will continue to earn Delta SkyPesos on my AMEX Platinum business card, but will likely reduce my AMEX Platinum personal card to Gold……or lower.

  97. Still using delta plat and reserve and going after those miles. Might change soon, bit don’t really want to, as (1) I moved to a new city and (2) not sure what flying schedule work will give me for next 9 months. Thanks

  98. I’ve been getting 6-7 cents per point lately when redeeming my points for hotel stays so my SPG points are staying with SPG, at least for now.

  99. Staying because 1) getting close to Million Miler, 2) Good service to where I need to go, 3) SPG Crossover, 4) also a member of SkyBonus and since my company is still registered, I get awards to hand out or use myself (I pick up around 200K points per trip I take).

  100. Use DL cards for the initial bonus then SPG for the greater options. Usually get DL personal & business and alternate with husband after 365 days to generate new sign up bonus miles without fees.

  101. Sky miles for now because I am trying to get enough for 3 first class seats to Europe.

  102. I get the best value out of my SPG points with points+cash option offered through all their hotels, so none will be transferred to Delta. Thanks for the great blog and generous give away!

  103. I’m going to earn skymiles en route to earning mqms from spend on my delta platinum.
    But everything else from cc will be UR Or MR to transfer where I need them.

  104. I have Delta sky miles card use for delta miles. Will use SPG for other purposes. Will transfer MR only for a speific redemption.

  105. I am dumping my AMEX Delta gold card and stopping earning DL miles. Keeping AMEX plat and Chase Sapphire to earn ‘meta-miles’ to use on many other carriers. Buh-bye Delta!

  106. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I just burned the last of my Skymiles on a big redemption and will focus on other MR partners… for now.

  107. I am willing to keep earning and using points to redeem Skymiles for long haul business class flights

  108. Earning skymiles on Amex cards. Will probably use SPG for delta or another carrier if a good deal presents itself to cash them in.

  109. Husband has to fly for business so will continue to earn the sky miles. I’m seriously considering dumping the expensive reserve card and follow your advice and earn more with the gold card for airline tickets only. I will continue to use my discover card because I like getting cold hard cash back.

    P.S. I opened your email one minute after I received this post and there are already 145 comments registered. Am I receiving this later than others (10:39 am Sunday)? If so, why?

  110. I am planning to keep earning and sending my points to Skymiles. I might change my plans in early 2015 after seeing what other changes Delta has in the works.

  111. I have Delta Plat and SPG. I will stop using Delta Plat and accrue miles with SPG then transfer them to the airline that will have the best award seat for where I want to go.

  112. I can’t afford to spread my spend on a bunch of different cards, so will stick with Delta AE and Visa

  113. I’ll keep trying to save Skymiles, especially if they soon include one way awards.

  114. I keep my SPG points in my account until such a time when I need them to top off my Delta account when I am planning my annual award travel to China.

  115. ataying with amex delta busn reserve for now BUT who knows what next year will bring

  116. Skymiles for now.
    Also same question as Christine about receipt of email on Sunday while the thread starts 24 hours earlier.

  117. Ill still point my points to delta, with hopes they will reward my loyalty down the line. I may use it for leverage.

  118. I’m accumulated skymiles for a an european respite for our clan so I’ll sustain my use of SPG for skymiles.

  119. With the recent increase in cost to keep my platinum Delta Skymiles card, and no credit for having green Amex, planning to cancel all my Amex cards and use spouse’s Gold card for a while. Sky pesos getting more and more expensive. Think an SPG card might be the way to go.

  120. I’m happy with my Delta Platinum AmEx. I do my 25K spend, I get my 10K MQMs toward my PM status, and I now I get MQD exemption. After that 25K, I switch to my Capital One Venture, and get 2% back on EVERYTHING in plain old hard cash.

  121. I earn enough Delta miles by flying and have NO desire to earn any more through credit cards, especially with the new changes. There are much better cards out there.

  122. I’m earning MR points where ever I can, and the two new AMEX cards Gary describes today look verrrry interesting in that regard. Contrast that with Delta – I keep the AMEX Delta Gold card just to avoid baggage fees and for priority boarding. I have a SCUBA trip to Roatan planned for 2015 and wish I could book today to empty my SkyPeso account.

  123. I was standing by Delta undeterred until this weeks announcement about 2015. I am on the bubble, and being in a non-hub market, will probably roll over on back to my ex, AA. But I still have room for Deltalina any time.

    Considering this, the emphasis will now fall back to MR instead of SkyMiles…

  124. Going with Business Delta Reserve for now, for Skymiles and MQMs to help maintain my Gold status…

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