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Welcome to a new Sunday series that will be a bit like a fireside chat. I count it a privilege to be a part of an amazing group of Travel bloggers here at BoardingArea.com. But just how well do you know “your” BoardingArea writers? Are you reading all the blogs you should be each day? This series will help you get to know them one by one. Now on to this weeks chat.

Kendra points and pixie dust

This week I get to chat with someone who has recently joined BA. I met Kendra last spring and yes she is as nice in person as she is on her blog Points and Pixie Dust. If you want to learn more about fun Travel Stories, great Trips, Fashion and Beauty & Deals and Steals then you have found a blog to follow and really enjoy. I smile each time I visit and I bet you will too. So let’s jump in and get to know Kendra!

Rene – Hi Kendra, it is so great to get to chat with you. I say this in a “good way” but you are kinda crazy. Your blog is fun, different and you bring an energy few blogs have. So why blog and how did you end up with Randy and BA as a home (other than having a similar hair style 😉 )

Kendra – Ha ha! I love that you just came right out and said that! Most people say “enthusiastic” or “adventurous,” but you just cut right to the chase.

I grew up in Berkeley – yes, my parents were hippies – and I have had a very story-worthy life. I’m addicted to storytelling…once I get started, it’s hard for me to stop. I also love to write, I love to travel, and I love to find deals…so I started to blog about my adventures and my finds.

I think Randy was captivated by my hair – just kidding! Randy loves a good story, and he invited me to join BA so I could share my crazy brand of storytelling with the world. Or at least the world of Boarding Area.

Rene – Fun stuff! I love that you say about yourself, “I’m equally in my element whether I’m backpacking through Africa or staying at the Four Seasons on Maui.” I find most travel writers are all one way or the other. For someone new to Points and Pixie Dust what will they find?

Kendra – I am all about the “High/Low” mix. What that means is that my wardrobe, my travel style, my interior design – everything, really – is a blend of deeply discounted deals and luxurious splurges. For example, I love shopping at thrift stores. It’s one of my superpowers. I find incredible pieces for pennies on the dollar. With the money I save there, I am able to feel totally fine about spending more on a nice hotel or at a five-star restaurant. Readers of Points and Pixie Dust will learn tips for finding what I call “luxury bargains” – in travel, shopping, and lifestyle experiences.

Rene – What a scream! I have to admit my wife found an amazing coat at a thrift store and it would have cost 10-20x what it did and it was new with tags still on it. Never thought about checking out such a store when on a trip but I may just do that now. OK, fashion. I am not that guy. Is your blog for the feminine reader or who should be following Kendra each day along the way?

Kendra – Points and Pixie Dust is for women the way that Mommy Points is for mommies. In other words, just because you are a man does not mean that you won’t get a lot out of my blog.

Honestly, I am writing for myself. I don’t mean that in a weird way, but I started blogging because there wasn’t a blog out there that combined all of the things I wanted to see in one place – travel tips, deals/steals, beauty/fashion. It’s kind of a pain to toggle between many different blogs, so I want my readers to be able to get a ton of info all in one place. So, a lot of my readers are women, but I also have many readers who are guys and enjoy reading the crazy adventures I have, or who also want to learn about how to snap up a deal. I think a lot of folks also appreciate another feminine voice on Boarding Area. Most of the bloggers are men, so having a female perspective is refreshing 🙂

Rene – Well I agree so much. I love your post on “My worst seatmate ever” and a travel story that makes you laugh out loud is always great. So now that you have a home at BA what is next. What can we look forward to seeing this year from Points and Pixie Dust?

Kendra – Ha ha! I’m glad you enjoyed that story. I still shudder when I think of that flight. What’s next…well, I am starting several new weekly series. For example, I am doing a “5 Things To Know This Friday” series that really digs into a certain aspect of a loyalty program perk, a hotel benefit, or a series of travel tips. Last Friday I focused on Starwood Element hotel amenities. Did you know that Element guests are treated to Happy Hour most nights, BBQs by the pool, and a hot breakfast each morning? I want to give readers information that they can have at their fingertips – so they can bookmark it and return when they need to know more about a particular topic. I’m also going to start featuring guest bloggers – readers who want to share tips, trip reports, and photos. I think we can all learn from each other!

Rene – Kool. One last question. Most of us who blog just love to travel and the adventure of travel. I am sorry but I have to ask as someone told me you had a shot a the reality show the “Amazing Race” What was that all about?

Kendra – Yes, that is true. I was a finalist for the Amazing Race…twice! Maybe three times would be the charm? In the meantime, I’m having my own crazy travel adventures everywhere I go. And of course I am blogging about them.

Rene – So neat. I can not wait to follow along on the journey. Kendra it was so nice to spend some time with you and Points and Pixie Dust and to get to know you better.

Kendra – Rene, thank you so much! I have followed your blog for years, so it’s an honor to be featured on your site.

You can follow Kendra on her blog as well as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and subscribe to her RSS feed as well. Be sure to check back next week when you can get to know another one of “your” favorite BA blogers!- René

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  1. Great interview! I love Kendra’s blog (and hair!) because it’s different and refreshing. I also started my blog because I had a hard time finding a travel blog where all of the pieces fit together to match my own demographic.

    I like the idea of detailing the various hotel programs & now I need to go find an Element hotel to try! Thanks!

  2. Fun interview, right in line with Kendra’s blog. Thanks for more of a sneak peek into the world of points and pixie dust!

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