On the lighter side, boarding with Fly Delta App Skymiles card works too!

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rene deltapoints delta fly app phone dm card

Time for something less gloom and doom as I think we are all just sick of Skymiles2015 for a while. So on a fun note, I talked about before the frustration that the latest years of Skymiles cards do not have the “bar code” on them anymore to be used to board a flight and that we can make our own and print it and tape it to the cards (yes that does work).

mj on travel boards a delta jet with the fly delta app digital skymiles card

Then I was reading about all of the “perks with the Fly Delta App and one of them was that you can use it to board a flight. I am not flying till next week so I pressed my friend MJ on Travel (a great blogger btw) to use his phone to board with his digital card and he was kind enough to try.

printout of seat card from gate when boarding with digital fly delta app skyclub card

As you can see it worked, it spit out a seat card with all the relevant info and he was on his way.

2014 DiamondMedallion package from Delta Air Lines

One of the reasons I really like this is I can take a screen shot, like you see on the top of the page, and at times when my cell service is buggy or the app is not behaving nice, I can just pull up my digital Skymiles card and board (and I don’t have to print a new bar-code to tape to my new Diamond Medallion cow bell tags either).

Have you ever used your digital Skymiles card to board a flight?- René

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  1. Didn’t even know this was an option. I just figured the barcode was there for a little bit of decoration. Have another flight this weekend, and definitely going to try it out.

    It doesn’t seem like this could be a replacement for a boarding pass though, since you have to show one to get through TSA. The only instance that I could find this really useful is if I lost my boarding pass between security and the gate, and there wasn’t anyone around to print another one for me or the app didn’t work or there was no one working a delta counter anywhere in the airport? 🙂

  2. Rene,

    I use the passbook app which is quite easy and works with the Delta boarding pass along with most hotel reservations etc.

  3. Rene – you should have MJ try this to get through the security checkpoint, next! =)

  4. If you are using an iPhone, you can add your digital Skymiles “card” to Passbook from the FlyDelta app. That will store it for times when you don’t have a reliable cell/wifi connection.

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