Delta AWARD ticket hold trick now working MUCH longer (almost 24hrs)!

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award hold holding for a long time

Some good news but this may not last or may be a bug! Back in January I blogged about the trick you can use that will allow you to hold an award ticket for a few hours. Not as good as a few days but as you can see from the screen shot above, from, when using the hold trick, it is currently allowing holds for just about 24 hrs in my testing the past few days.

I will not go over all the steps again as you can peek at the old post. Also, I have no idea if this is a bug that will be fixed or if Delta is being nice to us and letting us “unofficially” have 24hr holds (hey we can hope right?)!

Please do not trust this HOLD will HOLD for a full day. But if you need to hold for a short time, to say transfer over some Membership Rewards points you have earned, this could be just the ticket! – René

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  1. My experience over the weekend is that it is holding for at least 4-5 hours but not as long as 12. And unfortunately, you do still need the required mileage in your account before you can use the trick. Without enough miles, it doesn’t let you go far enough through the process to get a PNR and have the trip show up in your account. So definitely not as useful as the previously-allowed holds that allowed you to get the necessary miles into your account if you didn’t have them there yet.

  2. Mine were held at ~9:00-9:30pm god’s time (aka Delta Time, aka EST) Saturday and dropped off sometime between 1:45am and 7:00am. I didn’t have it in me to try any more phone reps after 1:45, especially since the hold times were still well over an hour.

    Finally got a very helpful agent in Cincy on my second try the next morning and award space was still available on the flights I’d been trying for on Saturday. Stupid system kept punting me from my low domestic Y seats into standard level First, raising me above the 160k I wanted to use to get to NZ on VA. Oh, and DL still hasn’t added all of VA’s destinations to their web platform, so searches for most of NZ aren’t valid at all, even when there’s space.

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