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Last month I posted that Delta’s SKY magazine (a good journal btw) needs to go digital or will go the way of the dodo bird so to speak.

I was surprised that many of you like the paper one, but just think how much gas all that paper burns flying around on Delta jets (and Delta seems to sorta, just a little, care about money now-a-days)! Not just that, despite all the readers assertions, I see more and more flyers ONLY use their PEDs on a flight (look around for yourself next flight).

Some readers pointed out that if you have an iPad you can read it online and this has been a feature for some time now (goodie for you “i” people – what about the rest of us).

how to download the delta SKY magazine in PDF to read off-line 2

But the good news is you can now, at any time, download SKY in PDF form and save it on your phone or tablet or computer. That way, when you are up in the air, you can enjoy reading the latest issue digitally and you don’t have to be online to do it!

I am so pleased by this move and would love to have your thoughts; will you download and read SKY on your PED? – René

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  1. I’ll absolutely download the Sky magazine from now on! I carefully disinfect my seat area, including the seat back pouch, especially on long trips. I easily catch cold and flu bugs, which is an unpleasant way to start a trip. Magazines are known to be germy. Now I can happily read the articles and do the crossword puzzles on my tablet. And no more will I find the crossword puzzle has already been done.
    Thanks, Rene!

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