KLM/AF flyers could only DREAM to have the #Skymiles2015 system!

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klm award earning chart

And you think we will have it bad in 2015? Just look at what Flying Blue flyers have been “enjoying” for quite some time. Let’s take a casual flyer who is buying the cheapest coach ticket they can find to fly from Atlanta to Amsterdam. According to their award earnings chart, if you are Ivory, AKA to us just a Skymiles member, you can earn as little as 25% of the flown miles in Flying blue points. Yikes!

how much earn klm af on a cheap coach ticket

And, if I pick a flight in January next year (price & tax about same other way), and look at the very bottom of the page I find that the seats will in fact earn round trip the bare minimum of 2200 miles for this ticket and notice that about 50% of the ticket is considered tax.

how many miles buying on delta-com

If I go and pick the same ticket on Delta.com for the same flights the price does work out the same but the tax part is clearly much different and

a cheap seat from atl to ams on delta in 2015 earning skymiles

When we look at how many points you will earn on the Skymiles2015 system we find it is almost 3 times more than the KLM one and earns FULL MQMs (level miles for KLM). Don’t get me wrong, it still totally stinks compared to the almost 9000 points you would get had you taken this trip one week sooner!

To be fair to Flying Blue, the award space is MUCH better and they have discounts often on the amount of miles it takes for award space and you can send AMEX Membership rewards points over 1:1 too. However, I guess the funny and sad thing about all of this, if in fact the Delta award space DOES open up a bunch more as promised (we will see), then Delta could end up poaching a bunch of flyers over FROM Flying Blue to Skymiles. 🙂 – René

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  1. “Taxes, carrier surcharge and applicable service fees” aren’t taxes. Please don’t legitimate this price breakdown some airlines practice by calling it just taxes.

  2. I recently took a trip to cdg and AMS
    I made a points tkt costing 60krt for him. My tkt cost 1200.
    We flew on DL,KLM &AF
    I was quite surprised at the low cost for the pts tkt. we changed our outbound flts using “atdelta assist” to avoid snow storm
    They gloriously intervened and made the changes at 0 cost
    Will “at delta assist” change in 2015
    And go to the “dark side “?
    What’s the point to cut out code shares by devaluing them
    Has delta become despotic?
    They seem to be invading their allies
    Literally on all fronts 🙁
    I don’t know what to do with my
    500+k banked miles 🙁 particularly KLM is such a lovely airline
    I hope DL becomes enlightened soon

  3. Sorry to say, but I’m actually a little excited for this change. Plugging in some of my recent flights, I am finding that I am going to be making a fair amount more next year if all holds true. Example 1: MSP-BUF@600. Current 2936 vs new 5400 new. Not bad. Example 2: MSP-DFW@887. Current is 3408 vs 7983 new.

    I know that I technically should be taking off taxes and fees before I plus the airfare into the calculator, but for the most part domestic taxes are almost always <$100 so that wouldn't make either of the examples above a net loss for me. Plugging in a few of my other recent flights shows that most flights will be a net gain for me, with only a few coming in as a loss. A few routes I frequent will actually net me double what I'm getting now….NICE!

    I travel a lot for work, and book most of my flights within 2 weeks of the travel date….many times just 6-8 days before the travel date. So obviously I usually pay a premium for my tickets. I rarely pay less than $500 for a ticket, and many times pay close to $800-1000. Sad to say, but I am the traveler Delta is catering to.

    Those that are going to get COMPLETELY hosed are those that travel internationally a lot. Thankfully I don't do a lot of international travel…yet…..

  4. @Jacob – as many are saying, the new award chart and space will be the key to see if we are not ALL getting “hosed” as you say 🙁 (very few of us trust what Delta says anymore).

  5. Flying Blue is the worst FFP ever.
    I’ve just done a flight with Air France today which earns nothing on Flying Blue but 100% of the miles with Skymiles! Great way to keep their loyal customers.

  6. Yep, it really is a terrible program. When I started flying a lot more often about four years ago and realised how much better were the earning rates in SM, I got Delta to do a status match from FlyingBlue. Not sure if they would do that these days – seemed a bit cheeky to steal a customer from their JV partner!

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