Delta is going “all-in” with #Skymiles2015 – now it is time to see what happens next!

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I don’t gamble; not one cent. I have in the past, but not ever again. I get that the house always wins. Even in things like “no limit hold’em” if 100 play, 1 wins. Those are not good odds to me!

delta points twitter follower Scharf did not know about no more medallion upgrades JFK-LAX

Delta is all-in and says all their research and data is telling them that the changes with #Skymiles2015 are good. We need to understand they are NOT turning back from this course – we need to accept it! BTW, they say their research and data shows most business travelers “like” the changes and are happy with them. They say the numbers are on their side. You cannot argue that month over month earnings numbers are up-up-up right and DAL was up again today!

Here is the problem with some numbers. Numbers and feedback are only as good as those giving you the info. For example, between e-mail, RSS, Twitter & Facebook almost 10,000 follow each day. But, when it comes to things like SWAG Saturday only a few hundred comment to win each week. Many are “lurkers” that is they enjoy the blog but do not really interact with the blog. That is AOK btw. But when it comes to Delta, and their numbers and feedback, maybe not so much.

Look at the screen shot above from twitter follower Scharf. This is a top elite Delta Diamond Medallion flyer who was not aware that Delta WHACKED free upgrades from JFK-LAX/SEA/SFO starting this year on 1MARCH2014. This is someone who earned at least 125,000 MQMs or elite points with Delta (25,000 more than most airlines to be top level btw) and yet had no idea this “enhancement” had happened. Do you think he is the only one?

delta points twitter follower Scharf says he is taking his business elsewhere

Scharf tweets to Delta #newairline and in an updated tweet wants to status match American Air. This is all well and good to tweet and say but unless flyers head for the boarding doors of other airlines, it is all just hot air in the wind.

I hope we can sometime soon get some good news for a change but for now I will leave you with this little funny tidbit, Delta’s Chief Financial Officer – Paul Jacobson – presented Tuesday to Raymond James and in the 7 pages of transcripts he talks a ton about last year’s numbers, Delta’s jets and Trainer oil, but he did not mentions #Skymiles2015 even once!  – René

PS – we can only hope Gary’s info today about the award chart coming out early is correct!


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  1. A month out, you can book that flight for $408 (cheapest fare, $360 MQD) and get complimentary Economy Comfort. As a DM according to the calculator, he would get 3960 miles/trip without versus a little over 11,100 under the current plan. He would get almost 5,000 MQM.

    If he does it every week (call it 50 weeks), he spends $18,000 MQD and gets almost 250K MQM (meets Diamond).

    So he only gets 200K Redeemable Miles.

  2. AND like with all program rules, DL can announce the 2015 changes, get fools to buy into this idea and then change it again prior to 2015; which with this airline I believe they are capable of.

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