15,000 Bonus Delta MQMs loaded – #1 of 4 done!

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Sign-Up Bonuses

rene has earned 1st of 4 MQM bonus for year on delta amex reserve cards

30k spend in two months – not too bad. I had set 3 months for my goal but pushed it a little bit to make it before my March AMEX statement cut off. I personally set my date for my card for the 2nd (you can pick any date you want btw give or take a few days). It often cuts off on the 3rd or 4th but that works too. How did I do all of this? Take the time to read THIS post and email me any questions you may have.

my email from Delta time to deposit my mqms from my delta reserve business credit card

Delta was kind enough to email me that I could now redeem my MQMs or send them to a friend via THIS link. While I have been nice and given away MQMs to a good friend before, not this time!

step one to redeem your mqms from your delta amex card

So on to Delta. I used the drop down to pick the business card since that is the one I have so far met the spend on. I then clicked to keep the points myself! YEAH ME!

step two to redeem your mqms from your delta amex card

And done. The strange thing was the points were not showing up in my Skymiles account. Ruh-Roh! But before I panicked I logged off and logged back in.

rene earns round 1 free mqms delta amex bonus

There they are :-)! They did post instantly I just had to “refresh” if you will. I am now up to 150,000 MQMs for the year, including rollover, and have 45,000 more to earn from my AMEX spend. I have 11,000 MQMs coming this month from two mileage runs and 6,000 more from another trip. 212,000 so far and thus only 38,000 shy to be Diamond until 1FEB2017! I can do that in 2015 on credit card MQM spend alone 😉 – René

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  1. Great job – one question – does the Gold Delta Amex give bonus MQMs every year or only the first year?

  2. Rene,
    What in the world do you buy to get the spend on all those cards! We have a shared card and are biting our nails till Novemeber to see if we will make the spend for 1 card! 😀

  3. Both my wife and I have over 400K of skymiles
    In the past we would save these Skymiles. Every 2 years we book air to Hawaii for our family of 6 (now 7).
    I know you suggest we get lots of MQM and use Skymiles ASAP as they are devalued over time.
    We wont be going back to Hawaii until 2015.
    Is your advice the same regarding the use of Skymiles based on the recent changes to the program?

  4. @Jerry – I will be adding to my Skymiles this year as much as I can before 2015. I think finding seats next year will be no worse than now at low level if not a bit better. We will see.

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