2014/2015 Delta Choice Benefits are fully loaded – should you redeem or wait?

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I was one of the unlucky ones and my timing was bad; when Delta announced the new Global (thank you Delta) and Regional upgrade certificates, vastly superior to the old virtually worthless ones, I had already redeemed my 2014 benefits that I earned in 2013.

delta dimond medallions get to pick two choice benefits

But that is about me. The question is should you redeem your 2014 or, if you have already earned status for 2015, next year’s Medallion Choice Benefits? The answer is – maybe. Look at this old rookie post about Choice Benefits (ignore the part about SWUs as they are gone and I will update the post or do a new one soon). As you can see from that post, some choices, as soon as you pick them, starts a 12 month clock to spend them before they go away. Say a Global Upgrade certificate for example. If you have no plans to spend them or anything booked why redeem now. Let them sit as you have a year to spend your 2014 selection and almost 2 years for your 2015 one.

delta dimond medallions choice benefits GU certs now live

Now there are some things you would want to pick RIGHT NOW if you have earned your 2015 gift to get maximum benefits. This bit is important. Say someone has NO status and you are a Platinum Medallion and want to gift them Silver Medallion status. If you have just earned your 2015 status already you will be able to gift them status all of this year and they get it next year also and it would end 1FEB2016! That is almost 2 years of status – amazing! If you are spending your 2014 choice you are only gifting until 1MARCH2015 (I know confusing but Delta is changing the month the year ends and moving it up in 2016).

rene delta points showing diamond medallion till 2016 delta-com

Should you look at any of the new choices Delta has to offer? Having Delta pay for your Global entry may seem good but it is only worth $100 for PM and $200 for DM (pays for 2). The non-Delta AMEX Platinum personal or business cards both will credit you when you pay for Global entry on the card. What about the upgrade to FULL not executive Skyclub membership? Maybe but don’t rush as you don’t need that until next year anyway since Diamonds have the +1’s until next year.

The key thing is understand what year gift you are redeeming and what is the best pick for you; decide wisely as once you choose you cannot go back! – René

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  1. Have they changed for Diamond that you no longer have to choose both choices at the same time? I remember last year I had to choose both when I only wanted to choose one because I needed SWU (sad they are gone!) and wanted to wait to give Gold to wife because she was still platinum at the time.

  2. @Rene – When you selected your diamond choices in the past Delta told me I had to choose both at the same time, even if they were different choices. I know you can’t choose same one twice, the question is: Can you choose one now and different one later or do you still have to choose both at the same time?

  3. @Sterling they told me over the phone 2 days ago you had to select both Diamond benefits at the same time; website won’t allow otherwise. Also, mambo! (@Rene, Sterling and I are colleagues who have done a lot of US-Tanzania long-hauls together…not so random worlds colliding over Delta points…

    For me, I already cashed in my Global upgrades for me and my SO for a turkey day SEA-BKK via NRT. It’ll be my first time on the 747 upper deck!

  4. Wise advice. Thanks, Rene. I wish (in the upper right hand corner) they would separate the Global Upgrade Certificates and the Regional Upgrade Certificates as separate choices at the Diamond level. Are you listening Delta? Or if they don’t want to allow a DM to pick up 4 RU at the PM level, then 4 GU at the DM and an additional 8 RU as a DM (as a separate choice), then how about 4 RU as a DM, then 4 GU as a DM with another choice allowed of 4 more RU’s?

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