SWAG Saturday: Steinhausen Men’s dual zone watch & more this week!

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How about this week we talk about another airline for a change. Before I do, the rules each week are the same but I have to mention them and they can be found HERE if you want to look. I will use to pick the winner from the comments on the blog that answered my questions. You have a shot at all the SWAG above including a nice Steinhausen Men’s dual time zone watch, a USB & travel surge protector & dual car USB power as well as some Delta Points SWAG.

Now to my question I need you to answer for a shot to win. Yesterday I talked about the AA Citi 100,000 point card. A great deal. But there is also another way, for a short time more, to get more AA points with the US Air card (that will become AA points soon). What I would like to know is

1) are you collecting both AA & US Air points before the two frequent flyer programs become one? And,

2) what program do you think is better – the American Aadvantage or the US Air Dividend Miles is better?

I need both answered for a shot to win and as always thanks for playing along!- René

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Rene’s Points For Better Travel, a division of Chatterbox Entertainment, Inc. has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Rene’s Points For Better Travel and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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René de Lambert is a contributing writer and the founder of RenesPoints. He is an avid Delta and SkyTeam flyer who has held Delta’s top Diamond Medallion status for many years and flown millions of miles.


  1. I’m collecting both, and AA is far superior. Greater availability.

  2. 1) I have a few AA miles from when work won’t pay for a more expensive Delta flight.
    2) I would say AA has the better program, as well as, better aircrafts and airport hubs.

  3. I am collecting both AA and US. AA is a far superior airline. Friendly agents, better award availability.

  4. 1. Not making any special efforts but have AA miles
    2. Believe AA program is better and also the better airline

  5. Cherylthings Reply

    I’m not actively collecting AA points because their routes aren’t as convenient for me as US Air routes and I find the US Air team very congenial and have had no problem finding US Air award fares; it’s nice I have the US Air Mastercard too.

  6. MSPDeltaDude Reply

    1. Try to put a little on my CITI AA card as a I can.

    2. AA hands down!

  7. Don’t have either! So no to first questions and for second looking to american to use with avios I collect on british airways card. Have agar eat weekend!

  8. Collecting both. AA’s program is better. Just flew AA first class from PHX-MIA-AUA and back, and their seats and food were much better than on Delta’s old 757s; roomier seats with 40″ of pitch in AA’s 737 (although fewer seats in First). We’re switching to AA (from Delta) for our trips to the Caribbean.

  9. Yes, collecting both. I think I prefer the US Air program like that matters soon.

  10. I haven’t ever collected AA or US Air miles, and I’m not really doing it now. For some reason, I mostly loyal to United, so I don’t have enough AA or US miles to use them effectively.

    I do prefer AA, as their miles seem to be more versatile and have better availability.

  11. I am collecting both for when they combine. AA is the better program for the ability to book explorer awards.

  12. Michael H.(oldfox) Reply

    Yes, I am collecting both AA & US Air points before the two frequent flyer programs become one. AA is the better program. However, I have been to different parts of North Asia using few points on US Air Dividend Miles 5 times in the last 2 years. Sadly, my last trip on DMiles, number 6, will be in July……. all in business or first class for just 90,000 DMiles:

    IAH-IST (2 day layover in Istanbul)
    IST-FRU (5 day layover in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)
    FRU-IST-NRT (14 days in Tokyo)

    I will miss the US Airways award chart and their agents!

  13. Collect neither, thus, don’t know which one is better. I don’t think I have ever flown American and have only flown us airways once – not many of your folks can say that, I imagine.

  14. I am not collecting both, just AA with the 100K offer.
    I have never really been a fan of US airways, so I would say AA for sure

  15. 1) Yes, I continue to collect miles from both the US Airways and AA programs.

    2) Both programs have their flaws; however, the US Airways program may slightly better.

  16. I am now collecting both AA and US AIR b/c I have points on an old US AIR account, but earned AA miles when I had to fly AA recently (gasp!) – I will combine the two. AA is the better….

  17. SkilledTravel Reply

    I’m still collecting both airline miles until the programs merge. I prefer the US Air Dividend miles most, but that may be because I have more of them.

  18. Hi Rene. Yep, I’m collecting both — got the Citi AA card and the Barclays US Air card. The Citi AA program is better because of the one way options and online booking. But I love US Air’s US-North Asia 90,000 business class sweet spot. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone expects that to last when the programs combine, so use it while you can!

  19. 1. I don’t have either.
    2. I honestly don’t know…I basically only fly Delta.

  20. 1. Collecting both but focus more so on AA.
    2. AA has better planes, hub and easier website to use. AA wins.

  21. I’m currently focused on AA only since it’s still unclear when and what the DM will be worth. AA is superior for most redemptions, with the one exception being DM to north Asia.

  22. I’m collecting both.
    AA has better redemption tools and availability but US redemptions are cheaper in off peak it seems to me. It also seems easier to get US miles than AA miles. I do miss the grand slam events 🙁

  23. I’m collecting both. I prefer AA, the off peak awards have been great for me to take a family of 4 on spring break to Europe 3 years and Christmas in Italy.

  24. Don in ATL Reply

    I don’t collect AA miles any more. I don’t collect US Air points either. From what I’ve read, I think the AA miles/points program is better.

  25. I do not collect either miles, but I have heard that american aadvantage is a better program.

  26. (1) Definitely collecting both AA and USAir

    (2) Prefer USAir because of the 25K rewards for 20K with the USAir MasterCard

  27. 1) Collect both US Airways and American miles
    2) AAdvantage miles – excellent one world redemption opportunities.

  28. 1) Currently collecting only USAir

    2) I prefer AA, which I’ll be able to use my US AIr miles on once they convert.

  29. I’ll stick with AA points, got so many in my account to want to change.

  30. I collect both, but since we’ve never had AA service in my hometown (Erie) my usage was limited. I have a BOA USAir card, and used to be Silver, but have moved more towards Delta (PM) in the last couple years. I don’t know which is better, but I guess I am going to find out.

  31. I am collecting points from neither source and I don’t know enough about the programs to decide which is better.

  32. I have collected both but am focused more on AA at the moment as it is my prefered program between the two.

  33. 1) Have a few thousand AA miles … don’t make an effort since I usually only fly AA when required for work (where DL won’t work).
    2) Prefer AA over US

  34. I’m only collecting the US Air miles now but thinking of getting the AA Citi card for the bonus.
    Looks like the AA program is better.

  35. I don’t collect either, but I think the AA program is marginally better.

  36. Neither airline flies into my home airport – so I’m not actively collecting either type of mile. However, AA flies to airports closer to me than US – so I would probably take AA miles if I had to choose.

  37. Thought I only had AA until you peaked my interest. Don’t know how long they have been there but my US account still had a vey small balance from a long time ago. I believe AA is better.

  38. collecting both types of points through various sources right now. the new AA card interesting especially with changes to the amex plat…. will see if I change….

  39. I gave up on both programs a long time ago but AA seems a little better

  40. Not looking. Sticking with Delta.

    USAir is much better. Free upgrades.

  41. 1) I wasn’t, when flying Delta always seems to have the better routes for my trips so no.
    2) As I never had an opportunity to collected miles on AA or US Air I haven’t looked into the programs so can’t comment.

  42. Collecting both. Just finished spend on my 100,000 AA card and my husbands arrived in the mail today for perfect timing. Also made my $750 March spend today for US Air promo for 15,000 bonus miles with $750 spend for March, April, May.
    Prefer AA

  43. 1) Yes – trying to use this “Sweet spot” and hoping they’ll combine the points eventually.

    2) I think AA has better off-peak award.

  44. I’m not collecting per we I’m just not spending the 150ki have right now.
    I like us air for the quirky routing but in general a advantage is the better program imo

  45. SpartanBears Reply

    1. I do not correct either, as it has been years since I have gotten anything other than delta (except when the wife finds $10 Spirit fares. Still not worth it IMO)

    2. Again, no experience but I can’t imagine either is better than Delta. Working in concert with amex reserve, I am not very worried about the earnings changes, as most of my miles come from credit card spend anyway.

    Sorry to hijack your questions… I guess I’m too loyal to delta!

  46. Bernard levinson Reply

    1. I collect both but the USAir is the only active one.
    2. I have less experience with AA but was able to get great help from USAir support to book a honeymoon to Milano three years ago.

  47. Collecting US Airways miles AND AA miles thru excellent credit card bonuses…won’t have enough US Airways miles to do anything worthwhile, so I’ll just wait until they all become AA miles…

  48. I’m going after AA points, and maybe a few united. But aside from delta, I like AA’s program. Thanks!

  49. iwantmoremiles Reply

    I am collecting both. I like American better because I am more used to it. I know hi w to get free extra one ways when I return to the US.

  50. Yes, both programs. I like AA better, because I have UA on the star side and have always thought it was easier to use UA miles as compared to US miles.

  51. I am collecting both miles. I value AA miles more because of the ease of online system and access to oneworld explorer awards.

  52. I am collecting A’A points because there is more than 1 credit card to get sign up Bonous on !!
    Buy us air miles with a 100 o/o Bonous

  53. I’m only collecting when I fly, but I’m flying “not delta” more now.

    I would say American, but only because the BBQ in Dallas is better than Charlotte.

  54. I am collecting both. I think AA is better due to availability.

  55. Collecting both, but mostly US. Prefer US other than the fact of no one way awards.

  56. Collecting both to maximize regardless of how they merge the programs. AA program is better.

  57. 1) I’m collecting USAir
    2) I prefer USAir, but only because I haven’t flown AA in years

  58. I never fly US Air so only collect AA. Therefore I value AA more.

  59. 1. AA only right now
    2. AA is better, I guess? Not that much into either.

  60. 1. yes.

    2. i find AAdvantage better mainly because the award chart allows one-ways, and the online booking of awards is easier.

  61. I’m collecting both AA & US points. I think AA has the stronger system, but Us has some sweet spots

  62. Donnasweast Reply

    Collect both AA and US miles. Only US Airways flies into my airport so they win by default until I get a chance to fly AA.

  63. 1) I’m collecting both

    2) For *ME* USAirways is better as American flies out of very few airports that are near me. Although as the integration continues I suppose I could use American miles to book USairways flights

  64. I am collecting both programs point but haven’t used them yet. And I don’t know which program is better because I haven’t booked an award on either yet.

  65. 1. I am only collecting AA points


    2. I think AA points are better!

  66. Not collecting miles so much, just making sure my existing miles don’t expire. On the other hand, this latest CC deal I might consider.

    As far as AA vs US — I think AA is a better airline in many ways but I think US has a more appealing loyalty program. Availability is good, but also, you can just BUY status. I like that no-nonsense attitude 🙂

  67. I am collecting AA miles because US Air does not have flights to the destinations I travel to.

    Therefore, I think AA has the better program— for me!

  68. Young_ThoRough Reply

    Think AA program is better because Oneworld>Star Alliance partner for partner. But I’m not collecting in any program that miles expire

  69. I collect both AA and USAir points. I think AA’s program is better.

  70. I collect both. Prefer AA miles. Just redeemed AA miles for Qantas First LAX-SYD!

  71. I’m collecting both, and will probably gets the US Airways credit card at some point in the next year before it goes away.

    AAdvantage points are definitely superior.

  72. 1. I’m not collecting AA or US miles as I’m trying to rack up as many Delta Skymiles as I can before next year’s very special earning changes.

    2. I’ve understand AA to be the better program, with a much better redemption record that Delta.

  73. 1. Have some AA from few times when couldn’t get Delta flight to fit schedule.
    2. AA is better program than USA because of partnering.

  74. I collect both, as I have since long before the merger talks.

    I think AA is better, based largely on their terrific award calendar. I believe a well functioning award calendar helps an airline endear itself to its customers, and foments loyalty.

  75. 1. Not collecting
    2. My experience with AA has been better in the past

  76. No I am not but it is a great idea! AA definitely has the better progrAAm.

  77. 1) Neither. The only airline miles I collect are Delta. ( I live in ATL. )
    2) AA, just because of the huge sign up bonus for the card.

  78. Not collecting either as I do not fly AA or US
    Think AA might be better from discussions with others

  79. Collecting both miles. I think AA has a slight advantage over us air.

  80. I collect both on side, & also fly 75k BIS/YR in premium cabins on AA.
    I like AA points for redemption more than US.
    I like the benefits of that cards vs. US air one as well -but need to get the US card before chance gone forever.

  81. BenTraveling Reply

    I tend to collect AA miles more than USAirways miles as I need a place to bank OneWorld miles. However, I would prefer USAirways miles currently, because redemption on Star Alliance has so many options.

  82. I only collect AA which has had a great program. Probably superior to Delta.

  83. Collecting both, but really just trying to keep U.S Airways miles from expiring before the merger. Prefer AA as an airline and as a loyalty program. Cashed out most of my miles on a business class ticket to Buenos Aires– lovely experience.

  84. I have been collecting both AA and USA mikes through both credit cards and I will miss the ridicules USA mike redemption

  85. I just got the AA card, so right now all spend goes on AA. I hit the card for the 100,000 points because I think that AA has the better program.

  86. I have been purchasing USAir miles with 100% bonus and applied, received, met spend, and received the 100K AA miles. Have not flown USAir for a long time. I have flown AA booking with Avios. They had good response to weather related problems. We will be flying AA to the Galapagos in June.

  87. I’m collecting both and I like AA much better. Their award chart has much greater availability.

  88. John Price Reply

    I am collecting both AA and US. AA is a superior airline. Friendly agents and better award availability.

  89. Collecting only US now as my home airport has limited AA availability. I won’t be upset to convert to AA points though, been less than thrilled with US lately.

  90. I collect both but prefer US Airways. It’s just much more convenient for me.

  91. I collect both. I like us air…becuz with their us air mc…i can get tickets using less miles.

  92. I am a member of both. I like American because they fly to the places i want to go!

  93. I like and am involved in both programs. I like USAIR because i live in MSP but have a lot of family in CLT and seem to use USAIR to get there.

  94. I am a participant in both programs. I like American’s website better and they seem to offer me many more flight options than USAIR.

  95. Alexander Ivanov Reply

    I’m collecting just AA miles because their program was much better. With the merger, things might turn sour and go the “Delta way” with more devaluations…

  96. I have some AA miles but do not actively pursue more.
    I have never cared for US Air so, by default, AA wins the battle.

  97. 1) Have been collecting both over the years but have been considering Alaska Air as the program longer-term for collecting the “new” (after March 2014) American miles.
    2)I feel that the American Airlines program is superior to the US Air program.

  98. I am earning both AA and USAir sporadically. AA is definitely the better program. USAir charges to redeem awards no matter what!

  99. Yes I’m collecting both and am looking forward to combining the accounts since I don’t have a lot of either.

    I think AA’s program is better overall.

  100. I collect both. AA is better. Wonder how bad the USAir will mess it up.

  101. Uri Hadelsberg Reply

    I am collecting only AA, and to be honest AA is much better. Though US Airways does have that 90,000 around the world business class redemption.

  102. I am collecting points from both airlines for the very few times I fly either of them.

    I like the AA program better. The last time I flew U S Airways, they gave me the actual miles for a 130 mile flight – instead of a minimum of 500.

  103. I only have US Air points….don’t know anything about American. Looking forward to learning about it!

  104. I join every single program — airline, hotel, rental car, etc. So I do have some AA points (like 33K), and a few US Airways points. But I don’t actively collect either. I concentrate on Delta. I briefly had status on AA a few years ago, but never on US Air. So without knowing much about the “compare and contrast”, I guess I’d pick AA.

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  106. I’m collecting both AA & US Air points before the two frequent flyer programs fully merge, however I rarely fly either airline, so accrual is through other means.

    The American Aadvantage program is better for status and the US Airways program has better redemption sweet spots.

  107. Not collecting due to lack of employement.

    Would pick AA anyday over USAir

  108. AA only. airline works better for me, and love the new 100K bonus.

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